Thursday, December 20, 2007

WARNING: vitamins could endanger your health...

... or so EU food supplementation legislation suggests.

There is a growing amount of evidence to show that vitamin and mineral deficiency is a growing problem among the population of the EU. In the UK alone, 3.6 million people are now clinically described as suffering from malnutrition, a condition which costs the NHS £7.3 billion annually. With further estimates suggesting that up to 6% of the population in Britain now suffer from serious vitamin and mineral deficiencies, it comes as something of an absurdity that the EU has, since the turn of this century, made a distinct move to make those badly-needed vitamins and minerals more difficult to acquire.

As part of a legal harmonisation across our growing European ‘superstate’, the nutritional content of our foods, mineral and vitamin supplements are now controlled by a plethora of legislation.

In 2005 the British government forced through parliament the EU’s Food Supplements Directive outlawing an estimated 5,000 vitamin and mineral supplements and making it illegal for any shopkeeper to stock them.

The EU Food Supplements Directive

Although the Food Supplements Directive (FSD) could be seen as an attempt to draw a clear line between what should be considered as natural sources of nutrients and that which should be considered to be pharmaceutical in nature, it effectively bans the use of a great number of proven natural vitamins and minerals while ‘dumbing down’ others.

Currently the FSD relies on a ‘positive list’ of supplements that it has drawn up which largely comprise of synthetic vitamins and inorganic minerals, and anything not on that list is effectively banned. While there does exist a derogated list of more natural vitamins and minerals which are in the ‘pending tray’ so to speak, it is feared that many of these may be outlawed and end up on the banned list by 2009.

These are just a very few of the large number of vitamins and minerals excluded from the FSD ‘positive list’.
Boron - all forms - required for absorbtion of calcium
Vitamin E - the naturally occurring tocopherols and tocotrienols - these are antioxidants which protect against damage by free radicals associated with cancer and other degenerative diseases
Calcium - in 23 food forms - good for bones, teeth and cell function
Chromium - in 17 forms - for balancing blood sugar levels in diabetics
Magnesium - in 30 forms - for healthy bones and teeth
Potassium - in 21 forms - good for maintaining healthy blood pressure and heart beat
Silica - all forms - working in conjunction with boron, calcium and other minerals it maintains the wellbeing of bones, arteries, connective tissue, hair, skin and nails
Selenium - in 14 forms - an antioxidant which is important for heart function and a health immune response

The FSD not only dictates what nutrients can be added into food supplements, but it also dictates the maximum allowable dosages. It is these Maximum Permitted Levels (MPLs) that have been arrived at on a risk assessment basis that is unnecessarily restrictive, drawing a line that is too low and only allowing dosages which are very often too small to be of any real benefit to the recipient. For instance, the MPL for beta-carotene is being set so low that it is less than you would consume in two carrots! If the authorities believe that dosages higher than this are harmful then should there not be a limit on the number of carrots we eat (ie two) or any other food in which these ‘capped’ supplements are naturally found in abundance? Since when has taking vitamins and nutrients in doses large or small been harmful to man? Below is a diagram showing relative mortality risks. As you can see death by nutrients is virtually nil.

A partial answer to the seeming irrationality of the FSD provisions appears to come from the...

The Nutrition and Health Claims Regulation

This piece of legislation in its most positive light, appears to straighten out the business of erroneous medicinal claims made by manufacturers of supplements. Subtending from this will be two types of claim which can be made: generic claims and disease reduction (and childrens’ health) claims. These claims have to be approved by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and in the case of the disease reduction claims, very expensive and onerous data requirements are required making the granting of a claim out of reach for many small to medium-sized manufacturers which would include very many of the pioneering natural health businesses. It is feared that these key producers of highly beneficial alternative and effective homeopathic products would be put out of business, clearing the way for the large multi-nationals and drug cartels to further dominate while producing dumbed down supplements, no doubt at maximum profit for what will be ineffectual products. And, of course, if you decide to double or triple the dosage in order to get some benefit from their low-strength concoctions you only end up giving them more profit!

When one looks at this side of the legislation the contradictions of what has been stated above take on a rather unsavoury nature and in my view clarify a lot of what the EU is really all about - centralised control by mega-corporations under the auspices of a totalitarian regime!

The Alliance for Natural Health (ANH)

The ANH which represents these smaller and alternative producers of natural health foods and supplements has been lobbying the European authorities on this very issue for several years. It is currently urging the EU to reconsider key elements of this legislation and the EU's trend to allow centuries-old natural remedies in effective dosages to become only available through a doctor's prescription. This will only allow further concentration the monopoly of big pharma and state regulate people's rights to choose nutrients that will keep them healthy.

I urge you to support ANHs work and also by writing to your MEP expressing your concern over the diminishing ability of our choice to live a healthy life.

For more information go to:

and watch the presentation below by Dr Robert Verkerk, Executive Director of the Alliance for Natural Health.

Friday, December 14, 2007

The news you don't hear

Each year the Project Censored Team at Sonoma State University in California publishes a list of those stories selected from literally thousands in the US that received little or no coverage in the mainstream media for that year.

When one considers the immense importance that each of these stories carry in terms of our and other’s daily lives, it really brings home the way in which that same mainstream media is conditioned to deny us access to the truth.

Clearly, we are meant to remain ignorant of these controversial issues, for if they did become mainstream knowledge there would surely be a hue and cry and shouts of outrage from very many quarters.

Nexus magazine publishes these stories each year, here are the top twenty for 2006/7.

1. The denial of Habeas Corpus

On October 17th 2006, Bush signed the Military Commissions Act, the provisions of which effectively suspend an individual’s right to appeal against wrongful arrest or detention that the provisions of Habeas Corpus provide. The Act institutes a military alternative to the constitutional justice system for ‘any person’, civilian or otherwise, regardless of American citizenship. This means that any US citizen can be legally regarded as ‘an enemy of the state’ and the judgment lies solely with Bush himself.

2. Martial Law provisions made

With the signing of the John Warner Defense Authorisation Act on the same day provision is now made to station military troops anywhere in the US who are then able to over-ride state-based National Guard troops without the consent of the state governor or local authorities, in order to ‘suppress public disorder’. This legislation completely rescinds the 1878 Posse Comitatus Act which places strict prohibition on US military involvement in domestic law enforcement.

3. Africa’s resources come under US Military control

The creation of the US African Command (AFRICOM) was announced by the White House in February of this year and will come into force in September 2008. Although conveniently presented as a humanitarian guard against the ‘War on Terror’, its real aim is to commandeer Africa’s oil resources and its global delivery systems. AFRICOM will be targeting African resistance groups who it claims are part of international ‘terrorist’ networks, but most of whom have a sole aim to rightfully proclaim these resources as their country's own and engage in free trade. This action is clearly another deliberate hindrance which would prevent African nations from creating their own wealth as a means to escape poverty and keeps their rich mineral wealth firmly in the control of the NWO/US juggernaut.

4. Destructive trade agreements

Neatly fitting in with AFRICOM’s aims are a plethora of US and EU destructive bi-lateral trade agreements which require enormous irreversible concessions from developing countries, while offering little or nothing in return. This will entail the US and EU dumping subsidised agricultural goods on underdeveloped countries denying them the ability to build their own self-sustaining agricultural programmes while at the same time denying those countries local farmers to be self-sufficient.

5. Forced labour used to build US Embassy in Iraq

The $592 million, 104-acre US Embassy, currently being built in Iraq will be as large as the Vatican City and will be the most heavily fortified embassy in the world. It is being constructed using forced labour trafficked from South Asia under US contracts. Thousands of citizens from countries that have been banned from travelling to or working in Iraq are being tricked by being smuggled by First Kuwait Trading and Contracting and Halliburton/Kellogg Brown Root into Iraq only to find themselves embroiled in inhumane labour camps and forced to months of forced servitude in the building site right in the middle of the ‘Green Zone’ and right under the nose of the US State Department!

6. Blackwater

That great vanguard of the NWO and the most powerful mercenary firm in the World, Blackwater, is to receive over half a billion dollars in federal contracts, allowing the company under its head neo-con supremacist Erik Prince, to bolster his private army of 20,000 soldiers, helicopter gunships and private intelligence division. The benefit of this enhanced Blackwater empire to the Bush administration is to be able to co-opt its troops which have almost no oversight or effective legal constraints, are politically expedient and whose death toll goes uncounted in official figures. This all amounts to an undisclosed covert expansion of Iraq’s occupation.

7. Operation FALCON

Seen as part of Bush’s positioning for martial law, FALCON (Federal and Local Cops Organized Nationally) have been busily engaged in staging heavy-handed dragnet raids across the US, arresting over 30,000 so-called ‘fugitives’ - the worst of the worst criminals on the run, particularly sex offenders. Yet, of the numbers arrested less than 10% were suspected as being sex offenders and less than 2% owned firearms. The question that has failed to be asked in the mainstream media is why were the other 90% arrested and why has no formal announcement been made as to whether they have been charged or released.

8. Indo-US Knowledge Initiative on Agriculture (KIA)

As many as 28,000 Indian farmers have committed suicide over the last decade because of the debt incurred from failed GM crops and competition from subsidised US crop imports. Yet in March 2006 Bush and Indian Prime Minister Singh signed the KIA which is backed by Monsanto, Archer Daniels Midland and Wal-Mart which will allow a land grab of India’s seed business and of its retail sector. Wal-Mart is already opening, 500 stores across the sub-continent, compounding the distress among the country’s farmers and threatening the loss of livelihood for 14 million small vendors, damaging India’s self-sufficiency and food security.

