Friday, September 11, 2009

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Comments made in connection with each news item are personal observations and not necessarily those of NO2ID.

Following the government’s back down on trying to foist ID cards on airport workers all eyes are now focusing on the north west, where Manchester has been targeted as the ‘beacon area’ for the roll out of the first ID cards. Anyone that volunteers to enrol in the ID card scheme should be fully aware of what they are letting themselves in for, that is paying for the privilege of being readily tracked and traced for the rest of your life, being in the highly vulnerable position of laying bare a great deal of highly personal information which could be leaked, lost and abused while being a Whitehall guinea pig. NO2ID is avidly campaigning in Manchester making people aware of the dangers of enrolling in the scheme. With reports that the take up is likely to be low, we must ensure that it turns into a veritable damp squib for the government and that the people won’t be druv!

NO2ID have produced a 24 page booklet outlining the compelling arguments against ID cards for those who either buy into the government propaganda on the subject or those who will do just whatever the government tells them. Details of how to get one of these free booklets is available from

Following a large increase in the number of errors in Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checks the Register website has received, under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) information which reveals that employers could soon be asking potential employees to give fingerprint data in order to get a job. The aim is to improve the quality of data and the FOIA disclosure says "To improve the identification process carried out by employers the CRB will research how biometric identification can be incorporated into the Disclosure process and will also work with the police service to improve the quality of data held and its availability". The CRB is also considering the use of ID card data. The Home Office has previously said ID cards will help speed up the CRB process, which has been regularly criticised by employers as too slow. In 2007 the UK Identity and Passport Service (UKIPS) and the CRB trialled a ‘joint venture’ where CRB processes were linked to ID cards.

David Davis recently raised a very appropriate question in the House "The Home Office is currently prototyping a Europe-wide project called Project Stork. How are we going to prevent a repetition of the disaster of the last few weeks [the disappearance of 25 million child benefit records] when sensitive personal data is held not by one government but by 27?" Apparently when asked, former Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, couldn’t answer the question - she didn’t know what Project Stork was!

Entitled the Independent Safeguarding Authority, this new body could soon be keeping tabs on 11 million workers who, in any way spend time in their professional or voluntary capacities with children and vulnerable adults. This would include nurses, doctors, car park attendants in hospitals, junior tennis coaches, school dinner ladies etc etc. In the light of the Soham murders where a suspected sex offender managed to get employment in a school despite the usual Criminal Records Bureau check, this may seem reasonable - although just how the CRB was so negligent begs the question, are oversights like these being used as a pretext to usher in Big Brother databases which treat us all as potential criminals? Phil Booth of NO2ID said in response to the claim that such a new database may seem warranted “That’s where you’re wrong. The only way the ISA can possibly keep tabs on 11 million people is to have the workers and volunteers fingerprinted and made to obtain a national ID card. This is entirely consistent with the various forms of coercion strategy they [the Home Office] have been working on to create so-called volunteers for ID cards.” Privacy advocates have also reacted angrily to reports that the government plans to link national identity records to criminal records for background checks on people who work with children and vulnerable people.


This will be my last newworlddoublethink blog. It is time to move on and over the past three years or so, I feel I have outlined, sufficiently, the plight we find ourselves in vis à vis the so-called New World Order, it’s controlling élite, its puppets and a gullible public, that hitherto have too readily acquiesced to their agenda. If the government and its controlling masters are corrupt, then we only have ourselves to blame for being a complete walkover!

That now has to change and already a sense of awareness is beginning to grip people worldwide as they wake up to the fact that this monster is getting totally out of hand. One has only to look at the number of new books being published which uncover the most heinous of crimes our ‘elected’ masters have been committing for centuries, the vast amount of inside information and truth about who we are historically and how, for millennia, we have been subjugated to a controlling élite. Just this week actor Charlie Sheen is laying bare the 9/11 scam and demanding answers from the US administration. This is all positive.

I attended a seminar in Shrewsbury last weekend in which I met dozens of like-minded people who have already made that awakening transistion, making the firm declaration that we must reclaim our God-given sovereignty as individuals and thwart the global élite and their insidious control matrix.

Great changes are coming to our planet in the next couple of years in an astrological and astrophysical way and in a new blog I intend to start later this year, I will cover this new paradigm and describe how we must all revolutionise our own individual psyche to be ready to meet these changes. And this must be a concerted effort by all of us, for collectively and with a positive frame of mind lodged in higher spirituality having thrown off the vast burden of oppression and mind control that has blighted us all for so long, and we can change ourselves and the planet for the better.

Thursday, September 03, 2009


Codex Alimentarius

In less than four months time, this monstrous piece of legislation will begin to bite into our daily lives, affecting each and everyone of us with real ramifications upon our health.

For me, having turned my life around through a healthy intake of dietary supplements and healthy foods to a point where I have almost conquered my diabetes and all of the debilitating side-effects it brought with it, these measures are pure insanity, but when viewed in tandem with the fluoridation of our water supplies and the imminent planned mass vaccination for the Swine Flu virus, with all of its highly toxic ingredients, the overall picture becomes ever more clearer - the further lining of the pockets of big pharma profits. But it is also clear that those who run this planet DO NOT have our health and well-being at their hearts - quite the contrary!

For the health-conscious among you out there, if you aren’t already familiar with Codex Alimentarius, I urge you to go to the following link, the contents of which will, hopefully, spur you into action.

I'm sorry I can't establish a direct link for the above it appears Google are now blocking links to what it regards as unacceptable sites!

By way of immediate action, I also urge you to go to the following link and sign a petition to the UK government - time is short!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The swine flu madness season draws closer

This is something we’re going to hear a lot about from this month onwards as the cabal who run this planet take a brave and desperate attempt to get us into submission mode and ready to take their specially prepared cocktail of toxic badies.

But they’ve got some task to perform as daily, the swine flu scam becomes ever-more transparent and increasingly takes on the look of a mass eugenics programme - albeit, perhaps, a slow-acting one.

Today’s news brings the shocking revelation of a leaked internal French government document in which plans for a compulsory swine flu vaccination programme are detailed. Medical establishments and GPs would be completely bypassed, with the government acting directly, clearly side-lining health care professionals. Despite claims given last week by French Health Minister, Roselyne Bachelot that vaccinations would be voluntary, the leaked internal document clearly prescribes forced vaccination for every French citizen complete with mobile vaccination units visiting every school in the country.

In a country whose citizens don't take government policy lying down - something we will need to do much more of in Britain - the French authorities will have a real fight on their hands. But with mandatory vaccination likely in all EU countries as well as in the US, we must all put up our hands and say HOLD ON! There is a massive amount of highly cogent information out there (not in the mainstream media, alas!) clearly showing the potential dangers of the swine flu vaccine and the highly suspect nature of its creation and it is incumbent on every single person to review this information to find out just what they are being asked to have injected into them, make an informed decision and not be cowed into accepting it willy nilly.

I urge everyone reading this blog, not already reasonably informed about swine flu and the vaccination programme, to go to the following links and pass on the information.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Latest from NO2ID

Comments made in connection with each news item are personal observations and not necessarily those of NO2ID.

Although MP Damian Green has won the legal battle to have his DNA removed from the National Database still hundreds of thousands of other subsequently proven innocent people still have theirs in place. This is only a victory for a relatively high-profile politician, leaving all others still tarred with the DNA brush. Clearly the UK government gives not a damn about the European Court of Human Rights ruling. Because of this, NO2ID has joined forces with Genewatch UK, Open Rights Group, Liberty and others to set up a website at to give guidance to those afflicted with this gross assault on human rights and how to take action to try and get it removed. MP Diane Abbott and lawyers from Liberty will be holding a ‘DNA clinic’ in Hackney, London to give advice. For more details visit the website above.

While Britain has the largest DNA database per capita of any other country in the world researchers at the forensic DNA technology company, Nucleix, have demonstrated that a person’s DNA can be faked by modifying a blood sample. Following such a test carried out by Nucleix in which they modified a sample and sent it to a US lab for analysis, it was declared that they failed to identify the ‘forgery’. This flies in the face of government insistence that DNA-profiling is infallible.

A video entitled ‘Politics of Identity’ by Dr Edgar Whitley of the London School of Economics has just been posted online in which he discusses the liklihood of the ID Card scheme backfiring on the government. See it at

Some domestic flight carriers are now demanding those who book their flights online to furnish passport details. Refusal to do so could mean that one may not be allowed to fly. When operators British Airways and Easy Jet were questioned why such information is necessary, they said ‘it is a government/EU requirement’. Just how long will it be before long-distance online rail bookings will also require passport details? It beggars belief!

