Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Blair out, Stephenson in

They eat ’em up and spit ’em out. That’s senior civil servants, politicians and high profile police commissioners who are on the front line in the service of the ultimate controlling cabal. Following the departure of Sir Ian Blair, whose reputation was severly tarnished in the public eye and that of the Met itself, because of the duplicitous things that had been asked of him, particularly in reference to the phony war on terror - Charles de Menezes and all that - his replacement, Sir Paul Stephenson, the officer responsible for the recent arrest of Damian Green, will no doubt become the new punch bag. His appointment has been greeted with mixed emotions, the official Met Police blog site viewing it with apprehension. No doubt his appointment will bring more government micro-management of the force. It’s pretty plain to see that there’s growing dissatisfaction within the police force and particularly the Met, in the way that real issues seems to be brushed under the carpet and politicised regulation becomes more and more evident.

When we are fast approaching a time when the police force are going to be in the front line against Disgruntled UK plc as financial chaos strikes, I hope that many in the ranks of the force get up and walk out, particularly if they are asked to perform unpleasant duties in controlling a pissed-off duped general public that has been sold down the river by the central banking cabal.

In the States, I get the impression that law enforcement today has more in common with the Wild West. Recruits for the burgeoning ranks of the police force seem to be elected on their lower-than-average IQ and former criminal credentials and well they might in a country that has built hundreds of FEMA camps whose future inmates look like being average American citizens.

The National Emergency Centers Act or HR 645, a new bill just introduced to Congress, mandates the establishment of “national emergency centers” to be located on military installations for the purpose of to providing “temporary housing, medical, and humanitarian assistance to individuals and families dislocated due to an emergency or major disaster,” according to the bill.

There is every prospect that these powers will be put into use as I can clearly see a day, not far from now, when the current financial crisis finally causes the complete collapse of the American economy - not to mention our own and many others - and when mass riots on US streets will make those already witnessed in Iceland and Greece, look like a tea party.

With the US military to help them, many batallions already in position and waiting, I just wonder how many of their ranks might abandon their official duties and join the rebels. It’s that kind of commitment and protest we need if we are to fight this monster.

Put that camera down!

To support the notion that the police are to be given sweeping powers over us in future, the news today tells us that photographing the police in Britain is to become illegal.

Just what might this immunity from the photographic forays by the general public provide? An attempt to avoid accountability should a member of the public see an officer behaving outside the law; have the police now risen to such an ascendant position that they cannot be convicted of any wrong-doing and are entirely above any law?

Only recently, as Paul Watson at reminds us, “film-maker Darren Pollard was clearing up flood debris from his front garden when he noticed the police harassing a youth opposite his house. Darren retrieved his camera and began filming the officers. After noticing Pollard, the officers approached and then tried to claim that it was illegal to film them. After being informed by their superior that it was not illegal to film police, the officers left the scene”.

According to the British Journal of Photography, the Counter-Terrorism Act, due to become law on February 16 and in which this directive is embedded, says that this legislation “allows for the arrest and imprisonment of anyone who takes pictures of officers ‘likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism’.”

Who decides what constitutes an act of pre-meditated terrorism? Anything might on the whim of the officer in the viewfinder. Police are now to become immune to photographic accountability while we, the general public, are endlessly photographed by CCTV and other types of surveillance cameras, dozens, if not hundreds, of times every day. The state is becoming omnipresent, we are merely the guilty-until-proven-innocent-immediately-to-be-potentially-guilty-again serfs of that state. Already press photographers have been approached and often detained for photographing police officers.

And what about plain clothes officers or those that are covertly employed in dressing up as protestors to initiate unrest in otherwise peaceful public demonstrations as has been uncovered on many occasions in the past? Where is public redress if using photographic or video evidence in the event of such an instance, withdrawn.

Once the police existed to serve and protect us. Like everything else these days morals and social decency are being deliberately turned on their head and now it is we who must serve the police state without any argument.

Monday, January 26, 2009

That other virus

Suffering as I am at the moment from a seasonal virus, I am reminded of that perennial virus that affects all decent human life 24/7. That’s the virus of the so-called élite, who have, for millennia, controlled our lives and blunted our spirituality to such an extent that we live our lives at an infintessimal fraction of our true potential.

Those 13 or so Illuminati families, whose roots can be traced back thousands of years, have historically taken it upon themselves, for what ever ‘divine’ reason, to be our self-appointed masters. They have caused untold suffering over that timescale, manipulating human kind in all manner of devious ways, setting race against race, inculcating us with religious beliefs that have for centuries been the cause of so much conflict among the common people. They continue to this day to dominate us in every sphere of our lives via their control of the media, banking, health, education etc etc.

That very same Illuminati have purposefully engineered the current global financial crisis - a mega virus - that will very soon bring us all to our heels, the antedote for which they will prescribe as a global financial system, a central world bank and common digital currency and all of the associated parephanalia - global legal system, global army overseeing a globally micro-chipped population run on fascist lines - the New World Order. The term ‘New World Order’, oft derided by the mainstream media as a term coined by conspiracy theorists, is now been bandied around on a daily basis by our politicians, Gordon Brown being the latest to give those words an emergent reality.

