Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Keeping us under their thumb

The day when each and every one of us in this country is tracked and traced throughout every minute of the day, 24/7, 365/12 is growing ever nearer.

With RFID tagging of our purchases, tracking and tracing of our cars, eavesdropping on our conversations at home through the in-built microphones in our PCs, ID Cards etc, etc already being rolled out, - and for those who think I am exaggerating please go to - I am convinced that the end goal of the controlling elite is to be able to check up on us at will to elicit our whole lifestyle, movements, desires, conversations, in fact every aspect of our daily lives.

This is all coming into place in a drip by drip way and each day the media brings fresh news of the latest initiatives that form the building blocks of this total Big Brother surveillance society with further disciplinary initiatives for those who don’t behave in accordance with the NWO blueprint.

Today we see reports of a new police initiative to fingerprint all drivers who get stopped by them for whatever reason. Their prints, obtained by a hand-held electronic device will automatically consult with the national fingerprint database which comprises some 6.5 million prints and will enable them to confirm their identity, particularly useful if they have a criminal record.

Currently being trialled by 10 forces in England and Wales, the scheme is supposed to save time as identification can be processed within a few minutes and avoiding the need to take suspects to the police station.

The police say that these prints would not be kept if a person was not identified as having a criminal record, but are we to believe that they would not be retained on some database.

As with so many other similar Big Brother type initiatives, it’s sold to us as some innocent means of saving time and money and the public have nothing to fear if they are law-abiding citizens with no criminal record. Yet, it all smacks of being suspected as guilty until proved otherwise. The tables have turned. Whether we like it or not, in this brave new world we are all being regarded as potential criminals who have to prove our innocence. What a depressing state of affairs!

It’s happening everywhere too and seemingly with our consent as we dream walk in this surveillance state nightmare. In Dumfries and Galloway in Scotland 92% of parents agreed to a system whereby school children are to be fingerprinted to allow them to borrow books from school libraries. Again, it’s all sold on the basis of ease of operation - the kids who are fingerprinted will not require any assistance while borrowing their books. Objections to this scheme have been received from academics on civil liberties grounds, but the overwhelming agreement of the scheme by so many unthinking parents rather makes the civil liberty dissenters look rather marginal.

Currently such fingerprinting schemes, particularly those that require the transmission of the data to a central data bank, have to have the information files heavily compressed in order not to use up too much bandwidth and transmission time. It is this compression which worries the techies, as the infinitely subtle characteristics of fingerprints really require the best resolution to make accurate identifications. Clearly the economies being made could lead to false ID.

With news in the last few days of parents being subjected to ‘super nannies’ - government-sponsored adjudication of parenting for those with ASBO-potential kids, not ot mention the plethora of other initiatives that this government is rolling out by the barrel load; and whose reception is seemingly accepted by an acquiescing majority in the false belief that it is for their security or that it is for a safer society (completely bogus beliefs), I dread the thought of what kind of society we are going to end up living in in the next ten or twenty years.

But new entrants into our brave new world will see it as all being part of daily life and will have no concept of those old dearly-held values of freedom of speech and expression and the right to be regarded as innocent until proven guilty in a world where we could go about our business without state and corporate Big Brother breathing down our necks 24/7