These facts from a recent Daily Mail lead article on our surveillance state.
- More than 1,500 requests are made every day under the Regulatory and Investigatory Powers Act - an act which was orginally was set up for police and intelligence agencies to combat terrorism. It seems we are the terrorists now!

- Now there are 795 bodies, including 500 councils, often using junior staff to using the Regulatory and Investigatory Powers Act to investigate, what could often be described as, relatively petty anti-social matters.

- Britain has a DNA database which exceeds that of the US and is the largest in the world, with over 1 million innocent people included on it.

- There are now 4.2million CCTV cameras in Britain, whose purpose, in many cases, has been described as doubtful.

- Of 8 million criminal record checks conducted, 2,700 people have been wrongly classified as having a criminal conviction.

- In 5,000 schools across the country, children are now routinely required to give fingerprints to use the library, while the national ID database scheme will require that each and every one of us give our fingerprints - identity features which can be easily mis-interpreted.

The government denies that scrapping the ID card scheme will save it the estimated £3 billion to implement. Apparently, we are going to foot the bill when we compulsorily apply for one!

The Identity and Passport Service have published their latest paper on the National Identity Scheme (NIS). In it they categorically state that in able to safeguard identity “the vision for the NIS is that it will become an essential part of everyday life, uderpinning interactions and transactions between individuals, public services and government and supporting people to protect their identity". I might add that it will make an ideal instrument for gross fraud and identity theft!

A small business enterprise has been ruined by a false entry in a court database. Efforts by the owner to get compensation for the error have been turned down by Mr Justice Bill Blair QC, brother of the former PM, on the basis that the civil service cannot be found liable for any book-keeping mistakes. This could set a worrying precedent in our emerging database state, with the authorities shedding any responsibility for data errors, leaving us in the lurch. They don’t know the meaning of the word ‘justice’!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Environmentalism...Sustainable Development?

An article in the latest edition of Namaste magazine by John Christian very succinctly illustrates the real agenda behind those oft-bandied words ‘Environmentalism’ and ‘Sustainable Development’, showing that their seemingly altruistic aims are in fact nothing but, but a direct path to a form of global Marxism.

As each day goes by, the realisation of this is becoming ever more apparent and here I précis his article, extracting the most salient points.

Fabian manipulators

In Britain there are two principal characters who occupy a central executive role in the transfer of state assets to private banks and corporations internationally, they are John Redwood MP for Wokingham and until recently head of NM Rothschild & Sons global Overseas Privatisation Unit and Sir Roger Douglas, consultant to City of London Banks, the World Bank and others in advising on national privatisation programmes. Both men are Fabianists, that elusive society whose real agenda is centralised global governance along Marxist lines, but imposing it on a ‘softly softly’ basis through gradual social submission.

Apart from the ongoing programme of having governments worldwide sell off their country’s public assets to private corporations, this process involves the dismantling of the sovereign state and its devolvement under large ‘regionalised’ areas of power. The US is being currently regionalised into NAFTA, combining Canada, the US and Mexico with the total dissolution of each country’s individual sovereign status. Britain has already been effectively ‘abolished’ and is now divided up into nine separate regions together with Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland who will all pay lip service - along with every other similarly-regionalised European country - to the EU superstate. National governments will become increasingly powerless, their assets stripped away as all common wealth is usurped by global corporations and banking cartels. (Isn't that what the current financial crisis is all about - bankrupting us and our economies so that the banks can hoover up the assets for pennies on the dollar?)

These emerging regional assemblies mirror those formerly adopted by the Soviet Union. Christian describes the establishment of this process. “Right now throughout the UK all city councils are dramatically increasing their rate demand on their constituent’s properties, while at the same time, they are quickly expanding their debt levels for unaffordable capital works programmes via loans from the City of London banks (on a national level witness the sudden flurry of new rail projects in this country and the Obama health 'reforms' in the US as just two examples at a time when public borrowing is at an all-time high) whose policies are deliberately intended to prepare for the council’s ‘privatisation’ whilst tranferring the local government in each country to ‘regional councils’. These will ultimately become controlled by ‘Regional Parliamentary Assemblies’, identical to the old structure in the Soviet Union.”

Sustainable development

In 1992 the UN unveiled a radical environmental philosophical treatise entitled Agenda 21, under the stewardship of Canadian billionaire Maurice Strong and an NM Rothschild agent, which would completely turn upside-down the old traditional values of putting man under God at the head of His creation, together with his God-given rights as expounded in the Bible, the Magna Carta and the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. Now the Earth is to take precedence over man, with animals ranking more highly than human beings who are in essence, under this philosophy, regarded as dispensible. This is an old pagan concept in which man is stripped of any democratic, sovereign or constitutional right - and treated as a potential sacrificial lamb.

Over the last year we have seen similar sentiments coming from proponents of this inverted ‘world-over-man-philosophy’ in the works and rantings of peopke like Dr Eric Pianka and Obama’s ‘science czar’ John Holdren, both of whom have called for the mass culling of the world’s population in the name of saving the planet.

In Agenda 21's wording - cloaked altruistically as the responsible environmental husbandry of this planet - many well-meaning high-profile individuals have bought into it hook, line and sinker, without realising that the real goal of sustainable development and environmentalism is the subjugation of man in every aspect of his life.

As Christian explains “..the communist goal of ‘sustainable development’ and ‘environmemtalism’ has absolutely nothing to do with protecting the environment or sustainability - it is all about the abolition of property rights, and ultimately, collectivisation of housing and farms under corporate state control”.

We are already witnessing a plethora of state legislation on everything from cutting down heritage trees to leaving rubbish in your front garden or having your dog foul the pavement. The Neighbourhood Watch Scheme - a scheme first used in Soviet Russia - has been set up by our government to create politicised state patrolling of our social behaviour, rather than leaving it in the hands of the sovereign community domain. With increasing bureaucracy being piled upon businesses to comply with environmental laws - particularly galling when large corporations can get away with gross environmental negligence and companies like Monsanto can blight the country with their GM crops, endangering us all - it all points towards increasingly prohibitive pressure and economic unviability for private businesses and enterprise, encouraging the takeover by the corporate/banking-run state.

With Obama’s new healthcare scheme we are already witnessing proposals of the micro-management of each US citizen’s life with sub-clauses in the bill - sections 440 and 1904 - under the heading “home visitation programs for families with young children and families expecting children”, that would allow government agents to visit every home in the US to would “provide parents with knowledge of age-appropriate child development in cognitive, language, social, emotional, and motor domains … modeling, consulting, and coaching on parenting practices,” and “skills to interact with their child to enhance age-appropriate development.”

From this it is only a matter of time before parents have to obtain a licence to have children, a licence to take your boat on the water, permits to travel, permits for this, permits for that. We can see this trend emerging among our midst every day, while members of Common Purpose slowly try to lever our mindsets into place to comply with this neo-Marxist nightmare.

It doesn’t have to be like this

The reduction of the world’s population and the reduction of those remaining to mere inventoried units on the state’s register is not the may it is meant to be. That is, if we wake up out of our amnesic state, ignore mass-media lies and disinformation, truly realise just what is really being planned for us and hold out our arms and say NO MORE!

We might blame the likes of John Redwood and Sir Roger Douglas, just two of the executives working under the auspices of the Rothschilds and their self-elected ‘Illuminati’ camaraderie, for enforcing this hellish nightmare of state-imposed slavery upon us with our rights stripped away, but we have to look in the mirror first, for if we let this hell come to pass we only have ourselves to blame! To extricate ourselves from this ghastly spectre is a crucial hurdle we must leap in our human spiritual development and reneging on this is not an option, for if we do, it will fatally set back the common good of humanity and our ascension as a human race.

For more insightful articles from Namaste magazine see

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fearmongering and hot air

In the latest twist in the Swine Flu scam, it has been revealed that the British government has drawn up plans to create mass graves to cope with the vast amount of casualties expected from a possible autumn and winter outbreak of the H1N1 flu virus. Council officials have been warned that existing cemeteries may be inadequate to cope with the number of deceased that could ensue in a winter outbreak. The report, resulting from a contingency meeting held last month and just revealed in several British daily papers, even goes on to suggest that inflatable storage structures could be used as temporary mortuaries. It even specifies shorter funeral services in what looks increasingly like a predicted mass culling of the population on a mechanised basis.