The New World Order antedote is rather like the flu jab your GP would have you take, laced with toxins and in the long run compromising your natural immune system.

The real answer in both scenarios is self-preservation. Fighting the seasonal flu requires a healthily maintained body aided by a spiritually-enlightened, stress-free and energetic mind. To fight the New World Order requires a similarly orientated mindset, one which can see through all of the orchestrated crap that we are daily fed, becoming our real selves and not the apology of homo sapiens we have become, dumbed-down, desperate ant-like creatures, racing manically in every direction at the behest of our masters.

It’s time to wake up and stop accepting their phony antedotes, say no to their ‘solutions’ and engage in an active, but peaceful programme on non-compliance. We’ve got to get out of this box, break free from their snares and rise to a higher plane, fighting off this giant virus for once and all otherwise we shall end up being permanently hospitalised!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Latest from NO2ID

The Data Protection Act - could be anything but. The UK Ministry of Justice has performed a coup. It is to allow the Data Protection Act to lose its ‘protection’ by allowing any government department to obtain and use information in any way it likes.

The New Coroners and Justice Bill has hidden within it a clause (cl.152) which amends the current Data Protection Act and will allow ministers to make ‘Information Sharing Orders’. NO2ID say that "This can alter any Act of Parliament and cancel all confidentiality in order to use information obtained for one purpose to be used for another".

I have written to my MP on this most crucial of matters and I urge everyone reading this who believes in personal privacy and abhors the rampant intrusion of authorities to pry into our private lives, to do the same. In your own words please ask your MP to familiarise him or herself with Part 8 (clauses 151-154) of the Coroners and Justice Act and challenge the seemingly covert introduction of these enabling powers which will effect all of us tremendously. The Bill is due its second reading this coming Monday (26th). Time is of the essence!

The latest YouGov poll in the 18th January edtion of the Sunday Times shows that there is enormous opposition to these new powers with 65% believing that they give the government too much power, with only a mere 19% thinking not. This is clearly a circumvention of democracy and a sneaky way of bringing into force a Big Brother state where every bureaucrat can pry willy nilly into our lives without our knowledge.

From cradle to grave we are conditioned into reacting in the way the state and those élite above the state wish us to. Now children can experience the joys and get conditioned to security checkpoints with the new Playmobil TSA (Transportation Security Adminstration) Security Checkpoint toy. Ironically, according to one user who posted a comment on the toy on the Amazon website "I was a little disappointed when I first bought this item, because the functionality is limited. My 5 year old son pointed out that the passenger's shoes cannot be removed. Then, we placed a deadly fingernail file underneath the passenger's scarf, and neither the detector doorway nor the security wand picked it up. My son said 'that's the worst security ever!'"

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Your life in their hands?

My suspicions of the NHS grow daily in respect of their ‘care and maintenance’ of our general health. Called in for my annual diabetes check up, I was informed by the doctor that since the last one my HbA1C level had risen slightly. That measurement taken from a blood sample detemines what the average glucose level in the blood stream has been over the last 8-12 weeks, the average life span of a red blood cell. Red blood cells are made of the molecule haemoglobin. Glucose will adhere to the haemoglobin to make glycosylated haemoglobin called haemoglobin A1C - or HbA1C and the more glucose in the blood the higher the HbA1C count.

When I tried to explain that I regularly make blood sugar tests the doctor’s retort was that they are largely worthless and really aren’t worth bothering with suggesting that I forget them. I found this new piece of ‘advice’ astonishing and contrary to that which has been given me in the past. The regular readings I have obtained over the last six months actually concur with the HbA1C reading he gave me, a bit higher than a year ago. I would have thought that continuing to monitor my blood sugar levels on a regular, every-other-day basis was helpful in gaining an overall picture of my glucose levels albeit done on a hand-held monitor and not in a lab with more hi-tech equipment. His remark gave me the impression that patient participation in determining their health monitoring seems to be rather frowned upon, the implication given that it should be the sole responsibility of a state physician.

Once again, slightly higher than recommended (by whom I wonder - drug company-funded research?) cholesterol levels were cited with a recommendation that I revert to the intake of statin drugs in order to lower them, not to mention getting a flu jab and another innoculation which would mitigate against bacterial growth in the gut (whatever’s wrong with Aloe Vera? It’s done miracles for me!).

What actually goes into vaccines is highly questionable and countless independent research articles have found toxic elements which are not in the patients best interests. With a good immune system - which I currently enjoy to which a prolonged illness-free period over the last year seem to be testament to - why should I compromise that good health with some vaccine containing toxins and which will, in time, only compromise my body’s natural defences?

As of present I have managed to escape these three ‘recommendations’ as a patient’s right to have some say in his personal well-being, after all, I don’t have a personal death wish!
It seems, though, that that choice is soon going to be taken away from us, especially with the tightening grip of Codex Alimentarius and a physician’s approval for every useful dosage of a natural vitamin pill we might wish to take.

I am aware that my HbA1C level needs to be reduced a bit and I will aim to do that largely through natural homeopathic means supported with a slightly higher dosage of the prescribed allopathic drug, Metformin, along with the continuance of a healthy diet - which I admit I sometimes deviate very slightly from - and plenty of exercise.