9. US infrastructure sold off

More than 20 states in the US have have enacted legislation to sell off public highways at knock down prices to private companies as toll roads for the maximum return on their investments. Many of these agreements come with ‘noncomplete’ clauses which limit state governments from expanding or improving adjacent non-privatised roads, eventually forcing drivers to use the privatised ones.

10. Vulture funds threaten third-world debt relief

Otherwise known as ‘distressed-debt investors’, vulture funds are undermining attempts to relieve impoverished third-world nations who have become burdened by unpayable debt to international bank loans. These debts, which are deemed near default and unpayable, are bought up by financial organisations who pay the original investor mere pennies on the dollar for the debt then go after the debtor in court. Most of these vulture funds have strong ties to powerful world leaders and many to the Bush administration giving them virtually financial immunity as their political influence greatly out weighs the poor nations they are suing.

11. The reconstruction of Afghanistan myth

It is estimated that less than 20% of funds destined for the reconstruction of Afghanistan actually end up being used for that purpose. Because of the ‘rigged’ way that IMF, World Bank and USAID loans operate, much of the money ends up being returned to those organisations thereby failing to benefit the countries to which they are supposedly destined. Furthermore, much of the construction contracts do not go to Afghan contractors but to the likes of Kellogg, Brown & Root, Halliburton, DynCorp, Blackwater and other consortia in bed with the same people allied to those finance organisations.

12. More UN massacres

As with Bosnia and elsewhere, eyewitness testimony confirms that UN troops massacred over 30 people including women and children in Haiti’s Cité Soleil in retaliation for a mass demonstration of 10,000 people demanding the return of former President Aristide in the light of the foreign military occupation of their country.

13. US gains cheap labour from immigrant round-ups

As a deliberate attempt to undermine Mexican farmers by flooding the country with cheap American imports under NAFTA agreements, some two million farmers have been bankrupted resulting in an influx of Mexican migrants into the US. There they have become an important factor in the low-income end of the workplace, often replacing US union-based labour and since 9/11 many of these ’illegal’ immigrants have been ‘rounded up’ under an anti-terrorist guise but really intended as a means of creating a strong non-union immigrant workforce.

14. US war crime immunity

Hidden in the Military Commissions Act, already mentioned, is a clause which re-defines ‘torture’, removing some of the most harshest techniques used from the definition of ‘war crimes under the Geneva War Crimes Act, effectively re-writing that Act’s safeguards. These exemptions will be back-dated to November 1997 thus exonerating the actions of Rumsfeld, Cheney and Bush should any sworn testimonies by inmates from Abu Ghraib come to light in a court of law, which, without this clause would hold them guilty.

15. Effects of toxic exposure could be passed on to our offspring

In a new field of genetic research called ‘epigenetics’, it has been found that exposure to toxic chemicals, both in our food and the environment, effect our genes and in turn can influence those of our offspring. On average 1,800 new chemicals are registered with the US federal government each year of which about just under half find their way into foods, detergents, cosmetics etc. without any real prior testing for health and environmental effects. Although the Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals (REACH) directive was adopted by the EU last year in an effort to ensure new chemicals are thoroughly tested before they are sold, there is no guarantee as to how closely chemical companies will adhere to these new restrictions putting at risk future generations wellbeing.

16. 9/11 and bin Laden - no connection identified

Why did the US invade Afghanistan to smoke out Bin Laden from his cave for his supposed links to 9/11 (not to mention the bombings of US embassies in Tanzania and Kenya) when he doesn’t even appear on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted poster. The truth of the matter is that the Bureau has no hard evidence of any connection between bin Laden and those atrocities according to Rex Tomb, the FBI’s Head of Investigative Publicity. This comes despite Rumsfeld’s claims just after 9/11 that ‘there was no doubt of bin Laden’s responsibility for the 9/11 attacks'.

17. Military and Corporate contamination of water

Despite the 1972 Clean Water Act, Americans suffer increasingly polluted water supplies, thanks to the Bush administration’s circumvention of the act’s provisions. A Public Interest Research Group report entitled ‘Troubled Waters: An Analysis of Clean Water Act Compliance’ published in July 2006 shows that between July 2003 and December 2004 more than 62% of industrial and municipal facilities discharged pollutants into US waterways that are way above the prescribed limit. Furthermore, the US Department of Defense has received exemptions from the act with the results of increased disposal of trichloroethylene, into public aquifers, a toxin which has known links to kidney cancer, autoimmune disease and impaired neurological functions.

18. Mexico’s rigged election

With Felipe Caulderón of the conservative PAN party the ‘desired’ candidate in Mexico’s 2006 presidential elections, overwhelming evidence of a fraudulent and a ‘rigged’ campaign have come to light. Although it is illegal for the US to influence elections in other countries, companies such as Wal-Mart and Halliburton have been financing Mexican TV ad campaigns to denigrate the more liberal opposition candidate, Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador who wanted to ensure that the country’s oil industry remained in national hands. Although good for Mexico, such a move would violate the Security and Prosperity of North American (ASPAN) accord signed in 2005 by former president Vicente Fox, the US and Canada in establishing a North American Union. In order for this multi-lateral agreement to move forward without public opposition, pro-ASPAN Caulderón’s ascendancy to power is viewed as essential in an election that was riddled with arithmetical errors in his favour.

19. South American backlash to the neo-con agenda

The US ‘free trade’ model with its vanguards, the IMF and World Bank, are being increasingly shunned by South American countries. Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Nicaragua and Venezuela have all managed, thanks to profits from foreign sales of their natural resources, to pay off all of their IMF debts contrary to that organisation’s predictions. The leaders of each country have vowed not to further engage in any relationship with the IMF, break ties with the US and their privatisation plans for each country’s natural resources and instead use the profits from these publicly-owned assets for the benefit of each respective country and its people.

20. Definitions of ‘Terrorism’ broadened to include animal rights activists

In a bill that was passed with only 6 out of 435 congresspersons present, The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA) has broadened the definition of terrorist acts to those who protest the abuse of animal rights. Dozens of organisations have registered their protest against the bill and its rather ‘vague wording’ saying that it violates First Amendment rights, including demonstrations, leafleting and undercover investigations.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

7/7 What really happened?

As we will never receive a true, official statement or expect a transparent investigation into what happened on the 7th of July 2005 and the London bombings, the onus has to be on those who make a rigorous and honest effort to piece the evidence together and draw considered conclusions.

Courtesy of Muab 'Dib, I received this morning a link to this well documented and concise compilation of all the existing and substantiated evidence of the events leading up to and on the day of 7 July 2005.

I suggest that Muab's account of events on this video come closer to the truth of what really happened on that fateful day than any official account from government sources will ever provide.

Consider the evidence presented in this documentary and I think you will agree that this seminal event, along with 9/11, clearly shows that the 'terrorist threat', to which we are daily reminded and warned to be vigilant of, is a giant hoax perpetrated by government for the real purpose of introducing draconian legislation that restrict our freedoms of speech and are used as excuses to incarcerate us in a surveillance society in 'our own interests of security'.

It seems that the true terrorists are not Muslim extremists but our own governments.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Russo and Rockefeller

Last August, award-winning film-maker and political activist, Aaron Russo died of cancer at the age of 64. He is best remembered for his box office hits ‘Trading Places’ and ‘The Rose’ which won three Golden Circle awards in 1980. He was also remembered for bringing Bette Midler to fame and introducing the band Led Zeppelin to the US.

But it was his brush with the improprieties of the law during his early entrepreneurial years in Chicago that guided his career towards incisive political activism. As a club owner in the Windy City he was soon made aware of the mafia-like protection rackets being run by the city’s police department and his obligations to this organised racket gave him a rude introduction to the dark malpractices going on at the top.

Later in his life Russo turned to politics while producing films that were highly critical of government policies, and it was these activities that brought him into contact with Nick Rockefeller of the grand Illuminati Rockefeller family whose accumulated power has made them a leading hidden force in world politics. Their relationship gathered apace, but soon a growing rift in their world-views was evident as Russo became aware of the cold-blooded, superior attitude of the Rockefellers and their distaste for much of humanity in general. It was clear that Rockefeller was trying to buy Russo into the privileged world of the Illuminati in order to deflect his public remonstrations against the New World Order, but Russo would have none of it.

In the video below, Russo recounts his life’s work, explain his indignation with the Federal Reserve, Federal taxes, the New World Order, but most poignantly, he provides a close and personal account of the mindset of just one member of those handful of infamous Illuminati families who are ultimately controlling for our lives. This makes chilling but essential viewing if we are to penetrate those minds and truly come to terms with our own predicament.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

New ‘security’ measures will only achieve in our further incarceration

Today, Gordon Brown announced increased security measures in railway stations, airports and ports in the government’s continued attempts to tackle terrorist attacks.

The BBC reported that “There will be new security barriers, vehicle exclusion zones and blast resistant buildings... Rail travellers at large stations will also face having their bags screened”.

In the words of Alex Jones “Let’s stop right there”.