Although one expects plans to be in place to cater for major disasters, the concerted way in which a finger is being repeatedly pointed in the direction of the Swine Flu, begs the question, just what are they planning, particularly when viewed in context with the dubious man-made origins of the flu and the imminent mass-innoculations of a barely tried and tested anti-viral vaccine. Just how much of this is scaremongering people into accepting the vaccine and how much might it be about a deadly marriage that may be in the process of being engineered through a combination of the vaccine and the virus, that would result in the need for mass graves? With only 44 deaths from the virus recorded in England so far, what prompts the authorities to believe that vast numbers may succumb during the winter months?

My advice: stay healthy, maintain a strong immune system and avoid their vaccine like the plague!

Once in a while the BBC lets out a little bit of truth. In a recent ‘Hardtalk’ programme, Stephen Sackur managed to force a revealing admission from Greenpeace Leader, Gerd Leipold over erroneous claims regarding the Arctic ice melts. In a July 15 Greenpeace press statement entitled ‘Urgent Action Needed as Arctic Ice Melts’ Leipold maintained that by 2030 global warming would render the Arctic ice-free. Sackur claimed, quite correctly, that this claim was ludicrous and was clearly ‘exaggeration and alarmism’. How could an ice sheet mass of 1.6 million square kilometres, having a thickness at its epicentre of 3 km deep, totally disappear within such a relatively short time frame?

Initially trying to avoid the question, Leipold had to eventually admit that that admission ‘may have been wrong’, although he went on to defend Greenpeace’s cause for alarm as being in order.

Greenpeace was once looked upon as a genuinely serious force in environmental activism, only to later become - as so many initially altruistic organisations find themselves - hi-jacked by our controlling world mafia by infiltration, manipulation and guided into supporting their far-less-than-altruistic agendas.

With NASA caught falsifying figures last year suggesting that October had been the hottest on record, when it was later found that they had merely carried over figures from September - a naturally hotter month and glaring facts like the recorded 30% increase in the Arctic ice sheet for the year up to August 2008, it’s pretty clear that Greenpeace is engaging in total disinformation for on behalf of its political masters.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Latest from NO2ID

Comments made in connection with each news item are personal observations and not necessarily those of NO2ID.

The biometric residence visa card that foreigners in Britain are to eventually carry and which are due to be trialled in Manchester can be hacked into in 12 minutes, according to an article in this week’s Daily Mail. Not only could they be easily hacked into, but the data could be cloned and changed, leaving the original card unaltered. Of course, the Home Office dismissed fears that this could be done so easily in future because the encryption to be used on the next generation of cards - which won’t be introduced for another couple of years - can’t be hacked into. Oh yes! Where have we heard that before! As always it’s all about the authorities gaining easy access to every aspect of our lives and nothing to do with the protection of our identities.

On the back of the recently unveiled ID card is a space entitled ‘Observations’. This can be used to indicate whether the holder is a bona fide British citizen and allowed to travel freely within the European Economic Area (EEA) and therefore also act as an authority to travel within that area, or whether the holder is either Irish or of another EEA country or non-EEA resident but who has a family member who is, and is therefore not valid for travel in other EEA countries. The mere fact that this information is to be handwritten for all to see, eg. by bank staff when opening an account, has raised fears that it may also be used to openly advertise the fact that the holder may have an ASBO or some other restriction placed upon him/her, therefore acting as a ‘gatekeeper’.

The London Borough of Hillingdon has introduced smart cards for those who are local residents and therefore identifying them as eligible for certain services not available to those who are not. The council claims that the cards will only carry the holder’s name and a unique ID number, but, of course, it’s the ID number which will act as the all-important link to a back-end database that collates other information about the holder that will be stored. As a carrot, it will also act as a privilege card offering holders discounts at participating stores, working like a loyalty card. This will enable shopping profiles to be added to the back-end database, creating a cosy relationship between the council and local shop chains while prying on residents’ shopping patterns for commercial database use. What a stitch-up!

The tracking and tracing of every aspect of our lives including financial matters and where we travel is being greatly enhanced by a little-advertised and debated initiative released under the title of ‘G8 Declaration on Counter-Terrorism’. It is reported to have organised a ‘ground-breaking’ operation on bulk cash smuggling (under the title of Operation Mantis), practical guidance on cyber crime which charges it with measures to ‘identify and promote best practices for expanding biometric identity management practices for travellers and impoving security in all modes of transportation’.

Saturday 12 September will hopefully see the second International Action Day against the retention of telecommunications data and other instruments of surveillance. It is hoped, once again, that public demonstrations will take place in capital cities across the world.

The Tories, in their pre-election rhetoric, are stating that by scrapping the ID card scheme, some £3bn could be saved. In addition they are making overtures that they would scrap the adding of fingerprints to passports. Obama promised all sorts of things prior to his election that he has ‘U’-turned on. Isn’t that what politicians do all the time these days as instructed by their masters?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Of Swine Flu, discontent and rebellion

As the Obama scam begins to crystallise in the minds of many Americans, so do visible signs of dissent. Posters comparing him to Hitler have made their appearance at one town hall during a meeting on healthcare in Alhambra, California.

But by reading the comments to the story in the Guardian, many people in this country fail to understand the widespread opposition to Obama’s healthcare plan. They are taking it literally and aren’t aware of the totalitarian aspects embedded within the bill. Perhaps it is because we have had state healthcare for so long, they fail to make the connection that Obama’s plans - created by those behind him - are not for the wellbeing of the country’s health, but are a means of coercing state control over the masses, interferring with crucial aspects of their lives in a meddlesome and authoritarian way. Take sections 440 and 1904 of the 1,000 page bill (which Congress has been denied the time to digest - as usual) under the heading “home visitation programs for families with young children and families expecting children”, it clearly states that this would allow government agents to visit every home in the US to “provide parents with knowledge of age-appropriate child development in cognitive, language, social, emotional, and motor domains … modeling, consulting, and coaching on parenting practices,” and “skills to interact with their child to enhance age-appropriate development.” Do these Guardian resondees fully realise that? And don’t they realise that Britain’s NHS is increasingly behaving in the micro-management of our lives?

Something that people in this country do seem to be cottoning on to is the Swine Flu scam. Following an article in the Exeter Express & Echo about how the city will be a beta test site to try out the Swine Flu vaccine on children from six months old to 12 years of age, a barrage of dissent followed.

“There is no way any member of my family is having a vaccine. Less people have died from this than seasonal Flu so why push this untested vaccine? Read about the swine flu vaccinations that paralyzed around 500 in 1976. These are the same people who are pushing Tamiflu drug which has now been shown to cause all sorts of side-effects.”

“Pharmiceutical (sic) companies are immuned (sic) from prosecution for any side effects from this drug. I hope our Government are not immuned (sic).”

NO NO NO...This is human experimentation now in the public domain and should NOT be allowed! Those children's lives will be wrecked by the rushed in and untested vaccines. We're taking about oil in water adjavants, with the vaccine grown in monkey kidney glans tissue along with aluminium oxide, insect DNA and possibly mercury here! Thats more or less the cocktail of content that were given our armed forces for the first Gulf War in the 1990's! Anyone remember that syndrome at all?? The W.H.O have rushed this in, Big Pharma is standing to make a lot of £'s on our pain and suffering from the vaccines. I will NOT be taking any of them!! Go and check the Global Death Rates on Swine Flu..Pandemic, what Pandemic! If people take this vaccine many people will be not let fear take the decisions for you.”

“I definitely will not allow an untested, mercury filled vaccine anywhere near my children. Corrupt unregulated pharmaceutical companies created this so-called "swine flu" virus, and their the very same people who are offering the so-called cure, or vaccine. If you want to save your kids - do yourselves a favour, and stay well away from this poison.”

“I don't think I will be rushing to have my children vaccinated with a new drug that has not been properly trialled. Who knows what the side effects could be?”

As the second American Revolution draws forever nearer, Gerald Celente of the Trends Research Institute lists the first three major signs that have indicated this ever-likely possibility.

First it was the ‘Tea Parties’ back in April when over 700 anti-tax rallies took place across the country.

Then on the 4th of July thousands of citizens gathered once again under the banner of ‘taxation without representation’.

Most recently the healthcare reform package has been rebuked most vociferously as outlined above.

In each case the mainstream media has either dismissed these events or passed them off as the rantings of ‘conservative fringe elements’ or as staged events. But the fact that these protests are spontaneous and come from the heart as more and more people are seeing the light and identifying the worthless rhetoric endlessly emerging from the lips of Obama, as well as losing more and more of their rights day by day, the upswell of discontent isn’t going to be brushed off for much longer.