It is my body, of which the maintenance of its good health is in my best interests, and does not form part of a state-owned inventory, wholly under its dictate.

Most people bow before the altar of their local GP viewing him as some sort of sage who will fix things. I think rather differently. Although probably well-meaning in pursuing their life’s ambition, GPs are nevertheless largely tools of a state run by an élite who regard us as cattle and an NHS system that props up that élite-owned multi-billion dollar industry, big pharma. Hardly an impartial environment in which to work, especially as many of the guidelines followed by GPs are authored by scientists funded by those very same allopathic drug cartels. Rarely, do I ever see, in a doctor’s waiting room, posters displaying the virtues of a healthy diet or the advantages of natural products like Hemp or Aloe Vera, just some of the vital ingredients that might reduce the number of incumbents in those waiting rooms. Instead you find scare posters showing viruses as man-eating monsters and instructions to ‘get the jab’, and while the queues in the chemists seem to get longer and longer, people don’t look any healthier, in fact quite the reverse. they are becoming increasingly obese and sluggish.

So I will continue to take my GPs advice with a pinch of salt and research everything he tells me in order to get a second opinion from someone outside of the ‘industry’. Question everything, don’t believe ‘officialdom’ willy-nilly, do your homework and your own research, forming an opinion over a broad concensus and, above all, live a healthy lifestyle, something which I have not always done in the past but through experience would now strongly recommend to everyone.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Latest from NO2ID

In a context of growing unease and opposition to ID Cards and the ongoing escalation in the harvesting of people’s personal information by government and non-government agencies, the hunt is on for an advertising agency to ‘sell’ the idea of ID Cards no doubt using all of the hype, spin and misinformation at their disposal - advertising agencies stock in trade. NO2ID’s latest poll shows that the opposition to government data-trafficking is 2 to 1.

Another County Council has voted against ID Cards. Surrey County Council has voted against them by 44 votes to 20, with just 2 abstentions, pledging that it would not participate in the scheme unless made to do so by law. Of course it will come to that, but the message from council members is quite clear. Stephen Cooksey of the County Council put his feelings on record by saying that "The motion may appear to be a small step of defiance against unacceptable government intrusion into our private lives but many other local authorities throughout the country have already taken action and together send an important message to the central government that local government values the freedom of individuals and their right to privacy; values its relationship with the citizens that it serves and will do everything possible to prevent that relationship being undermined."

Manchester, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Stockton-on-Tees, Leeds, Plymouth, Coventry and London are all to get a taste of a surreal but not too far distant future as the Kali Theatre Company take their latest creation on the road. ‘Another Paradise’ is set in the context of a society in which ID Cards are mandatory and citizens can only be validated by their digital ID in a National Identity Database. I hope that more authors, playwrights and dramatists stage these kinds of scenarios in an accurate and convincing light as they can be powerful tools in illustrating the harsh realities that such legislature will bring and counter the cloud-cuckoo hype that an eventually-appointed advertising agency will no doubt have to devise into promoting ID Cards.

For further information on NO2ID’s activities or to join, go to

Thursday, January 08, 2009

The other way

VAT cuts haven’t worked and lowering interest rates aren’t going to either as the Bank of England today desperately cut its base rate yet again, this time to 1.5%, the lowest ever in its history. With this growing realisation, talk is now centering on - yes - increasing the money supply, just the way the Bank of England’s progeny, the Federal Reserve Bank, is doing. This is both desperatism and yet another clear indication that those at the very top really do wish to have us all enter the mire of the mother of all depressions in order to hoover up the useful bits and attain more centralised control in the process.

Ironically, in the US, Executive Order 11110 of June 4, 1963 signed by President Kennedy and still legally binding (although - for obvious reasons for those running the Fed - was barely put into practice before it was scotched) would hold a key to liberation from the dead weight of the Bernanke cartel.

EO 11110 gave powers to the US government to issue its own currency backed by hard silver held by the Treasury Department. $4 billion worth of United States Notes, as they were known, were actually brought into circulation, briefly, in the 60s as a result, having the great distinction of being debt-free and interest-free. Under this system and by ousting the debt-laden Federal Reserve money system and its controlling central banker's stranglehold over the US, the current national debt would never have reached its present level. But life is never that honest and easy when it is controlled in perpetuity by a bunch of power-hungry psychopaths! Now, instead, in the US and elsewhere in the world, we will all be burdened under a mountain of debt with banknotes worth less than the paper they are printed on, devaluation, a massive tax burden for Joe Public who, at the end of the day, has to pay for it all and quite likely, hyper-inflation not to mention all of the baggage that comes with it like high unemployment, food shortages etc.

In the US those executive powers still remain on the statute books and could be used to re-establish an alternative government-created currency, backed with tangible assets as a means of getting out of the current horrific financial mess that the Fed has been creating since 1913, and re-build the American economy - although not before dismantling some of the global apparatus that has also hastened the country’s economic decline. Of course they don’t want you to know that and if Obama or anyone in Congress tried, they would end up like Kennedy - on a mortuary slab!