Firstly, is this terrorist threat real or just a ruse invented by our government? Any serious research into the events of 7/7 and 24/7 clearly indicate that the true perpetrators were our own governments, whose intelligence agencies were using ‘patsies’ to carry out their dirty deeds. Moreover, the many stories of attempted bombings and would-be bombers very often invite derision because of their implausibility. The evidence is there in plenty, just go to the link below and find out for yourselves if you have your doubts.

Secondly, just what are baggage scans and inconveniencing hundreds of thousands of people at our railway stations going to achieve? Gordon Brown is obviously relying upon the unquestioning acquiescence of the British public if he thinks these measures will, in any way, deter a serious terrorist attack. With only 250 stations earmarked for heightened security checks, that leaves several thousand unchecked for the would-be terrorist to choose from. Are they going to check all those arriving at mainline stations by train? Are they going to police the thousands of miles of trackside throughout Britain or monitor provincial bus stations or, indeed, every square inch of the country? Of course not. The whole thing is totally preposterous, disingenuous and a gross insult to the British public.

Railway security spends more of its time harassing enthusiasts for taking photographs of trains than ever discovering terrorist plots. Airport security staff spend all of their time inconveniencing passengers by seizing their belongings and embarrassing them by having the old and infirm half undress in public as if they were enemies of the state.

We are denied transparent and fair inquiries into the seminal events of 9/11 and 7/7 and fobbed off with incredulous ‘official’ reports which gloss over the whole plethora of unanswered questions of what was supposed to have happened on those fateful days and are expected to then to believe that we are living in times of great danger from terrorism. Do we just take the government’s word for that?

Of course it has little or nothing to do with terrorism but everything to do with incarcerating us in a police state where we have to conform to these gross intrusions of our privacy, rights and mobility purely because Brown’s fascist government is carrying out the orders of a bunch of crazed and murderous New World Order élite.

Complain unceasingly to your MPs and don’t put up with it!

Monday, November 12, 2007

BBC in for more flak over 9/11 ‘documentary’

As the 9/11 Truth Movement’s message on both sides of the Atlantic gathers apace, news comes today of a British physicist and mechanical engineer, John A Blacker, who is calling the BBC to account for its shameful display of ‘yellow journalism’ in the form of the Conspiracy Files on 9/11 which was aired last February.

In a letter to the BBC, he cites a whole catalogue of distortions, omissions and bias in the hour-long documentary, which, to any conscientious 9/11 researcher, was a gross insult. I posted a blog shortly after its airing outlining my objections, relaying them by email to the BBC and was not alone as it enraged many.

Blacker has raised a pre-action protocol with the BBC in an attempt to settle out of court and at the same time get an assurance from the corporation that the programme will never be aired again and that the BBC might produce a redactive account of the documentary in which due creedance is paid to the whole gamut of inconsistencies in the 9/11 Commission’s report and the irrefutable evidence which exists that the buildings underwent pre-planned demolition with government knowledge and - indeed - involvement.

Having refused to set a date to meet with Mr Blacker to discuss the issue, a date has now been set by the BBC for a dialogue later this month. We await to see if the BBC issues an apology.

Given the high political importance that 9/11 had and continues to have on geopolitical decision making, resulting in our loss of freedoms, the Iraq and Afghan wars and the smoking gun of government collusion and outright lying that followed this seminal event, it is hardly likely that a straight-jacketed state-controlled BBC will do much more than grudgingly apologise.

To see the correspondence which Blacker sent to the BBC go to

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Endgame? Not quite!

There can be a tendency among conspiracy documentarists to concentrate on the globalists’ agenda in a wholly daunting way and having just watched Alex Jones’ latest documentary, ‘Endgame’, I can understand the several comments I have heard from those who have also seen it in it’s entirety, that they felt ‘shocked’ ‘shaken’ and ‘depressed’ after watching it.

Make no mistake, ‘Endgame’ is a pioneering, very well researched and presented work even standing above Jones’ previous productions, by nature of its powerful and coherent message. And it’s all true. Having read other seminal works on eugenics and done much research into the other topics of global domination that Jones covers in this two and a half hour long documentary, I can vouch for the veracity of his observations and historical fact. (See the trailer below).

The problem is that after having sat out the 210 or so minutes of devastating truths of the past actions and future plans of this wildly outrageous cabal of global ‘murderers’ (for that is what they amount to) who rule our world, one ends up feeling either totally outraged and maddened or left feeling daunted and powerless.

It was heartening today to see footage shot by members of the ‘We are Change UK’ group of a Q&A session following a discussion at the London School of Economics entitled ‘Can We Trust Journalists With Public Security?’, by the infamous ex-MI6 head, Sir Richard Dearlove in which he was challenged by some very cogent questions from members of the audience (see below).

It will be recalled that Dearlove was principal author of ‘The Downing Street Memo’ that infamous missive in which he admits that “the facts and intelligence” about WMD were being “fixed round the policy” of a pre-planned invasion of Iraq.

It is confrontations from members of the public like this, in which they are posing genuine questions to someone who was directly implicated with spilling the blood of dead Iraqis, that are vital in our fight for accountability, transparency and justice. Dearlove was clearly rattled, despite his dismissive attitude towards those questioners, and, as a result, left the proceedings ahead of schedule.

World domination by a clique of crazed meglamaniacs and felons as portrayed in ‘Endgame’, may seem daunting, but rather than cower and cringe in the corner or go into a state of denial, we would feel a whole lot better if we got up and challenged these monsters at every opportunity, exposing their enormities for all to see.

But we should also take heed of David Icke in discovering ourselves as higher beings and elevating our collective conscious spirit as yet another means of rising above these global scoundrels and I finish with part 3 of David’s ‘Freedom or Fascism’ lecture which I hope will provide some enlightenment.

Go to for details on ordering the DVD, or if you are a member download the full version.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Naomi Wolf and The End of America

In a lecture given at the University of Washington at Seattle earlier this month, author Naomi Wolf discusses her recent book 'The End of America" in which she draws frightening parallels between the America of today and Germany's decline from democracy into fascism in the 1930s.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Gardasil - beware!

Our wordly masters have a whole arsenal aimed against our well-being and the latest comes with the news tonight that schoolgirls between 12 and 13 will be urged to be vaccinated against the human papillomavirus (HPV) that causes cervical cancer from next year onwards. This is to be followed by another campaign to vaccinate girls aged up to 18. The primary vaccine employed in this programme is to be Gardasil produced by Merck laboratories.

Leaving aside the common criticism that providing a vaccine that is supposed to combat a sexually transmitted infection may lead to more promiscuity among young girls and the knee-jerk reaction from health campaigners who don’t do their homework, that this vaccination programme will help reduce the current death rate can only be good news, I have some news that may make prospective vaccinees think again.

80% of all cases of cervical cancer occur in low-income countries , so the number of cases in Britain is very small with an annual death rate of just over 1,000, compared to fatalities from heart disease which amount to 300,000 deaths per annum. As regrettable as those 1,000+ fatalities are, it is hardly of epidemic proportions.

So, why the need to engage in a mass-vaccination programme such as this?

Persuading government to give the green light to such a programme provides a massive financial boon to companies such as Merck who peddle their wares like pushers dole out cocaine among the drug-dependent, while creating many lures for those who prescribe them.

Cynthia A Janak of Renew America - in which country cervical cancer rates only account for 1.5% in women but where similar vaccination programmes are under way - quotes an article by Dr Jerome Kassirer, a professor at Tufts University School of Medicine in the US, on his experiences of the ways in which big pharma pushes its wares. “In the United States, 90,000 pharmaceutical representatives ply doctors with gifts and junkets. The US $2 billion spent annually just on free meals and other hospitality events would dwarf many health budgets in African countries.

Kassirer also pointed to a famous decision by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to keep the drugs Vioxx and Bextra on the market after concerns were raised over cardiovascular risks. Most of the panelists on the FDA committee, it later emerged, had financial ties to the manufacturers. If these panelists had declared a conflict of interest and refrained from voting, the decisions would have gone the other way.

But what those hapless vaccinees who believe that Gardasil will guard against cervical cancer are not told is that it contains 225mcg of aluminium (as amorphous aluminum hydroxyphosphate sulphate adjuvant), a toxic element that has known links to both Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Diseases as well as causing inflammation at the injection site which can lead to chronic joint and muscle pain and fatigue. And the vaccine hasn’t been proven safe in clinical trials despite the intention to roll out this vaccination programme using Gardasil, nationwide.

According to the US-based The Alliance for Human Research Protection “Around 60 percent of those who got Gardasil or the aluminum placebo suffered side effects such as headache, fever, nausea, dizziness, vomiting, diarrhea, myalgia and the Gardasil recipients had more serious adverse events such as headache, gastroenteritis, appendicitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, asthma, bronchospasm and arthritis”.

Following Merck’s outrageous track record with Voixx which was launched as a treatment for those with osteoarthritis, acute pain conditions and dysmenorrhoea, and was responsible for many deaths from which countless lawsuits have been launched against the company, I would urge all parents of who may be contemplating this vaccination for their daughter(s), to check the facts first.

One thing is for sure, big pharma’s primary goal is profit and with many leading Illuminati families ultimately at their helm, have very little interest in our well-being and probably more interest in our early demise!