The ‘administered’ administration may very well have to use the Swine Flu ‘pandemic’ as the cover to try and deflect or quell this dissention and bringing everyone to heel by imposing martial law upon the country in the name of controlling the dreaded flu. Forced innoculation of the vaccine may react with the airborne virus, creating something much worse, thereby neutering much of the population and knocking the ‘fight’ out of them.

At least, this might well be the currently preferred MO. That’s unless, the people declare revolution now!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Drip by drip state intervention

State intervention into people’s lives has been ratcheted up to a new level of intrusion with Ed Balls announcing a plan to surveil problem families in their own homes.

The Family Intervention Projects will allow authorities to spy on families ensuring that their children are being raised in accordance with state dictat. 2,000 families are to initially enrolled into the scheme with a further 20,000 due to join next couple of years. Participants will be forced to sign a ‘behaviour contract’ with the government known as Home School Agreements before the start of every year. Authorities will make regular checks on these households and the installation of CCTV in each home will allow state surveillance of families 24/7 to ensure they raise their children correctly. In tandem, people regarded by government to be 'responsible' will be encouraged to spy on other such families and report any misconduct so that they can be similarly surveilled.

Regretably, the Tories, currently waiting in the wings to take over the reigns next year, say that the scheme doesn’t go far enough and is ‘too little, too late’ so it’s going to be more of the same from them.

Clearly, those considered to be ‘dysfunctional’ by government are to be placed is state custody and many may welcome the thought who regard the Jones’ at number 24 to be a bloody nuisance having their kids rake the streets all night and who habitually leave all their litter in the front garden. But many respondents to an article on this very initiative published in the Daily Express today, see the much darker, Orwellian reality to this - and rightly so. Just where does it stop and just what might the government next deem to be socially unacceptable - sticking NO2ID stickers on the window or inviting members of action groups to meetings at your home?

Our growing totalitarian state is being enforced in a drip by drip manner, starting at the bottom of the scale with initiatives that are unlikely to create too much opposition, but as a successive generation sees state CCTV surveillance in selected people’s homes as the norm, a platform is then already established upon which a further level of state intervention in our private lives can be constructed and so on and so forth.

That is, until we say NO MORE! 

Monday, August 03, 2009

Latest from NO2ID

Comments made in connection with each news item are personal observations and not necessarily those of NO2ID.

In what appears to be the fourth launch of ID cards this year, Home Secretary, Alan Johnson, described ID Cards as a ‘no-brainer’ in the fight against fraud. I think Mr Johnson is the ‘no-brainer’ believing that a card which carries all of our vital statistics won’t also be open to fraud and will carry with it far, far greater consequences than that of a stolen or hacked bank card. And that’s before you consider the state's abilities to pore over every facet of our entire lives and track our every move. But, of course, Johnson won’t divulge that part of the story or the fact that you will have to provide 49 vital pieces of personal information and that if any one of those is incorrect you will face a stiff fine!

It seems that the ever increasing cost of implementing the ID Card scheme (215m to date) is impounding on the cost of a new passport. In October the cost of a British passport will rise to £72, the third price rise in less than two years. We are having to pay through the nose for the privilege of allowing the state and all its offshoots be aware of every aspect of our lives. It beggars belief!

The Vetting and Barring Scheme (VBS) is the next piece of totalitarian state obscenity to grace our lives. Yet another database will provide a list of those who are regarded as being a risk to vulnerable groups and thus barred from working with them. The scheme will be administered by the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) and those who work with children, prisoners etc will be encouraged to register (in reality have to, if they wish to keep their jobs fully intact). This not only includes full-time workers like teachers, but anyone who may routinely come in contact with them. Leading authors who often visit schools including Michael Morpurgo, Quentin Blake, Philip Pullman, former children’s laureate Anne Fine and Anthony Horowitz have all hit out at the scheme saying that they wouldn’t be attending school visits any more. "All of us are constantly invited to do tours of schools abroad. If we can no longer enthuse British children about reading then I'm happy to go to more sensible places like Australia, New Zealand, America, France and Italy," said Fine last month.

A good illustration of just how vulnerable our personal data could be once held on the National Identity Register (NIR) is portrayed in a short film released by Liberty. Liberty rightly points out that over the last few years the Government has mislaid an enormous amount of our personal data one way or another and the NIR will house even more of it. This adds even greater relevance to this film. See it at

The growing scepticism and opposition to ID Cards has manifested itself again in a YouGov/Sunday People poll of 1765 adults. 79% of respondents think that they are a waste of money. This comes as the truth about them is being made more evident through the likes of information awareness groups like NO2ID who paint the full picture of a life with them, not the rose-tinted dis-information put out by Government.

Friday, July 31, 2009

The Tamiflu sufferers

Guess what? Tamiflu is rendering many children more unwell than if they had just let the Swine Flu take its natural course. 51% of children in a test group of 248 reported side-effects such as nausea, insomnia and nightmares. Of course that doesn’t include any more long-term ill-effects from the mercury and other junk contained within the vaccine whose effects may manifest themselves later in life.

Yet that establishment lap dog, Sir Liam Donaldson, said that Tamiflu should still be given to children if they had established symptoms and there were no existing medical reasons not to prescribe the drug. Then he goes on to admit that under-fives were suffering a greater number of hospital admissions because of these side effects. Under fives shouldn’t be innoculated at all, a young and developing body being subjected to a wholly foreign cocktail of goodness-knows-what! But what does Donaldson know, or care, about developing children, so long as he sits in his comfortable position delivering lies and false information on behalf of his corporate paymasters.

I hope these reports will help to instill some sanity into parents and adults alike and get them to say NO to Tamiflu and view the whole Swine Flu scam for what it is - an artificially-engineered virus created by ‘swine’ - not the animal kind, but the psycopathic human kind that runs this planet!


Thursday, July 30, 2009

FSA Report - another piece of disingenuity

The latest insult to our intelligence comes from another NGA arm of our bereft government, the Food Standards Agency, who declare that organic food isn’t any healthier than non-organic.

Carlo Leifert, a professor of ecological agriculture at Newcastle University, who has read the report was mystified by the agency’s conclusions, whose ballpark figures approximate those of a report Leifert co-ordinated for a major EU-funded study which looked at the nutrient levels of organic versus non-organic which clearly gave the former the lead. Why then has the FSA come to quite different conlusions?

In my view, clearly its politically (and probably commercially) driven. In a climate where GM crops are once again being toyed with (as reported on Monday) and a US Depertment of Agriculture calling for the mass-irradiation of crops on the grounds that it will kill of bacteria and make it safer for the masses to eat(!), not to mention the dangerous cocktails being used in the Swine Flu vaccine that we will all be urged to take and the imminent spectre of Codex Alimentarius, the FSA’s downbeat and dismissive missive on organically-grown and reared foodstuffs fits into place. It’s all part of the trend towards denying the population its health - a eugenics programme pure and simple.

But criticism of the FSA’s report has been widespread. Peter Melchett, policy adviser at the Soil Association said "We are disappointed in the conclusions the researchers have reached. It doesn't say organic food is not healthier, just that, according to the criteria they have adopted, there's no proof that it is."

It’s the way they spin it and the way the media follows up in unison. Last night’s BBC ‘Lies at Six’ deliberately gave two people a blind tasting of organic and non-organic fruit. Needless to say the verdict came out a draw, mirroring the conclusions of the report. No account was taken into the pesticide-free nature of organic foodstuffs which are grown to rigorous standards or the far-improved health of free-range livestock, whose happier demeanour reflects itself in the quality of its meat, free of any vile agri-waste cocktail fed to it in the name of economy and profit.

Increased cost of organic aside, thinking people will ignore this report and dismiss it for what it is worth, just another pile of worthless ‘research’ tailored to the dictates of a patsy government and an agribusiness lobby whose steered covert agenda is to lead us down the road to hell!

Here are a few of the comments in reply to the Guardian’s piece on the report.

“What a pathetic criteria for a study!
The point of eating organic food is not a higher nutritional content but avoiding pesticides and the like, DUH! Therefore, YES, it is healthier.”

“Big agribusiness has a lot to lose from people rejecting it's toxic, mono-culture, GMO, scorch the earth mentality. And what could this possibly mean!: ‘The appendix of the FSA report shows that some nutrients, such as beta-carotene, are as much as 53% higher in organic food, but such differences are not reflected in its conclusions.’ Who is paying for this study? conventional farming poisons the earth and humans and strips the land of nutrients. if there are no nutrients in the soil there won't be any in the food and you can't make up for it with fertilizers and pesticides.”

