Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Real Modus Operandi

News reports have revealed that the British government and MI5 wanted to postpone the arrest of those involved in the proposed airliner bombings until after the dastardly deed had been done. It is believed that the bombings were to have taken place on August 16 and the fact that our government and intelligence services were prepared to wait until after an estimated 3,000 innocent passengers could have been killed, beggars belief.

The Daily Mail has revealed how MI5 had employed ‘sneak and peak’ teams to bug and follow the unfolding plot up to and beyond its enactment. These infiltration teams were composed of SAS specialists who conducted their operation in much the same way as they had with the IRA in Northern Ireland. The London Times has reported that Pakistani intelligence services believe that a British intelligence mole (or moles) had been planted in the terror cell.

It is known, thanks to whistleblower Kevin Fulton, that in the 1980s and 90s, the SAS and British military intelligence routinely embedded themselves with the violent branches of the IRA, aiding and abetting terrorist acts against Protestants in Northern Ireland in order to skew the political situation. Fulton went public over these covert activities because as an intelligence officer himself, he and his department were being given the Prime Minister’s authority to engage in terrorist acts which would cost the lives of many, such as the 1998 Omagh bombing in which 29 people including babies were killed.

This same modus operandi was used in the 7/7 bombings, with evidence, once again, showing heavy involvement by MI5. The Fact that the so-called ringleader, Mohammed Siddique Khan’s car was known to be bugged by MI5, despite Met Police denials, shows complicit knowledge, if indeed not covert involvement within the intelligence services in the 7/7 bombings killing 52 and injuring another 770 people. Former Met Police officer Charles Shoebridge has even gone on record to say that the evidence points to the shocking fact that Khan was working for MI5 as an informant.

We have now heard the opinion of former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray, who believes that the proposed bombings were staged propaganda and a means for Blair and Bush to absolve themselves and regain face at a time of low ratings in the opinion polls.

Here’s is how it works.

In the ongoing bid by our globalist masters to entrap us in their control web, we are faced with potential acts of terrorism which we are told must be fought with the loss of our liberties if we are to remain ‘safe’. We are led to believe that radical Islamists are the common enemy, they hate of our ‘democratic’ way of life and are constantly planning to terrorise the west.

To make this a palpable reality, our government, on directives from globalist policy think tanks, sanctions the intelligence agencies and SAS to covertly infiltrate radical Muslim groups, aid and encourage these would-be extremists with the intellectual and physical means to carry out terrorist attacks, then engage young, naive youths from Muslim backgrounds, in activities that are explained to them as ‘training exercises’ or drills which are supposedly designed to help the security services be more effective, while in reality they are being engaged, unwittingly, in real terrorists activities.

This is why, so often, the suspects in these terror attacks, whether actual or foiled, appear to be innocent, decent law-abiding and quiet young men and very often not particularly bright. They are the ones that either get blown up or incarcerated in police swoops, while the real ring leaders - the MI5 assets - avoid recrimination by being safeguarded by those very same intelligence agencies and paymasters.

Meanwhile Joe Public loses more of his rights in order to be ‘protected’ from these terrorists.

Yesterday we saw the announcement that new airport procedures are to be introduced with particular religious and ethnic groups (Muslims) being monitored very closely. This is another desired result for the globalists who are clearly hell-bent on marginalising the whole Muslim ethic in their ‘ethnic cleansing’ of the Middle East to make way for one homogenous global ‘religion’ and world state.

Now that this globalist-inspired modus operandi is becoming more and more evident as each day passes, and today’s revelation that British security services, at the behest of our government, were quite prepared to sacrifice the lives of 3,000 innocent people before arresting the long-known ringleaders - who were in their employ anyway - it is time we and our elected MPs demanded an unbiased inquiry into the events of last week.

Any such report would very likely expose the whole rotten game play and bring the house of cards crashing down.

Growing scepticism
Over the past few days, several newspapers and commentators have been reporting a growing scepticism among the British public over the validity of the many terrorist plots that we are constantly being bombarded with in the media.

With Charles de Menezes having being wrongly targeted as a terrorist, the Forest Gate raid being proven to be a false flag, suspects from the 7/7 bombings looking unlikely candidates as suicide bombers, the initial false flag report of the neurotic woman aboard a Washington DC flight today, all set against a background of lies and mis-information given out by our government in relation to Iraq’s WMD capability, it’s no wonder that a growing air of mistrust is descending upon the British public, while the credibility of Blair and his entourage plummets even further.

Last week’s intended attack on multiple trans-Atlantic flights is rapidly joining the ranks of the plethora of other potential incidents to be tagged as another piece of fabrication. Many view it as a deliberate ploy to divert people’s attention of the Lebanese/Israeli conflict and our government’s bad posturing in favour of an aggressive Israel, while others, quite rightly, see a connection between each new terror alert and our liberties being flushed down the pan via another round of draconian legislation.

Government credibility is beginning to go through the floor and Blair and his minders from above must be getting pretty twitchy right now as Internet newsgroups, blogs and chat rooms as well as disconcerting sounds within some mainstream newspapers increasingly air sceptical views over what our governments are really up to. Conspiracy theories are rife, only the conspiracies are not the products of over-inventive members of the public, but appear to be the fruits of our government in collusion with its intelligence agencies.

Long may this metamorphosis of growing public awareness continue. What we now have to wait for is another 9/11 which I and others view as being inevitable enabling Blair and Bush to make a bid in turning the tide of public scepticism and attempting to re-inforce the view that there really are radicals out there determined to destroy our way of life. But that next 9/11 won't be a result of the actions of Muslim extremists, as with 9/11 they will be orchestrated by our own desperate governments!