For more information visit:

Monday, October 22, 2007

The Obesity Snare

As if they cared for us, the government is to send all parents of clinically obese five-year-olds a warning letter under another new initiative. They have warned that if current trends continue 50% of the population could be obese by 2050 (assuming NWO plans to wipe out 80% of the population through some engineered disaster before that date, haven’t materialised).

With the disappearance of most real physical work, through the systematic dissolution of heavy industry in Britain as we have become a service-based country engaged in physically sendentary work, the materialisation of our lives has brought unbridled heavy-sell consumerism that has coerced most people into buying cars and walking less, acquiring labour-saving must-haves and at the lower end of the social scale consuming heavily advertised unhealthy fast-foods while at the moneyed end adopting the gourmet lifestyle through the guidance of Jamie Oliver, Worrall-Thompson et al as they pile on the cream and chocolate in what may look highly desirable fayre, but may, much of the time, not be in our best interests. Over-eating is rampant, just look at the enormous portions doled out in many pubs in Britain and the increasing size of calorie-rich soft drinks served in cafés and takeaways. Marketing rubbishy food to children and creating the ‘pester factor’ is also rampant, with MacDonalds having lured youngsters into its ‘restaurants’ for years.

A truly guardian government, here to serve the people in a benevolent manner would preempt these industry trends and legislate against companies and large corporations that peddle dietary rubbish and whose message is to eat more. But, of course, that’s not how it works. The powers that be are not here to serve us, but we them. Apart from profiting enormously from us they also allow these snares to be laid so we fall into them and thus become their victims.

If we are to assert our moral standing in this world many of us have to pull up their socks, realise just what is going on and be one step ahead of our predators spiritually, morally and physically. But if we continue to acquiesce to the dumbed-down, no-brainer convenience packages luringly offered us by unscrupulous big business, refuse to become informed and improve the way we live and behave, then we’ll end up being the captive fodder for a dictatorial police state regime that will find any excuse to use our misdemeanours to incarcerate us into their totalitarian regime.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Federal Tax Protestor Tortured

Following months of being barricaded in their own home at Plainfield, New Hampshire, Ed and Elaine Brown, are now in gaol. The couple bravely stood up against the authorities following their deliberate refusal to pay any federal taxes - which they declare to be unconstitutional - between 1996 and 2003.

After having being continuously surveilled in their home by police after refusing to give themselves up on principle, US Marshals disguised as sympathisers - of whom the Browns have had many during their ten-month ordeal - made the arrest just days ago.

Receiving sentences of five years and three months each, disturbing news arrived this morning from the Alex Jones’ MySpace blog that Ed Brown had been tortured by officers at the Ohio prison in which he is undergoing his sentence.

Following his trick arrest, in which he was tasered several times despite his refusal to resist, both he and his wife were - in Brown’s words - treated with ‘professional cruelty’. Now news comes that prison officers have gassed him with obnoxious fumes and subjected him to sensory deprivation resulting in Brown experiencing anxiety, hallucinations and depression.

Although his ordeal in the Ohio prison was taken verbatim by Shaun Kranish, a reporter for, who managed to talk with Brown on the phone for ten minutes, US Marshal, Stephen Monier, denied that any torture or mistreatment of Brown had taken place commenting “that’s absolutely ridiculous”.


Although commentators who have been following the Brown’s stand against paying federal taxes - including Alex Jones - have warned of this possible outcome, both Ed and Elaine Brown should be congratulated in their stand against a taxation system that is wholly illegal and unconstitutional.

"The Founding Fathers intentionally restricted the taxing powers of the new federal government as a measure of restraint on its size. By exceeding that limited taxing authority the federal government has been able to obtain resources beyond its intended reach, and that money has enabled the federal government to exceed its authority. For example, the Constitution does not empower the federal government to regulate education, or employment, and agriculture, yet it does so”. These words were given by Shreveport, Louisiana lawyer Tom Cryer following his acquittal by the jury in a case pressed by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for his similar refusal to pay federal taxes on the grounds that their levy was unconstitutional. "I think now people are beginning to realize that this has got to be the largest fraud, backed up by intimidation and extortion and by the sheer force of taking people's property and hard-earned money without any lawful authorization whatsoever" added Cryer.

This is yet another example of how, over the last century, the US Constitution has been summarily rubbished. Also in this financial section I tell the story of the Federal Reserve System and how it has conned US citizens through duplicitous means. This tax scam is yet another deliberate abuse of the Constitution.

For full documentation of how this tax deception came about go to for a 63 page report.

Hold on in there!

Many may find the content on this blog pretty daunting. It is pretty grim, I have to admit. Over the many years I have been following the whole gamut of historical and current world events, I’m just amazed to find how the evidence of evil doing just seems to mount up, yet on the face of it many of us manage to lead relatively peaceful and settled lives. But then again, many of us do not.

I feel it incumbent upon us - at least at some stage in our lives - to face up to the basic facts of life, try to understand how they have come about, recognise their effect on ourselves and others and attempt, in any way possible, through positive and loving actions to counter the evil that surrounds us.

It is paramount to recognise that the primary agenda of a close-knit and highly influencial group of powerful people in this world, has been, both historically and currently, the total domination of our world for their own benefit, through control of education, health, the media, banking, corporate industry - in fact just about every facet of our lives. We must be forever vigilant and understand that these few people ultimately control our governments and ‘corporate godfathers’ and that the decisions they make aren’t, usually, in our best interests. We must learn how to interpret the controlled mainstream media news and, for that matter, the false prophets that appear to speak in our favour but, are in reality, hiding behind self-interest.

It’s a minefield. But the positive message is that if we achieve these goals of understanding and vigilance and ensure that we defend our God-given rights with passion, while professing compassion and love, we will emerge much stronger people with a united destiny, feeling more at one with ourselves. Far better this than being ground down by the system through fear and oppression and living life in denial, for this is the way those at the apex of the pyramid want you to behave, cowering at their feet.

Remember, we are spiritually, all capable of much higher planes of consciousness if we awaken our minds and extricate ourselves from this mire. Our controllers, who seem to be unwilling, or incapable, of achieving these higher sensitivities (if they could they wouldn’t act the way they do) are afraid of our potentials, that is why they try, at every turn, to grind us down and crush our spirituality. We must not let them, we must triumph over this adversity for the good of mankind.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

First the EU next the NAU

Little known to most Americans is the undeniable fact that behind their backs a new trans-continental union is being quietly formed. US sovereignty is about to disappear for good. Along with its much-vaunted Constitution and its hallmarks of liberty, freedom and opportunity, the World’s leading power is about to be subsumed into into a union with its geographical neighbours. While the dollar is being systematically devalued to toilet paper and may well be replaced by its new union replacement, the Amero, the standard of living for the average American will plummet.

Immigrants from Mexico are entering the US in droves and being given opportunities denied to many natural Americans, while any Mexicans involved in legal misdemeanours are very often conveniently overlooked by law enforcement officers. From their almost third-world base, the prospect for Mexican workers can only look bright with improved wages and jobs, while their American and Canadian counterparts will have to lower their expectations to fall in line with their new Mexican compatriots.

Alarming words, yet this scenario is being played out as part of a systematic revisionism which is to affect the whole planet, let alone north America should the authors of the New World Order succeed with their plans, already some way to fruition.

The Security and Prosperity Partnership

Amid almost unprecedented security, last August, Canada’s luxury resort of Montebello played host to further tripartite talks involving Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon and US President George W Bush, designed to further this new coalition in what, many are correctly describing, as America’s version of the European Union.

Yet the media across north America were notably silent on the subject, while at the concluding press conference any suspicious minds were fobbed off with the usual platitudes from each country’s leaders that the misleadingly titled ‘Security and Prosperity Partnership’ (SPP) is merely a simple trade agreement. Prime Minister Harper demeaned criticism by flippantly exclaiming “Is the sovereignty of Canada going to fall apart if we standardise the jellybeans?... I don’t think so”.

So what’s all the fuss about?

A little background. The SPP was formally born in the Texas town of Waco on March 23, 2005, with its attendees, Canada’s then PM Paul Martin, Mexico’s then President Vicente Fox and US President Bush planning to build on the existing North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) of 1993 with the publicly stated and rather innocuous intention of creating ‘a safer, more prosperous North America’.

Without the sanction of either of their respective Canadian or Mexican governments or the US Congress, the meeting laid down plans to create 20 trilateral working groups composed of current and former government officials, academics and corporate leaders, at bringing about continental ‘integration’ on a wide range of political, economic and social issues. These would involve everything from manufacturing and agriculture to law-enforcement, immigration, health and infrastructure. Hardly a simple trade agreement!

These far-reaching issues surely affect each nation’s sovereignty, yet their implications have never been publicly addressed by any of the participants. Some of the only information to come to light on this unconstitutional clandestine agreement has been gleaned via the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) by the Washington-based public-interest watchdog organisation, Judicial Watch.