“You only have to ask yourself, do I want foods intensively produced, often tasteless, inhumanely reared, potentially contaminated by pesticides, fungicides, growth hormones, genetic modification and other allied, often untested, modifications? Or would I prefer food free from interference by food scientists, chemists and the associated denizens of increased profitability.
I don't need a meta-analysis to answer that question wooly minded though I undoubtedly am.”

“It strikes me that the FSA have some agenda with regards this report, it blatantly omits any factor other than the basic nutritional values. Yet it still carries the headline 'no health benefits of organic food' on most media outlets. Looking at their website, they clearly have a biased attitude against organic, Im guessing since the popularity of organic rose out of the GM scepticism that there lies the actual reason behind the report. Look at their website page on GM food, and its an almost entirely positive account...Knowing that Gordon Brown has reopened the debate on GM crops, Im guessing that rubbishing organic farming is the first step in the propaganda initiative to warm mainstream public opinion towards more profitable GM agriculture.”

In other words is the FSA, in this report, also being influenced by the agribusiness cartel - I would say very likely.

PS To partly confirm my suspicions it turns out that one member of the research group at the University of London who were instrumental in the compilation of the FSA report, is one Dr Uauy. According to the Integrity in Science Database, Dr. Uauy has been a paid advisor to Unilever, Wyeth, Danone, DSM, Kellogg, Knowles and Bolton, Roche Vitamins Europe Ltd., and the International Copper Association. Well, what do you know!

Also read this

Monday, July 27, 2009

GM, snooping and Swine Flu

The masters of genocide that run our planet have engaged scientists in Tadcaster to carry on testing GM crops following a year of inactivity after environmental protesters ripped up their experimental crops last year. This resuming of trials has been done without any public announcement in the hope that it would escape the campaigners notice, but following an article in the Daily Telegraph, the cat’s out of the bag. Although DEFRA said that the potatoes upon which GM work is to take place to make them pest-resistant, would be grown in a ‘safe environment’ and would not be used for human or animal consumption, the mere fact that this unholy manipulation is once again on the agenda, is disgusting.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, I was excited to see so many flocking to Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s shop in Axminster on Saturday. This is one of two - the other in Bath - which is engaging the more perceptive elements of society to the products of really good, honest, local organically-grown foodstuffs, free of any kind of harmful artificial manipulation. Not only that, but it is waking people up to the delights of those herbs, spices and vegetables that are either largely ignored or normally murdered in the cooking process. Of course it comes at a price, my River Cottage Sydling Brook organic pork liver paté with caramelised onion marmalade served with Town Mill Bakery bread and enticing salad weighed in at £8, but it was a demonstration of what a real liver paté can taste like - absolutely gorgeous! At a time when many of the lower-paid or those out of work are now going back to Asda in order to keep the food bill down, it is crucial that organic growers can multiply and help make their produce more afforable for those cash-strapped. Either that, or grow your own rather than succumb to the hellish wizardries of GM science, whose interests are more in creating mass profits and denuding our health at the same time.

Unfortunately, there is a group in society less ethically developed in their endeavours that make me despair. In this gripe I am referring to those hapless council workers that engage in helping introduce initiatives like enticing members of the public to spy on their neighbours for financial gain. This gripe also extends to those who would take up such an offer. But that is precisely what is being instigated in town halls across the country, all under the guise of improving the local environment. Whereas anti-social behaviour is unacceptable, local social disputes must be the sovereign preserve of the local community, engaging in face to face discourse as a way to resolve their problems, and not that of an interfering state. Following an article in today’s Daily Mail listing many of the local council schemes currently being rolled out to engage parents and children as young as 11 in spying on their neighbours - a wholly anti-social and obnoxious practice in its own right - some fitting responses were aired in reply to the article.

“This sounds like East Germany during the deepest darkest days of communism. When are the forced labour camps opening?”

“12 years of labour and we are nearly there.”

“The UK is apparently determined to bring the visions of George Orwell to reality.”

“Who are these people who dream up these crazy ideas. Can't they see that this will completely break down communities and set neighbour against neighbour, may even lead to more street violence if it gets out of hand. It is the authorities job to maintain our laws and police our streets. People should be educated to respect for their home and environment, not subjected to constant monitoring.”

“I seem to recall something similar in Hong Kong in the 70s when the HK government invented Lap Sap Chung. (The rubbish man) They had to stop this eventually as the people were turning against one another rather viciously and creating more problems than the problem they were trying to control.”

Precisely, that’s what our movers and shakers want, a society constantly at war with itself, divided and hostile. With an environment like that, more state control becomes their answer until we are locked into a militaristic fascist nightmare. Among those party in making this nightmare come true are those jobsworths of council workers who wittingly or unwittingly help in rolling out these schemes ‘because it’s part of their job’, or some other yellow-bellied excuse, and those members of the public who will willingly engage in partnering in such appalling ‘initiatives’. If they haven’t the wit to see the error of their ways and the way it will impact upon them and society in general, they need to get off their butts and wake up to what is really going on around them. As I’ve said before, the only way to beat this monster is non-compliance.

Meanwhile there are others who must be aware of some covert agenda but are just complacently playing along with it. Exeter City Council have announced that some 19th century catacombs, originally used as underground burial chambers, could have their original purpose revived to house the bodies of Swine Flu victims. Why is everyone so hell-bent on assuming that there could be a mass-epidemic of a virus, which so far, has been relatively benign, claiming fewer victims than any seasonal outbreak of flu, albeit during the summer months? Just what have they been tipped off about that the unwitting among us may become victim to? Does someone out there have inside information that the virus may mutate - by design - and become ferocious, or that the hastily-tested vaccine now in preparation of being rolled out, will contain some particularly nasty ingredients - as vaccines tend to do - that will bring about millions of deaths worldwide. If you think I’m being delusional go to and find out for yourselves the kind of things that have been going on in the field of eugenics over the past decades. We need more whistleblowers who are privy to this, the latest of so many scams sent to ensnare us, to blow this MO wide open.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Latest from NO2ID

Comments made in connection with each news item are personal observations and not necessarily those of NO2ID.

While the government presses ahead, relentlessly with the ID card scheme with the passing of more statutory instruments relating to the ID Card Act, opposition from the general public continues to grow as more and more people become aware of the true enormity of what is planned. But beware of Conservative party front bench opposition. While some of it may well be genuinely held, such sentiments are highly convenient vote-winners. You can be sure that once elected, the Tories will only end up continuing the same current agenda, using spin to explain their about-turn. Remember all of the promises that came from the lips of Obama before he stepped up to the plate. Those have virtually all proved to be false, and this is what politics is about these days, winning people’s confidence by telling them what they want to hear, then picking up the baton from their out-voted predecessors only to continue the same agenda on behalf of their controlling masters. Politicians don’t run the show, the corporate oligarchs do. Politicians are merely their servants and salesmen. I fear that NO2ID will find few true allies in the political spectrum until there is a wholesale revolt en-masse against this new world order and it’s with we the people where the responsibility really lies.

Retrospective adding of DNA records to the current DNA database is being considered for those who were convicted of serious violent or sexual abuse crimes prior to the 2004 change in the law which made such DNA collection mandatory.

The Annual Report of the National Police Improvement Agency reveals the extent to which the Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system has grown. According to the report the ANPR reads around 8 million registration plates per day and that plans are afoot to allow that information to be accessed by the Scottish police forces, British Transport Police, Serious Organised Crime Agency, Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs and the Security Service.

A government report has stated that the plan to have high street shops engage in ID Card enrolment would be unworkable and open to fraud. I should say so!

For more see

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Stick the needles where the sun don't shine!

I have never had any intention of lining up for, what may well become, a compulsory vaccination against swine flu. I routinely reject the annual flu jab that my GP advises me to take as well as the statin drugs he would also have me take on an ongoing basis. Both offer far greater health risks than they are purported to offer, the only benefits they dispense are profits to the drug companies.

With the ludicrously inflated hype surrounding the swine flu epidemic, with its generally mild symptoms and very low mortality rate - compared to many normal winter flu epidemics which go largely unreported, I immediately become suspicious, particularly when the manufacturers of Tamiflu - Baxter International - have been caught releasing contaminated flu virus material from their plant in Austria.

The fact is that there is a larger eugenics agenda at work here and if you value your wellbeing, you'll make sure that you keep your natural immune system robust by keeping healthy and stay clear of the ruinous cocktail contained within the swine flu vaccine.

Take heed of what David Icke has to say in this short video clip.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The beast is revealed

For those sceptics that have pooh-poohed the idea that a global currency was on the cards, they may now need to think twice now as yesterday, at the finalé of the G8 summit at l’Aquila in Italy, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev produced a coin, believed to have been minted in Belgium, representing a new word currency. Now all the signs are in place that a global banking takeover is in the offing with every man, woman and child on the planet beholden to one giant banking dictatorship, ultimately transcending all governments.