The facts

  • FOIA documents reveal that the US Department of Health and Human Resources, the Department of Transportation and other federal agencies have already been funding part of a planned $100 - $200 billion transfer of funds to Mexico to improve that country’s infrastructure. Just imagine the outrage if it were made public that American taxpayers were funding a foreign government’s transport system! It’s wholly unconstitutional and particularly galling when the US’ own infrastructure is in appaling condition and could use that money itself. Yet it seems the aim is to denigrate America and upgrade Mexico to bring them both to second-world, uniform mid-grade standard.
  • A pro-SPP report authored by the Hudson Institute, a Washington DC neo-con think tank, clearly shows the true nature of the SPP beast. It advocates the creation of a ‘continental perimeter’ to encompass all three nations; the creation of a North American passport (like the EU passport); harmonisation of each country's tax and regulatory policies and ensure educational policy majors on creating a pan-North American identity. It goes on to propose policies that would create income equalisation, lowering that of US citizens to a median level with those of Mexicans. Indeed, former Federal Reserve boss, Alan Greenspan openly advocated this in March of this year when he called for opening a ‘window’ for skilled Mexican workers to freely enter the US in order to “suppress the skilled-wage level and end the concentration of income”. That says it all.
  • The ‘NAFTA Superhighway’, a term coined by critics, or North American Super Corridor Coalition (NASCO) as it is known by its promoters, is already in its fledgling state as the Trans Texas Corridor (TTC). In what will comprise the Pacific, Central Western, Central Eastern and Atlantic Corridors, this complex of super highways, incorporating road, rail and water, oil and utility conduits, will originate in Mexico and span the entire northern American continent allowing the cheap flow of cheap foreign goods into the new North American Union. Yet the American people have never been told the true reason for the TTC and what will stem from it. With the construction of a new deep-water port at Lazaro Cardenas in Mexico the intention will be to use cheap non-union Mexican trucking and longshoremen labour forces.

Nasco maintains that this stimulation of imports will benefit America, but the reality is that only the relatively small upper echelon of society will reap those benefits and grow richer on the proceeds, destroying the American middle classes and leaving - as Orwell would have put it - the inner party members (the ruling elite and their upper class management teams) and the prols (everyone else and the vast majority). As the Economic Policy Institute has said “For working Americans, the effects of the enormous growth in foreign trade have been mostly negative.”... Between 2000 and 2005, more than three million manufacturing jobs have disappeared from the US economy... Even though productivity in the US economy has grown dramatically in the last twenty-five years, the wages and benefits of non-supervisory workers - who constitute about 80 percent of the US workforce - have been stagnant.... The loss of jobs overseas has widened the income gap in America.... According to Federal Reserve Bank data, in 2004, the top one-fifth of American households held 80 percent of the nation’s net worth and 50 percent of the nation’s income”.

What next?

When one compares the clandestine aspirations of the SPP with the trends in the US over the past decades, the emasculation of what is the last national global super-power, becomes clear. To quote just a few:
  • The selling off of major US infrastructure like ports and transport system to foreign concerns
  • The transfer of US national treasures and millions of acres of national parks to foreign bureaucrats in the form of UNESCO
  • The wiping out of small and medium-sized US businesses through the swingeing imposition of burdensome regulatory control and federal taxes
  • Large US corporations re-locating - half of all US-owned manufacturing is now overseas
  • The deliberately engineered collapse of the US dollar
From a European perspective, we can vouch for the game-play.

Christopher Booker and Richard North in their 2003 book, ‘The Great Deception’, clearly describe the slow but gradual ‘coup d’êtat’ that has been the dissolution of sovereign nation-state power in Europe to a centralised mega-state controlled from Brussels which has become the greatest concentration of political power in the history of mankind. Thus was it envisaged - perhaps in the minds of some élite - from before WW2, initially described as an ‘economic arrangement’ with the European Coal and Steel Community which then evolved into the European Economic Community or Common Market, followed by the European Community and finally today as the European Union - a more adequate description of its true raison d’être. As with Europe, so with North America.

Gordon Brown still rules out a referendum on the ratification of the EU Reform Treaty, essentially the child of the EU’s Constitutional Treaty of 2004 which ended up thumbs down with the electorate of both France and Holland. Here, as in the US, continental amalgamation is all one big foregone conclusion as far its creators - the Illuminati, the banking and manufacturing élite - and their executors are concerned.

Will there be a second American revolution when these clandestinely-laid plans become general knowledge, or by then will it be too late and will millions of Americans just acquiesce, enter into a slave-like existence (or incarceration if they object), and let themselves be overrun by the global juggernaut as we are being in Europe?

I sincerely hope the former.


As if to reinforce the message that dissenters to SPP plans are not welcome, at the time of the conference at Montebello in August,
a number of police were instructed to masquerade as unruly protestors, with one even carrying a rock, in order to discredit the genuine ones!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A letter to Gordon Brown

Dear Prime Minister

Airport Security Checks

On a recent flight from London Heathrow to Oslo, I and many others were forcibly reminded of the swingeing measures and procedures undertaken by security personnel at airports.

Our group consisted of many elderly people including ex-servicemen who were joining a coastal voyage at Bergen and wished to visit towns and villages on the Norwegian coast their naval units had helped liberate from the Germans at the end of WW2.

Under the current regime - which appears to be permanently in place - everyone seems to be regarded as a potential terrorist, even our group of frail 80-year-old’s, many of whom, after being put through the ordeal of intense searches, removal of belts and shoes and a bewildering procedure of half-undressing, were left physically shaken. One member of our party who was suffering from a liver condition requiring him to take regular doses of water was denied the bottle of mineral water he was visibly carrying in his regulation clear plastic bag. The 100ml allowance was hardly sufficient and liquids were only available for purchase from the in-flight staff some way into the flight.

Flying, in itself, can be a nerve-racking experience for the elderly and de-hydration becomes a natural effect of that worry. With the whole procedure repeated at Oslo for our onward transfer flight to Bergen, our colleague was visibly ill by the time we reached our destination.

I have personally heard of numerous instances of people being humiliated in public by having their trousers fall down in full view of other passengers after being told to remove their belts, while others have been treated by security staff like common criminals because they inadvertently happened to carry a tube of toothpaste in their night bag.

But what distresses me most is the reasoning upon which these unprecedented security measures have been based.

We are told that following the attacks of 9/11 in the US and the subsequent bombings in London on 7/7 that the world is a less safe place and a constant terrorist threat exists requiring high security measures to remain in place.

Are we expected to take your government’s word for that?

In depth analysis of those two seminal events by myself and thousands of others reveal countless unanswered questions and inconsistencies between the official version of events and what has been actually witnessed at first hand. The 9/11 Commission Report answers none of these glaring inconsistencies and we are left with the preposterous scenario of a group of Islamic terrorists, whose inabilities to even fly a Cessna let alone large commercial aircraft, being capable of penetrating NORAD defence systems (which were coincidentally engaged in an drill in which a similar scenario was being enacted) to pinpoint specific targets - particularly in the case of the Pentagon - with unbelievable dexterity, defying aeronautical science. Taken in tandem with the mountains of evidence which clearly identify fore-knowledge of an attack on 9/11 and the official version of events becomes a sham.

Likewise the official version of events regarding the London bombings is riddled with inconsistencies - let alone another identical drill simultaneously undertaken by Visor Consultants which focused on the exact same locations as those targeted by the supposed bombers - and any honest scrutiny based on media reports and personal eyewitness accounts makes one come to the considered conclusion that the suspects were unwittingly aided and abetted in their activities by British intelligence agencies. Where does leave your government?
Indeed, the restrictions on carrying liquids on board flights has stemmed from the equally questionable events of 10 August 2006 in which, you may recall, a supposed terrorist was to have mixed either triacetone triperoxide, diacetone diperoxide or hexamethylene tripeoxide diamine with a sports drink in an aircraft toilet, an impossible feat according to
Lieutenant-Colonel (ret) Nigel Wylde a former British Army Intelligence Officer, who declared that the volatility of the substances would make the whole process of creating a bomb from these materials wholly impossible.

Are these events real or concocted?

Before we start to humiliate swathes of the general public, including the elderly, having each and every one of us treated as a potential terrorist, should we not have a fair and transparent inquest into what really happened on 9/11, 7/7 and the many other so-called terrorist threats that have followed to see if there is any real justification for the continuation of these draconian security measures. Or is it - as I currently believe - little to do with a perceived terrorist threat and more to do with keeping the public under a firm state of control, as yet another means of reducing our rights as citizens in which the Labour government has played a monumental role during its reign.

Yours respectfully

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Osama bin Goldstein Show takes to the air - again!

On a day when thousands are thronging the streets of New York to remember the many who died six years ago in what is, so far, the biggest scam of the 21st century - there will no doubt be bigger ones to follow - Osama bin Goldstein has taken to the airwaves at this most fitting moment, lest we forget. How could we?

The endless disengenuous rhetoric from the US government’s IntelCenter is wearing exceedingly thin. In today’s show, we have bin Laden, three years on from his last series, looking no older, sitting at the same desk with the same stacks of papers in front of him, wearing the same white hat and shirt and yellow sweater. The only thing that has changed is his beard, which looks to have been dyed - a wholly uncommon practice for Muslims. But then, these so-called ‘radical Islamists’ are usually anything but, especially if they’re working for the CIA. Remember Mohammed Atta who had a penchant for pork chops, booze and women - a different sort of fundamentalism I would have thought!

In the show, Bin Laden introduces the pre-recorded martyrdom video of one of the 9/11 hijackers, Waleed al Shehri, who was supposedly one of the hijackers on American Airlines flight 11 that crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center. Are we are supposed to believe all this bunk, when al Shehri, at this moment, is protesting his innocence in a jail in Casablanca!