‘Interdependency’ was the key word used by Medvedev - the raison d’être of the new global currency. I would rather determine it as ‘Dependency’ upon one worldwide financial oligarchy who can call the shots at will. Democratic freedoms and sovereign independence are now out of the window, room for maneuver gone.

Of course, this immediately spells the death knell for the dollar as a world reserve currency, but when asked, both Bernanke and Geithner shrugged the whole suggestion off saying such an agenda did not exist. Of course they know it exists. They are currently engaged in part of the process to enact the dollar's demise. In fact this whole trend is supported by a document released by the Bank for International Settlements, which, in 2006 called for the end of national currencies in favour of a global model of currency formats.

With almost every senior figure in world politics currently shouting from the roof tops for some form of world financial regulation, it’s pretty clear which road they are charting for our collective futures.

In all of this we must remember the words of Mayer Amschel Rothschild “Give me control of a country's money supply and I care not who makes the laws”. That control is now about to go global!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Jackson assassinated by the CIA?

FSB sources reporting to Russian President Medvedev claim that they identified an electromagnetic pulse aimed at Jackson’s house prior to his death. See

Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) Weapons have long been part of the covert intelligence arsenal and I recall Dr Steven Greer of the Disclosure Project claiming that both he and his wife were targeted with this technology some years ago, his wife developing metastatic cancer from the onslaught. In both cases, Jackson and Greer were releasing (or about to release in Jackson’s case) information that would rock the hidden establishment - Jackson with the purported mass eugenics scam via the Swine Flu virus and Greer with his Disclosure Programme relating to top military sources going public about ETs.

Jackson was a long-standing supporter of Austrian investigative journalist Jane Burgermeister who has filed criminal charges with the FBI against the World Health Organisation (WHO), claiming that they were about to commit bioterrorism with the release of the new Swine Flu vaccine. She has also prepared an injunction against the programme of forced vaccination which is in the process of being instigated in the US. Entire details of this highly detailed and well-researched lawsuit can be found at see

I and many others believe that the current Swine Flu scaremongering is a preparatory step towards, what could be, a mass eugenics programme being covertly planned by that unseen hand, to use new global powers of the WHO to enforce mass innoculations using this highly doubtful vaccine.

According to David Icke’s website “the reason behind the CIA needing to assassinate Michael Jackson, these reports continue, was an out of court settlement the pop icon signed with son of the king of Bahrain, Sheikh Abdullah bin Hamad al-Khalifa, this past November in London, and which stated, in part, that in exchange for millions of dollars previously lent to Mr. Jackson by the Sheikh, Mr. Jackson would allow his sold-out United Kingdom concerts to be a “platform” for warning the World of a soon to occur mass genocide event”.

Check these links out and see what you think. None of it would surprise me!

Friday, July 03, 2009

Latest from NO2ID

Comments made in connection with each news item are personal observations and not necessarily those of NO2ID.

News reports have recently implied that the new home secretary, Alan Johnson, has watered down the compliancy stakes over the ID Card scheme. Not true, unless you want to become a self-sufficient hermit and live in a cave. Wednesday’s edition of the Times carried an article stating that “Alan Johnson signalled a significant reversal over the Government’s identity card policy yesterday when he ruled out making them compulsory for British citizens”. But further on it does admit that “However, the Government is to press ahead with creating a national identity register that, from 2011-12, will include the details of everyone who applies for a passport”. Passports happen to be vital things to the vast majority of people and sometimes are asked for domestically as ID if you don’t - like me - possess a driving licence. In fact the Home Office line has not changed one iota. As the latest NO2ID bulletin states "The Home Office line remains the same. No compulsion (as the Home Office defines it) was going to be applied until almost everyone had 'volunteered' and then it was only a matter of rounding up a minority of resisters and marginalised people.

The Home Office's idea of "voluntary" is not the same as yours and mine. Since 2004 the scheme was (and it still is) to proceed by "designating" one-by-one under the Identity Cards Act 2006 other documents issued by official bodies -- in the first place passports. Once a document has been designated, you won't be able to apply for one without also applying to be entered, for life, on the national identity register. If you don't agree to be registered it won't be that you are refused (say) a passport; you'd have voluntarily decided not to apply. There's no compulsion to have a passport. It is useful for travelling. But you aren't compelled to travel. Or (say) to drive. Or to work as a security guard. Or with children. Or in healthcare. To get parole from prison. To practice as a lawyer. ... Any official licence, registration certificate or permit can be designated, and -- in the home office's skewed logic -- handing control of your identity to the Home Office's Identity and Passport Service will still be entirely voluntary".

Until recently, airside workers at Britain’s airports were to ‘voluntarily’ enrol for ID passes, without which they wouldn’t get very far in their careers, that is until the unions made a stink about it and that is what we all must do, all the way down the line on this crucial issue.

The BBC (the British Bullshit Corporation as I prefer to call it), has engaged in yet more dis-information
with the announcement that “Some 3,500 UK citizens have already applied for the cards”, implying that it must be OK, with eager participants lining up. Not true. The regulations that specify the content and manner of application have not yet even been approved by parliament! This spins the probable reality of the story that the UK Identity and Passport Service’s website has invited visitors to “register your interest in identity cards and the National Identity Service” - simply that - and that’s not ‘applying’ as the BBC would have you believe. This is all psy-ops by stealth. Even if 3,500 genuine invitations were received and there weren’t any facetious ones, (and there probably were) this completely dwarfs the number of people that have signed up to NO2ID registering their opposition to the scheme.

Following the government’s partial stand down on airside workers’ requirement to register on the ID scheme as a condition of work
it has now turned its attention to youngsters saying that possession of an ID card will act as proof of age, an increasingly necessary requirement for those wanting to buy alcohol etc. Manchester’s pilot scheme is to be expanded with residents able to apply for an ID card before the end of this year. This will then be rolled out across the north west with applications available early next year.

The government faces more embarassment as it has been revealed by one of the unsuccessful bidders for the new hi-tech passports that a director of the winning company is one of Gordon Brown’s senior mandarins!

A London-wide NO2ID activist network has been established
that will heighten awareness of the ID card scheme across the capital. The network hopes to raise the profile of ID cards in people’s minds and will make a presence at public events, street fairs, pop concerts etc. The first event is to take place on Saturday 11th July, where members will hold a training session on how to engage the public’s awareness. Later this month on Thursday 30th, Ladbroke Grove will host a Magicians against ID cards event in support of NO2ID.


Who are the Taliban and al Qaeda really working for?

When Obama and Brown engage in the tired old rhetoric of setting up a new offensive to combat and defeat the Taliban or al Qaeda, you can be sure that the opposite is true. Both groups are the raison d’être for US (and British) troops to be in Afghanistan and Iraq in the first place, not because they need to be defeated, but because they provide a ‘legitimate’ reason for continued western military occupancy in economically and geo-politically important areas.

But it’s the covert machinations employed to try to ensure that continued occupancy that is so frightful as political commentator Paul Watson and ex-US Navy senior intelligence officer Wayne Madsen, have recently pointed out.

The above link forms a valuable lesson in learning how governments use those who are portrayed to us as ‘the enemy’, to fight for them in order to foster the very insurgency they say must be fought, thereby prolonging the conflict in order to achieve an ongoing military and political presence by proxy on foreign soil. In Afghanistan, for instance, that continued presence protects western political and military-industrial hegemony with its interests in the oil pipelines that cross the country as well as maintaining continuing control the poppy trade, the proceeds from which go towards more black ops and illegitimate wars.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Latest from NO2ID

Comments made in connection with each news item are personal observations and not necessarily those of NO2ID.

Rumours that the new Home Secretary, Alan Johnson is to ‘review the ID scheme’ have been siezed upon as an opportunity to halt the monster, although Johnson himself denies such rumours. The Identity Cards Act 2006 was never comprehensive and left out a lot of the mechanics of how the scheme would work in its entirety. Now those details are to be furnished in a list of regulations which are longer than the original bill itself. Debate on the first batch of regulations are due to take place next month. It is an opportunity in which MPs could and should object in order to stall the juggernaut and this is the time to get in touch with your MP and point this out to them. It is these regulations that put flesh and bones on the scheme and give a close insight into the real horrors which lurk within: the sheer amount of private data that you will have to disclose to the Home Office about yourself; the detail showing how many people will find themselves forced into the ID Card scheme in order to ‘apply’ for some other government document or service; draconian penalties for those who do not wish to comply; the numbers of government departments, law enforcement and other agencies that will have access to your information, with no record kept after 12 months of to whom that information was disseminated.

Sheffield City Council has reaffirmed its existing motion against ID cards. It criticises the Manchester pilot scheme, saying that Sheffield would not participate in any similar one. It also slams the trend of fingerprinting people visiting nightclubs and certain pubs, fingerprinting in schools and Automatic Number Plate Recognition systems. Let’s hope they don’t cop out of continued opposition, or get bought off by government!

The House of Lords Constitution Committee has criticised government in their failure to adopt important recommendations embodied in their 'Surveillance: Citizens and the State' report that would have put in place safeguards to ensure proper use of data processing and surveillance.

According to Statewatch the body that monitors civil liberties in Europe, the Stockholm Programme, which will establish the creation of a unified EU-wide information grid, will be adopted this autumn. It says that this will unleash a digital tsunami with in-depth data on every EU citizen that can be shared across member-country borders.

The Information Commissioner’s Office has warned that data collection and storage should be kept to a minimum. The more information held the greater the chances of losing it and the greater chance of contravening the Data Protection Act. The ICO pointed out that in a survey, 85% of people in the UK avoid giving out personal information whenever possible, that number having grown in recent years.

Lord Steyn, a former law lord has lashed out at the ID card scheme saying it should be abandoned as it creates a gross invasion of personal privacy and will do nothing to combat crime, terrorism, illegal immigration and the whole plethora of other problems that the government insists it will. In fact it will lessen our security.

Ian Watmore, former government CIO has said that Government Gateway reports should be published. These currently confidential reports lay out the progress, or otherwise, of highly sensitive government IT projects. Their publication should allow MPs and others to keep track and accountability of these projects.

An Oxford father has refused, point blank, to give permission to have his daughter fingerprinted at school. He rightly fears that this is just one more step towards a Big Brother state!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New 9/11 Whistleblower

An ex- US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) employee and videographer, Kurt Sonnenfeld, has gone public with crucial inside information on the immediate aftermath of 9/11.

Hounded ever since by government insiders and spooks, Sonnenfeld’s life has become a misery.

He was instructed by FEMA to spend one month filming Ground Zero immediately after the 9/11 attacks to gather video evidence that could be used in a subsequent investigation into the events of that day. Of course, that investigation never took place, nor could it as the hands of inner government complicity would have become all too apparent. The 29 tapes that Sonnenfeld took during this one month period in which he was allowed unbridled access to Ground Zero, were therefore kept in his possession and, to those insiders, are walking dynamite and as Sonnenfeld describes, are full of anomalies that raise all manner of questions as to what happened on that day and immediately throw into dispute the whitewash story that emerged from the official, behind-doors enquiry.

In an interview with, the now exiled Sonnenfeld tells his story and not only reveals what he exposed during that month at Ground Zero, but also blows the lid on a number of other operations he was involved in while with FEMA.

The following link gives access to the entirety of that interview which has been posted on and provides further vital evidence to the mountain already in existence that 9/11 was an inside job.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

NightJack silenced

Another dangerous trend is emerging following the denunciation of blogger NightJack by the Times newspaper. NightJack’s Orwell Prize award-winning blog was that of a candid police officer who publicly, but anonymously, aired what went on within the Metropolitan Police force.

With the demise of good and honest mainstream journalism now having to tread a path between what is deemed to be politically-correct and what makes newspapers sell, it is wholly refreshing to find a re-emergence of the old values of investigative journalism and honest comment appearing in blogs, especially at at time of international mass-corruption in just about every area of the political and economic arena. NightJack, or Detective Constable Richard Horton who was the man behind the keyboard, blogged anonymously and at no time did anything illegal, indeed his blog even brought in award-money which was subsequently donated by him to the Police Benevolent Fund.

But his candidness was just too much for the Times newspaper and the Met.

It isn’t the first time commentators or whistleblowers have been demonised by the mainstream media. Recently the nurse, Margaret Haywood, went undercover for the BBC regarding her concern for the abuse of patients. Strictly she was compromising patients’ confidentiality, but when the cause was clearly with their best interests in mind, such action must be applauded. But that didn’t prevent her from losing her job.

This craven mentality of being expected to not step out of line even when wrongs need to be brought to the public's attention, is wholly unsatisfactory. As human beings, concerned for the wellbeing of others we can’t and shouldn’t stay silent when something very wrong is going on. I can’t vouch for NighJack’s blog, not ever having seen it and now never likely to since it has been taken down, but according to many others who had, his heartfelt and honest opinions and comment of injustices known to be taking place, have every right to be aired. After all, these are the sorts of things you might discuss among friends down the pub, but given the platform of the worldwide web a much wider audience can be alerted to them.

Just take this week, in the aftermath of the supposedly rigged Iranian elections. With a dictatorship intent on not allowing the world to see the self-interest and determination of the mullahs and the Ahmadinejad regime - which acts in Western interests as a devil they can taunt for their own political ends - it’s left to the people, thanks to the power of modern technology, to relay the on-the-ground reality to the rest of the world. Without our own open lines of communication, we might as well be living in the Dark Ages - and of course, that’s the way our ultimate masters would like to see us.

With the disenfranchisement of NightJack’s blog, others who might share similar opinions or wish to air serious malfunctions and abuses within the police force or in whatever area of work they are engaged, will now think twice before blogging, or not blog at all.

Meanwhile the Times newspaper, itself a bastion of politically-correct controlled thought, run by the very same cabal that run of our everyday lives, now seems to stand as arbiter and executioner over free and alternative speech.

Just out of interest, I wonder how many of the paper’s ranks are Common Purpose members, that insidious fifth column group whose task as ‘future leaders’ is ultimately to implement the wishes of our control freaks, the Rockerfellers, Rothschilds, royalty etc. and all those below who work for them?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Super Surveillance State

Yesterday’s Daily Telegraph reported on the EU plans to ‘enhance’ pan-European ‘security’. As we have come to expect by now, proposals to achieve this end would have received wholehearted support from the Nazi Party.

Under the guise of the Stockholm programme, July 15 will see the final proposals for the EU’s internal security plan. These directives will override national sovereign legislation, bringing a taste of dictatorial life under our Euro superstate. Jacques Barrot, the European justice and security commissioner has stated that the aim was to "develop a domestic security strategy for the EU", historically a role which would be left to individual nation states.

But civil rights leaders and right-minded people see this as a surveillance superstate. Tony Bunyan, of the European Civil Liberties Network (ECLN) warned that "An increasingly sophisticated internal and external security apparatus is developing under the auspices of the EU," "In five or 10 years time when we have the surveillance and database state people will look back and ask, 'what were you doing in 2009 to stop this happening?"

Precisely. While this government is behaving like the proverbial wet rag with Brown posturing for continued power, ministers disappearing right, left and centre and cabinet shuffles every other week, the media spends most of its time using the upheaval as a useful smokescreen to divert people’s attention away from the vitally crucial issues that directly threaten our futures, while a fascist surveillance state is being assembled behind closed doors, largely evading mainstream news coverage.

Law enforcement and public security agencies will be sharing DNA records and fingerprint databases, storing them for new electronic EU ID cards. Surveillance footage and that gathered from the internet will be amassed, along with satellite surveillance, automated entry/exit border biometric readers and risk profiling systems. This will be the new Europe, all built upon the phony 'war on terror'. But, of course, now we are the terrorists!

EU officials have openly admitted to the Daily Telegraph that these measures will be highly controversial, so will need to be contained (ie camouflaged) within the Lisbon Treaty, now only awaiting Ireland’s ratification in the Autumn (they should be so lucky to even get to vote!). The Treaty already has built into it a secretive new Standing Committee known internally as COSI, which is designed to co-ordinate security policy across borders involving trans-European agencies such as Europol, the Frontex borders agency, the European Gendarmerie and Brussels-based intel-sharing Joint Situation Centre or Sitcen.