I sense, though that the US Intelligence producers of the bin Goldstein Show, are getting lazy. Although 3.5 minutes of the show is a straight repeat, the rest is boringly still frame and its that frozen visage of bin Goldstein that accompanies all of the new rhetoric. Despite the vast fund of the latest hi-tech televisual gizmos at the disposal of the US government intelligence (propaganda) machine, they couldn’t be bothered to synch the new bits of his speech to his adjusted facial movements. But then bin Laden’s been dead for years - hasn’t he?

If it wasn’t so serious, it would be laughable.

For a full and blow-by-blow account of the 9/11 anniversary and the incisive truths behind what really happened six years ago today, as always go to

Friday, August 31, 2007

EU Superstate by Stealth

Brown is about to pull off a flanker - he hopes.

Although 40 backbenchers are vociferously objecting to the provisions in the new EU Reform Treaty - a supposedly toned-down version of the former EU constitution which was thrown out down by voters in France and Holland in their 2005 referenda, but which most European leaders admit is basically the same as the original version - Gordon Brown is sincerely hoping he can still avoid a referendum in Britain which those backbenchers and many others, including the British public dearly clamour for.

But with Parliament in Summer recess and the great British public enjoying their hols, it’s a good time for Brown to get most of the pre-prandial prep work done that is needed to get the Reform Treaty ready to be ratified by the house, without busy eyes picking the bones.

And busy eyes would indeed be needed since according to one source on the web “the text of the Reform Treaty is completely unintelligible unless it is read alongside the existing Treaties. Furthermore, the full impact of many of the amendments to the Treaties set out in the draft Reform Treaty needs further explanation. Finally, there has been much public discussion of whether or not the draft Reform Treaty is essentially identical to the EU’s Constitutional Treaty of 2004”.

Of course, at the last general election Labour promised a referendum on the EU constitution, but as we should know by now, promises such as these are worthless.

It’s this lack of transparency and the glib PR statements put out by Whitehall such as you will find at designed to fob off any opposition, that Brown hopes will allow him, as a good globalist dogsbody, to do his bit in helping to further establish this globalist-inspired dictatorial EU superstate.

In the August 30th edition of the Daily Mail, Christopher Booker rightly points his readers’ attention to everyday examples of what life under Brussels has brought us.
  • The Home Improvement Pack
  • Household Energy Performance Certificates
  • The plethora of different coloured bins we have to use when disposing of our waste rendering its collection highly expensive
  • The new confusing and cumbersome charging system for post now taking size into account
  • The under-equipping of our forces while vast amounts of money are being diverted toward our contribution to the Eurofighter and the EU’s ‘Rapid Reaction Force’.
  • The EU directive on the freedom of movement which sparked outrage this week when it was used to prevent the UK from deporting Chindamo, who will be released from prison next year after serving a 12-year sentence for brutally stabbing Mr Lawrence to death in December 1995.
And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Just Google ‘EU directives that effect Britain’ and you’ll soon see the vast amount of legislation that is imposed upon us in virtually every area of life.

Once Gordon’s done his bit, that centralised oppression from Brussels will only grow until our Houses of Parliament end up being merely a regional sub-office of the EU Super State, rubber-stamping that which emanates from across the Channel.

A Daily Mail poll showed that more than 80% of respondents wanted a referendum on the EU constitution, while 120 MP’s also believe that there should be one.

Of course Brown and his minders know full well that any such referendum would mirror those in France and Holland two years ago and that's why they are hell-bent on avoiding one.

Our political leaders ride roughshod over us these days, particularly when it comes to the amalgamation of nation states into larger economic and political blocs - all part of the gradual process to world government. Witness the behind-the-scenes secrecy at the recent North American Union summit in Montebello, Quebec on August 20th and 21st where the US army enforced a huge security perimeter around the meeting’s venue to prevent anyone, including the Council of Canadians action group, from airing any criticism over the issues of a united north American union that were being discussed.

As with the political, economic and legal melding of a European super state, the same amalgamation is taking place in north America between Canada, the US and Mexico and they’re going to do it whether you like it or not.

That’s why there is so little coverage of these key issues of national and international importance on the Six ‘O Clock News, which concentrates instead on human tragedy stories, shootings, youth violence and so on, in their police-state like bulletins keeping us permanently focussed in a navel-gazing diversion of fear.

So to keep yourself informed of what’s in store for the EU super state go to and get yourselves informed.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Government Agroterrorism?

On hearing the first reports of the return of foot and mouth disease (FMD) to this country last week, I got that old feeling of deja vu.

We’ve been here before and it reminded me of those unanswered questions that surfaced during the last epidemic back in 2001 which finally resulted in thousands of cattle being slaughtered at a total cost to the economy of £9bn.

Those questions remain unanswered to this day:
  • Why did a phial of the virus disappear from the government’s Porton Down laboratory just prior to the outbreak?
  • Why was no action taken following the discovery of the disease in some sheep in Wales almost a month before the outbreak was officially acknowledged?
  • Why were timber merchants approached by the then Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food to supply timber for pyres in early February, long before the true nature of the epidemic had become evident? A government spokesman said that this was only a contingency plan, yet why did it envisage mass slaughter - even including healthy beasts - at such an early stage?
So, I would be treating the official reports with some degree of scepticism this time round, and indeed, less than a week after the outbreak was first reported, news came that a ‘drill’ mirroring the current incidence of FMD had been taking place just days before it was spotted in cattle at a farm at Woolford Farm, near Guildford, just a few miles from the Pirbright animal research facility - where strains of the FMD virus are kept - and Merial Animal Health labs which are located next door.

Well, isn’t that a co-incidence. A drill was also being staged just prior to the 2001 epidemic and don’t these drills always pop up at the same time as the real life event?

Remember the 7/7 London bombings when Visor Consultants were carrying out an identical scenario at the same time as the so-called London Bombers were supposedly doing it for real, and 9/11 when an identical drill of airliners crashing into buildings was being staged. It sounds like it’s all staged to me.

If it was staged, who stands to gain?

Well certainly not the farmers, who, having just emerged from a dreadful summer of very high rainfall, have the prospect of facing a freeze on all movements of their livestock, not to mention a cull, and the loss of their overseas markets.

But Merial would have a lot to gain. Orders of the vaccine have already been placed and if the epidemic escalates it could turn out to be a very lucrative bit of business. Remember Tamiflu, that worthless vaccine developed by Gilead Sciences Inc, doled out in vast quantities in answer to the Bird Flu scam - the firm that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld had a financial interest in?

Of course, in order to place a liability smokescreen over any direct involvement, Merial, with the help of chief government paint and plastering agent, Lord Stevens, will no doubt put the blame on the virus escaping from their overflowing drains during the recent wet weather.

But when one looks at the ongoing antipathy of this government towards the very powerful countryside lobby - the Countryside Alliance - whose voice was loudly heard in London during 2002, there is most likely a vested interest by government to send another crippling blow to the agricultural industry, hoping that more farmers will be put out of business and others will throw in the towel. Government attempts to outlaw shooting and hunting are well known and this is just another weapon in their armoury.

In fact, it is just another blow for country dwellers generally as Simon Heffer so clearly pointed out in his piece in the London Telegraph today:

“It was a Leitmotif of the Blair government that it hated the countryside. There could be no other explanation for much of its behaviour. John Prescott, when he still held office, saw power as a vehicle for the propagation of class hatred: and, in his profound ignorance, he saw rural England especially as a place populated and exploited solely by his class enemies.

No road-building scheme could be too destructive, no housing development too massive, ugly or intrusive, that it would not serve right the supposedly Tory-voting middle classes whose own properties stood to be blighted by them.

He was not, of course, the only offender. The growing appetite to punish the motorist as a revenue-raising operation hit country people harder than most: not merely because we live in comparative isolation in many cases, but because the Government feels that public transport is a service fit to be provided only to those in urban areas. A similar view is taken of the need for post offices, so that businesses that have for years been a focus of rural life are now, in many cases, about to be obliterated.

An earlier attempt, not so far entirely successful, to wreck the rural economy was a consequence of the supremely ignorant campaign against foxhunting. And as for those other two staples of village life: the pub may be one of the 15 a week that closed permanently in 2005, despite planning regulations making it hard to use such buildings for residential purposes; and if the church is not redundant (as about 10 per cent of those built for the Church of England now are), it may share its incumbent with 10 or 15 other parishes.

So the foot and mouth outbreak, coming on top of all this decline and the recent savage losses caused by the floods, is a blow that many communities will find hard to bear. Just after the last outbreak, when the Government was trying (in another helpful pro-countryside measure) to limit the legal use of shotguns for sporting purposes, an MP asked how many fatalities or woundings had been caused by legally held weapons. The answer was that all, or almost all, such incidents appeared to have been farmers shooting themselves amid the wreckage of their livelihoods. Who is to say that there will not be such a toll this time?”

So will government doctrine eventually see the eradication of the land-owning Country Alliance lobby, turning their land over to big corporations intent on harvesting acres of GM crops and make vast profits while forcing country-folk out of their rural habitat into urban ghettos where they can be tracked and traced more easily?

I wouldn’t put it past them and their globalist minders!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Man-made Global Warming - a load of hot air

"Some of the leading scientists are now saying we may have as little as 10 years before we cross a kind of point-of-no-return, beyond which it's much more difficult to save the habitability of the planet in the future," Al Gore.