Just what sort of a nightmare are we headed towards, unless we stir up total opposition to this super-Orwellian scenario. And we must!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The Control Grid Cometh

“Awesome. I can't wait to have every move tracked like the Truman show...and beaten/arrested if i step out of line. Sweet!”
Armand Tamzarian, London,

“Who said this? ‘An evil exists that threatens every man, woman, and child of this great nation. We must take steps to ensure our domestic security and protect our homeland.’
Was it Barack Obama? Gordon Brown? George W Bush? No. It was Adolf Hitler, when proposing the Gestapo to the German people.”
Bob, Burnley, United Kingdom

“Forget 1984. The truth is more like V For Vendetta, an underrated example of a totalitarian police state. The police are fast becoming a law unto themselves.”
Lauren, Chester, Cheshire

“George Orwell was a bloody Optimist!”
Ken Bardell, Doncaster, United Kingdom

“And still you don't believe that we live in a Police State in all but name? Do you seriously think that the next government will repeal any of Zanu-NuLabour's legislation?”
Adrian Ryan, Donegal, Ireland

“Just goes to show that if we are fooled into giving the police state a free hand then absolute power will corrupt absolutely.”
Pontus, San Jose, USA

“How silly of me! I thought I lived in a democracy and not a police state. Obviously I'm wrong.”
Rowan, London,

“Are there no limits to the fantasies these people indulge in? Next they'll be wanting micro chips implanted into newborn babies to monitor everybodys' movements from cradle to the grave. Not only utterly disgusting, but utterly horrific!”
Ian Dickson, Brighton, UK

“What was the point of winning WWII if we are going to live in a police state anyways?”
Keith S, Winnipeg, Canada

“Utterly disgusting. The police have lost all respect of the British public and are in grave danger of provoking a serious backlash.”
HC, Kabul,

“What is the difference between the British government and a communist government?”
Phil, Nottingham,

“I credit this government with many failures, amongst them is the proliferation of a surveillance society. My advice to those who think this is a good idea, read George Orwell's "1984", then comment.”
Phil, Epsom, England

Some of the replies to an article in the Sunday Times regarding a British police force study of Chinese-style surveillance tactics which they believe would come in useful for the 2012 London Olympics. Goodies included in their ‘security’ considerations are miniature microphones installed in taxis to monitor passengers’ conversations, and athletes, visitors and journalists to have tiny microchips carried in their tickets.

A 44-page report compiled by the police states that there are “lessons to be learnt” from China’s use of digital surveillance, but then goes on to warn that “The fine balance between the use of technology to support security requirements and individual rights to privacy will be an open debate in the UK for 2012.” I suggest that that open debate should have taken place a long time ago and that with suggestions like these being openly considered that fine balance has already been breached.

If the Olympics are such a threat to national security, then why hold them at all? The whole event has become so politicised that it goes entirely against the true spirit of sport. But, of course, it doesn’t pose a real threat at all. It is a perceived one. One that has been manufactured by a group of people whose real intention behind all of these intrusive security measures is not to anticipate an al Qaeda strike, but to incarcerate us, for we are the perceived enemy now, the thronging masses that must be controlled. You’ve only got to read their policy documents to know that that is their real modus operandi.

But it’s good to see people waking up to this nightmare and so many replies calling in unison for a stop to this dangerous nonsense. Many people’s perception of this country these days has gone beyond the title of ‘nanny state’ to that of ‘fascist state’. I believe that a large part of Labour’s defeat in the recent elections is not so much about the expenses scandal, which the mainstream media would have you believe, but as much, if not more, based on a collective unease in the country in the way this government has, during its term of office, increasingly turned Britain into a police state, rubbishing our rights, privacy and freedoms. That’s not to say that the Conservatives will be any better. Our governments are controlled from above, and their entrance into office, either this year or next, will only signify a handing over of the baton in the ongoing race to set up a total control grid in which we will find ourselves entrapped. That's if we don’t take action to expose the real game play and try to stop such a likely probability.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Latest from NO2ID

Comments made in connection with each news item are personal observations and not necessarily those of NO2ID.

Some may regard the departure of Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, with an air of relief, taking some of the pressure off the ID scheme. No way. This has been government dictat for many a year, each year seeing a stepping up of the process which will culminate in every UK citizen having to possess an ID card - or so they hope. Home Office sectretaries come and go but the aim remains. As far back as the Thatcher years, Peter Lilley MP recalls it as being regarded “as the remedy for all our ills from crime to shortage of kidney donors”. Under the direction of executives of the Identity and Passport Service and the Transformational Government team in the Cabinet Office, Home Secretaries receive their cues in no uncertain terms. Real policy change from the top of government is required but that, I’m afraid, is already being steered from even higher up. It’s those above - the real movers and shakers - that need to be exposed to make transparent the whole modus operandi of our perceived enslavement.

“There are more than 82 million terrorist hiding in Germany. You are one of them!” To graphically illustrate the potential truth of that statement, German film maker Alexander Lehmann has released a video on YouTube on the whole topic of data retention and how it affects all of us. It can be seen at and succinctly sums up in one-and-a-half minutes how the state perceives us as 'potential terrorists'.

Southampton University Students’ Union Council have passed an anti-ID card motion with 87% in favour. Like several similar local government council resolutions which also oppose the principle of the National Identity Scheme, they pledge not co-operate in such a scheme unless required to do so by law. Unfortunately, they need to go the whole hog and defy the law or certainly challenge it in my opinion, otherwise the government can sneak through binding legislation willy-nilly and have us all acquiescing to their wishes as they please. Stronger non-compliance and challenge is essential.

The government has included an enabling power in the Policing and Crime Bill which will allow it to regulate the retention or destruction of DNA on the database. This effectively circumvents any parliamentary debate on this highly crucial issue, which, in the words of Baroness Harris of Richmond were “..matters (that) should not be dealt with by secondary legislation, especially as the DNA profiles of people not convicted of any offence could be held up to 12 years. It is imperative that Parliament scrutinises this scheme and ensures that, if amendments need to be made, they will be. That is impossible under this proposal, which should be removed from the Bill”.

Since my last NO2ID update, the introduction of ID cards for airport airside workers has been slowed down. Now only new staff will be required to carry them. As far as the Home Office is concerned, this was always the case. Really? Do you trust a word they say?

And can you trust the custodians of our data? Two Glasgow council workers were apprehended while snooping into the core government database of the Identity Card scheme to see if they could dredge up any interesting celebrity secrets. The database contains the personal details of 85 million UK citizens and will be the foundation of the national ID scheme.

In a few month’s time a national network of cameras and computers will become operational and be automatically logging onto car number plates . All part of the ever-watchful eye of the state peering into our every move, every day.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Latest from NO2ID

Comments made in connection with each news item are personal observations and not necessarily those of NO2ID.

The introduction of ID cards by stealth is about to meet its first hurdle as government intends to make ID cards for airside airport workers compulsory. The scheme is to commence with Manchester Airport followed by London City Airport. Failure to comply would result in workers losing their jobs. By way of foisting cards on airside workers, four new instruments under the Identity Cards Act 2006 have recently been published, one of which will carry the requirement that when a worker applies for a certain designated document in connection with his or her work, they must also, at the same time, make an application to be entered onto the National Identity Register and apply for an ID card. Non-compliance would likely mean the loss of their job. The British Airline Pilots’ Association (BALPA) is in fierce opposition to the mandatory imposition of ID cards, which, initially were to be rolled out on a voluntary basis, with six to one against. BALPA intends to fight the introduction of this legislation with every lawful means at its disposal.

Let this be a warning to all of us and let us all be united in opposing, what will become, the blanket imposition of ID cards.

UK security manufacturer TSSI has even expressed doubts as to the value of airside ID cards and what the real benefits are to the general public. Precisely. They are not designed to protect the public but as an instrument of state control, pure and simple.

NorthLink Ferries who operate services between mainland Scotland and Orkney now require photo ID for all those above the age of 16 before they can board one of their ferries. Reasons given to a member of NO2ID who questioned the need for such ID was that they were sailing into international waters which is clearly absurd. He was then told that it was for security and safety purposes, then later informed it was because of the size of the vessel - again clearly nonsense as vessels of greater size than those of NorthLink Ferries’ fleet have presently no such requirement.

I carry photo ID for my senior citizen’s free bus pass, but that is different, for you are proving your visual identity in order to gain a concession. To have to show photo ID to merely to travel across a short stretch of domestic water, when having bought a ticket, is plainly preposterous. What precedent is there for such legislation. When was an Orkney ferry last subject to a terrorist attack? And in any case how does photo ID mitigate against such possibilities. It doesn’t. And again it’s not meant to. The Orkney experience is a prelude to what, I fear, will become standard operating procedure in this country if this government has its way, and it’s not part of EU legislation, this is something purely hatched by the movers and shakers that ultimately form political direction in this country and it can only be described as Big Brother oppression. If this thought train is allowed to continue, I’ll have show photographic evidence every time I board an Isle of Wight ferry, then photo ID will be built into every train ticket you buy, photo ID required at the supermarket checkout etc etc etc. It musn’t be allowed to start as this ends up being the slippery slope into state incarceration!