“Climate change is the most severe problem that we are facing today, more severe, even, than terrorism” Hon. David Anderson, Past Minister of the Environment, Canada.

These alarming declarations were made following the publication of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report on global warming.

The Oregon Petition

The Oregon Petition was the third, and by far the largest, of five prominent efforts intended to show that a "scientific consensus" does not exist on the subject of global warming. The petition, compiled between 1999 and 2001, received 17,800 independently verified signatures from scientists disagreeing with the conclusions made by the IPCC report.

Yet not a word has ever emerged in the mainstream media about this petition. Nor had it when, a few years earlier, 15,000 scientists also expressed their misgivings over the widely touted global warming theories. As Media Research Center/MediaNomics reported in 1998 “Fifteen thousand scientists sign a petition proclaiming their skepticism toward currently fashionable global warming theories, and the networks are silent.

A politician holds a press conference to promote those same theories, and CBS, CNN, and NBC all trumpet the news, and don't even mention the 15,000 scientists who think it's all hot air".

What was it that these scientists were asserting?

In the preamble to their petition they stated:"There is no convincing scientific evidence, that human release of carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gases is causing or will, in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the Earth's atmosphere and disruption of the Earth's climate. Moreover, there is substantial scientific evidence that increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide produce many beneficial effects upon the natural plant and animal environments of the Earth."

Obviously, it seemed, the pro-global warmers didn’t want their interests shot to bits by this groundswell of contrary scientific opinion. The mainstream media have routinely failed to address the far more greatly compelling evidence from experts in the field that global warming, and more particularly man-made global warming, is a myth.

“There is no evidence of human cause to climate change” according to Professor Ian Clark at the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Ottawa, “but there is overwhelming evidence to suggest that nature is the cause”.

Let’s look at the facts for ourselves.

The myths

Rising temperature levels

There is no evidence to suggest that atmospheric temperature levels are currently rising at an alarming rate, indeed data from satellites and weather balloons taken over the past 25 years show, if anything, a very small rise, around 1/2ºC.

A lot of meteorological data, including temperature, is sourced in urban areas where the ambient temperatures are known to be appreciably higher than rural areas and as cities grow in size average readings increase. It appears that these unrepresentative urban-based ground figures have over-emphasised any temperature increase. But what little rise in average temperature that may have taken place in the last forty or fifty years must be set in context with the cooler period which existed through the 1940s to early 1970s.

On top of this, historical data clearly shows us that the climate is warming and cooling all of the time, a continual fact of life on Earth; if there is one constant factor, it’s that the climate is always changing.

It is a known fact that during the medieval warm period, higher average temperatures - some several degrees celsius - had allowed vineyards to flourish in Britain and the higher temperatures - far from being a threat to our way of life as the Gore camp would profess - actually saw a period of great cathedral building and a seeming thriving lifestyle. Conversely, the ‘Little Ice Age’ during the 17th and 18th centuries saw the River Thames completely iced over to the extent that markets took place on the frozen river. Again, life continued unabated.

The ‘Hockey Stick’ curve

One of the major pieces of evidence presented by the Al Gore camp - and one that has been adopted as a cornerstone by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), - that suggests that global warming is a phenomenon peculiar to the present time, is the ‘Hockey Stick’ graph produced in 1998 as part of the MBH98 (Mann, Bradley & Hughes) report. This shows a sudden average global temperature rise following a long period of fairly stable lower temperatures. But whether this seminal graph is the result of the bad computation of data or is deliberately doctored, it does not represent the scientific truth as shown above that temperatures have fluctuated widely over the past millennia and completely ignores the ’Little Ice Age’ and the Medieval Warm Period.

Melting ice caps and rising sea levels

We are constantly reminded that global warming will lead to melting ice caps and that, indeed, this is happening. However, Professor John Christy of the Department of Atmospheric Science at the University of Alabama points out that the evidence from temperature records of the Greenland ice caps, that go back thousands of years, clearly show that temperatures in that part of the world had been significantly higher just 1000 years ago, yet there is no evidence that there was any great melting event which might cause rising sea levels.

Professor Syun-Ichi Akasofu, Director of the International Arctic Research Centre rightly tells us that imagery from NASA’s meteorological satellites taken throughout the 1990s clearly shows a constant natural expansion and contraction of the polar sea ice. But the mass media constantly bombards us with sensational images of large chunks of ice breaking away from ice shelves, yet fail to make the distinction that this is a natural process, as natural as falling leaves in Autumn. What they don’t show is ice accreting, which it is also doing all of the time. Of course, that would hardly make a visual experience!

Sea levels also vary constantly as part of two natural processes, the local factor, that is the relationship of the height of the sea to the land, which is very often the result of the land rising rather than the sea falling and eustatic changes which are due to thermal changes within the sea - having nothing to do with melting ice - and which change over only a very long period of time.

Gore’s presentation specifically cited the Maldive Islands as being under severe threat from rising sea levels, yet intensive research there has shown quite the reverse, that the sea level around the islands is actually falling. So more misinformation.

The spread of tropical diseases

Another false assumption is that tropical diseases such as malaria would spread northward if there were even a modest rise in temperature. But according to Professor Paul Reiter of the Department of Medical Entomology at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, mosquitoes thrive in very cold temperatures and epidemics of malaria have been reported in such places as Archangel in the former Soviet Union in the 1920s. Yet the IPCC warns us that “mosquito species that transmit malaria do not usually survive where the mean winter temperature drops below 16-18ªC”. Clearly untrue.

Rising CO2 levels

CO2 is essential for life on earth and even though levels have risen slightly over the past few years, as part of a continuum of fluctuations, it has actually accelerated plant growth and is hardly a threat to life as the IPCC would claim. Furthermore, Professor Jan Veitzer at the University of Ottawa shows us that there is no direct correlation between higher CO2 levels and temperature. 450 million years ago, when the CO2 levels were ten times that of today, the earth was undergoing an extreme cold period, one of the coldest in the last half billion years.

But what correlation there seems to be between CO2 levels and temperature, is quite the opposite to that which is posited by the IPCC and its spokesman, Al Gore. Whereas they maintain that increased atmospheric CO2 will result in higher temperatures and global warming, no historical precedent for this exists at all.

It has been found that our oceans are the biggest reservoir of CO2. In cooler climatic conditions, the oceans absorb CO2, but in warmer conditions they expel it. Because our oceans are so vast and deep, this process of absorption and expulsion take many hundreds of years and data clearly shows that the oceans’ CO2 release reflects the earth’s temperature in the past. That differential is about 800 years. So, in fact, rather than CO2 being the cause of global temperature rise - as the IPCC and global warming lobby would have us believe - it is the result of past warming and a delayed one at that.

Greenhouse gases

But it is the source of that CO2 which, once again, we are misinformed about. We are constantly reminded about greenhouse gases, that is those gases which reside in the earth’s troposphere and keep the heat in, so to speak, making this planet habitable. We are led to believe that the amount of CO2 is much larger than it really is, yet CO2 accounts for only 0.54% of all greenhouse gases, by far the largest being water vapour, and of that small percentage most is caused by natural means with animals and bacteria producing annually 150 gigatons compared to just 6.5 gigatons from human activities. Dying vegetation produces even more, volcanos more still and as we have seen the oceans are the greatest contributor.

One of the greatest causes of global warming, we are told again and again, is our damaging contribution of CO2 to the greenhouse gases. But if that is so, how do we account for the past rises in CO2 during periods of the earth’s history when modern industry, cars and aeroplanes were completely absent? A further demonstration that the temperature/CO2 level correlation is faulty is that more recently, during the great period of industrial growth, between 1940 and 1970, there was a cooling period even though CO2 levels were rising slightly.

Extreme weather

To heighten the sense of concern over global warming, every flood, hurricane, drought, cold or hot spell is portrayed in the mass media as a manifestation of global warming. Yet meteorological data shows that these phenomena are always with us to some degree or another often occurring on a cyclical basis and historical records show that during the ‘Little Ice Age’ more extreme weather events took place.

Here is a list of just a few significant ‘extreme’ weather events in Britain over the past few hundred years taken from the Oxford book on Weather Facts.

Winter 1684 Coldest on record
November 1703 The Great Storm caused the loss of 8,000 lives
Autumn 1740 Coldest on record
Winter 1740 Second coldest on record
Winter 1814 Bitterly cold with a Frost Fair in London
Spring 1893 Warmest on record
December 1897 Extreme winds bring down Tay railway bridge
9 August 1911 Hottest day recorded in British history
28 June 1917 250mm of rain fall in one day in Bruton, Somerset
1921 Record dry year
28 January 1928 Westerly gales kill 26 in Scotland
6-7 January 1928 North Sea floods 1.8m above predicted tidal level in London
27-28 January 1940 Widespread freezing
8 May 1943 Deep snow in Scotland
Winter 1947 Long and intensely cold winter
1949 Second warmest calendar year on record
21 May 1950 Tornado runs from Berkshire to Norfolk, four killed by lightning
15-16 August 1952 Disastrous floods in Lynmouth, Devon
31 January to 1 February 1953 North sea floods cause death of 300 in Britain and 1,800 in the Netherlands
18 June 1955 279mm of rain falls in one day in Martinstown, Dorset
Winter 1963 Long and intensely cold winter, third coldest behind 1684 and 1740
1 November 1965 Fierce winds cause cooling towers to collapse in Ferrybridge, Yorkshire
15 January 1968 Westerly gales cause havoc in Glasgow, much structural damage
July to September 1968 Leeming, North Yorkshire records 35.7mm of rain in just 8.5 minutes
and so on...

So, once again, it seems that the media are deliberately forcing an erroneous global warming message down our throats by dwelling and hyping what are, in reality, natural events of a cyclical nature.

The realities

The sun

For many years, astronomers have been keeping an eye on our sun’s activity and the number of sunspots it emits in the belief that it could be the primary cause of temperature change and many other meteorological phenomena here on earth.

In 1893 British astronomer, Edward Maunder, found that, according to historical data, during the ‘Little Ice Age’ between 1500 and 1800, there was very little sunspot activity. This period has become known as the Maunder Minimum.

More recently solar physicist, Piers Corbin has even made a small fortune from using sunspot activity as a means of predicting warm weather, by placing bets with the bookie William Hill. His bets, based on the sun’s activity have come up trumps every time.

In 1991, senior scientists at the Danish Meteorological Institute decided to look at the historical data of sunspot activity and temperature during the last 150 years and what they found was a remarkable correlation between the two.

Then Professor Christianson went back a further 400 years and the link continued.

Further natural links

Clouds have a powerful cooling effect on earth. They are in large part formed by the bombardment of earth by sub-atomic particles - cosmic rays - which, when meeting with rising water vapour, form water droplets which in turn form clouds.

But when the sun is particularly active and the solar wind is strong, fewer cosmic rays bombard the earth, thus creating fewer clouds resulting in higher temperatures. Astro-physicist, Nir Shariv decided to compare his own records of cloud formation with Dr Jan Veitzer’s temperature records which went back 600 years and found a distinct correlation between the two sets of data.

Therefore it is a natural law of nature that climate is controlled by clouds which in turn are formed by cosmic rays which in turn are regulated by the sun’s activity.

Distortion and manipulation

We have already seen how the widely-used ‘Hockey Stick’ graph has been used to create a warning message that we are on the brink of a global climate catastrophe, by misrepresenting the preceding historical data.

A recent documentary hosted by Sir David Attenborough added to the general misinformation on the subject by taking a very small portion of recent data of temperature and CO2 and extrapolating from it a distorted picture of the future by completely ignoring the preceding historical data, which, if taken into account, gives a quite different picture.

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The IPCC report on climate change is grossly distorted, accommodating only those views and data which fit the false hypothesis of its political proponents.

In a letter to the Wall Street Journal, Professor Frederick Seitz, former president of America’s National Academy of Sciences revealed that the IPCC panel had censored the opinions of many scientists. He went on to say that “this report is not what it appears to be - it is not the version that was approved by the contributing scientists listed on the title page”. Omitted from the final IPCC report was the statement “None of the studies cited above has shown clear evidence that we can attribute the observed (climate) changes to the specific cause of increase in greenhouse gases”. “No study to date has positively attributed all or part (of the climate change observed to date) to anthropogenic (man-made) causes”. He concluded “I have never witnessed a more disturbing corruption of the peer-review process than the events that led to this IPCC report”.

Many of those scientists who disagreed with the final report still had their names in the title page in order to try and boost the report’s credibility.

We have also seen how, in Al Gore’s presentation on climate change, he completely mis-interprets the relationship between CO2 levels and temperature, implying that increasing CO2 creates increased temperatures, when in fact the reverse is true.

That deceit continued later in the same presentation when he showed the emotive image of what looked to be a stranded polar bear on a floating fragment of ice, implying that polar bears were under threat of extinction as the ice sheets disintegrate and disappear. The emotive image that he used, it was later found, had originated from a photograph taken by one Amanda Byrd who was holidaying in Alaska during August. Being the Arctic summer, such images were be easy to capture and the bear’s ability to swim back to the main ice sheet - which was kept conveniently out of view - was more than adequate.

This demonstrates the way in which a powerful lobby can contort and emotionalise a subject to its desire in front of an un-questioning audience that is either unwilling or just too lazy to check the validity of what is being presented to them.


But the whole man-made/global warming/climate change farce is made so obviously hollow by the lack of effort its own supporters make to try and set an example, but one that we, the general public and industry worldwide, are expected to adopt through our carbon footprints in every aspect of our daily lives.

The recent Live Earth series of concerts staged worldwide highlighted these inconsistencies:

  • The event’s carbon footprint was 34,722 tons or nearly three times that if you factor in that of the television audience
  • Many of the stars arrived at the various venues by their own private jets and by the very nature of their high-flying lifestyles, own a carbon footprint far in excess of the average person
  • John Legend and Sheryl Crow both feature in TV commercials selling petrol-guzzling motors
  • The multiple concerts generated huge amounts of rubbish, with the Wembley concert alone estimated to produce 59 tonnes of waste
  • Al Gore, himself, lives a lavish carbon footprint-heavy lifestyle with a large energy-consuming home with several heated swimming pools.

The real modus operandi?

So given such a flagrant misrepresentation of the truth on a matter on which a vast number of scientists disagree and to which its own authors seem less than keen in setting a guiding example, why are we being fed a pack of lies? And why is it regarded as heresy to publicly oppose or show disagreement to what can only be described as a new religion?

The Report from Iron Mountain

Back in 1966 a government think-tank study was published, entitled The Report from Iron Mountain. Although much controversy exists over the authenticity of this document, which has since been published in book form, its recommendations seem to have a remarkable bearing on otherwise inexplicable current global policies. The book was published on the basis that it is a satire, yet its supposed authors were part of a study group set up during the Kennedy administration, commissioned by the Department of Defense under the then Defense Secretary, Robert McNamara and was produced by the Hudson Institute, situated at the base of Iron Mountain at Croton-on-Hudson, New York, and has more or less been authenticated by Kenneth Galbraith who was, at one time, closely associated with this group. Both the Hudson Institute’s director, Herman Kahn and McNamara were Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) members, a powerful organisation often regarded as the covert parallel US government and a foremost proponent of one-world government.

The study group’s remit was to find ways to ‘stabilise’ society once the threat of the Cold War had past, which, among other things, had been another manufactured ‘stabilising’ ruse itself. In the report the word ‘stabilise’ is synonymous with a perpetual form of government that can keep society under firm control and prevent it from rebelling. In other words, manufacturing means by which society would be cowed into submission, forever subservient to the state.

The conclusions of the report were that, although in the past wars had served that end goal of subservience well, making society conform through the threat that war posed, instilling a patriotism and allegiance to government, the coming prospect of a global government would imply total disarmament and an end to war. Thus a controlling substitute had to be found that would perpetuate allegiance to centralised government.

The panel made a number of recommendations, the seeds of which are becoming all too familiar today:

  • A form of national service for those who engage in anti-social behaviour, where youths would be conscripted in ‘social improvement’ programmes, (a natural extension from the current system of ASBOs). In addition those unable to pay off debts, political dissidents and those accused of ‘hate-crimes’ would be conscripted into these forced ‘labour-batallions’.
  • Dumbing down society by pre-occupying it with trivia and mindless diversions to stifle political debate with a suggestion that blood sports are staged to work off pent up human emotions
  • Finding a credible global threat, whether entirely true or not. As the report pointed out: “Allegiance requires a cause; a cause requires an enemy. This much is obvious; the critical point is that the enemy that defines the cause must seem genuinely formidable”.
This is where global warming comes in. The sun’s current activity is providing an element of evidence that something is changing, albeit a natural cycle in earth’s relationship with the sun. Yet, false science has been summoned to support a scenario in which man’s activities are leading him toward a serious global threat. So, in order to avoid it, we must all comply to a new set of global rules. This will allow an opportunity for the globalists to usher in global taxation to penalise our pollution and have us succumb to harsh new environmental laws. Anyone dissenting will end up in labour-batallions. Academia must comply and all mainstream media must sing the global warming anthem with equal vigour and determination.

This is why the voices of those signatories to the Oregon Petition have largely gone unheard, while those supporting the mantra get mainstream coverage.

But the pro-global warming lobby gets more than just further control of our lives and more revenue from taxation, using the same rhetoric about man’s industry adding dangerous amounts of CO2 to the earth’s troposphere, it can also prevent third world countries from developing their industries, thus preventing them from building their economies. It is a repressive dogma.

Whether the Report from Iron Mountain is an authentic document or not, or is simply a satire as the mainstream media would have us believe, in all aspects of the recommendations on which the report advises, each is actually coming to fruition before our very eyes albeit, in some cases, in an embryonic form.


Put against this background of the global manipulation of mankind, the forced indoctrination of man-made global warming takes on a threatening spectre and one which our masters wholeheartedly want us to abide by. How far they will get with this will be interesting to see. Remember back in the 1970’s the scares of global cooling.

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It is vital for us to remain informed and to take, with a very large pinch of salt, the column inches of mis-information the orchestrated mass media has to offer, whose guardians are all part and parcel of the same global élite as those for which The Report from Iron Mountain was prepared.

Given their vast arsenal of bio and electronic weaponry, security forces and financial control which could render us all bankrupt overnight, if this ruse fails you can be sure that some new tack will be waiting around the corner.

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