Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Controlling your mind

Former Chief Medical Officer for Northern Finland, Dr Rauni Kilde was a well respected individual. She has held the highest medical positions in Lapland specialising in public health, health administration and tropical diseases, is listed in Who’s Who’s for the World, Medicine & Engineering and Science & Engineering and is a retired president of the Nursing College of Lapland. She has been regularly attending the lecture circuits of the world that deal with neuroscience and has acted as Finland’s representative to the World Health Organisation.

But what has consumed Dr Kilde’s attention is the growing use of mind control technologies by many world governments and their military. Her well-researched and produced TV documentary on this very subject only received one airing and was then withdrawn from the airwaves. Indeed her involvement in this dangerous subject has brought her a life of hell. The very mind controlling techniques that she has for so long tried to bring to public attention are now being used against her along with a programme of directed sabotage and theft of her property and her computer which has become unusable because of constant hacking.

The warning

In an article in the Canadian newspaper yesterday, reporter Lucien Desjardins conveyed her shocking warning to the world of advanced plans by certain governments in the US and Europe, to microchip all newborns.

"Implanted human beings can be followed anywhere. Their brain functions can be remotely monitored by supercomputers and even altered through the changing of frequencies," wrote Dr Kilde. "Guinea pigs in secret experiments have included prisoners, soldiers, mental patients, handicapped children, deaf and blind people, homosexuals, single women, the elderly, school children, and any group of people considered "marginal" by the elite experimenters. The published experiences of prisoners in Utah State Prison, for example, are shocking to the conscience.

"Today's microchips operate by means of low-frequency radio waves that target them. With the help of satellites, the implanted person can be tracked anywhere on the globe. Such a technique was among a number tested in the Iraq war, according to Dr. Carl Sanders, who invented the intelligence-manned interface (IMI) biotic, which is injected into people. (Earlier during the Vietnam War, soldiers were injected with the Rambo chip, designed to increase adrenaline flow into the bloodstream.) The 20-billion-bit/second supercomputers at the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) could now "see and hear" what soldiers experience in the battlefield with a remote monitoring system (RMS).

"When a 5-micromillimeter microchip (the diameter of a strand of hair is 50 micromillimeters) is placed into optical nerve of the eye,"
, Dr. Kilde indicates "it draws neuro-impulses from the brain that embody the experiences, smells, sights, and voice of the implanted person. Once transferred and stored in a computer, these neuro-impulses can be projected back to the person's brain via the microchip to be re-experienced. Using a RMS, a land-based computer operator can send electromagnetic messages (encoded as signals) to the nervous system, affecting the target's performance. With RMS, healthy persons can be induced to see hallucinations and to hear voices in their heads. "

"Every thought, reaction, hearing, and visual observation causes a certain neurological potential, spikes, and patterns in the brain and its electromagnetic fields, which can now be decoded into thoughts, pictures, and voices, " Dr. Kilde added. "Electromagnetic stimulation can therefore change a person's brainwaves and affect muscular activity, causing painful muscular cramps experienced as torture."

Scary! It sounds like the stuff of science fiction. But is it?


According to Ken Adachi and a wealth of supporting literature on the subject, plans to create a mind controlled workers society have been on the books for some time. Fritz Lang’s ‘Metropolis’ and George Orwell’s ‘1984’ are just two powerful portrayals of such a world and to many seem rather fantastic and removed, yet that reality could be closer than we think if one follows the train of development of mind control technologies that have been quietly forming in the deepest shadows of equally shady government programmes and willed by a new world order hell bent on engaging in tight control of our lives for their own ends.

The current technology arose out of experiments staged by the Nazis before and during World War II. The incarceration of the Jews in concentration camps during the war provided a wealth of experimental material which included testing mind control technologies both trauma and electronic-based. Under the auspices of ‘Project Paperclip’ at the end of the war, thousands of Nazis were secretly moved to the US where the technologies that had been developed in Germany both before and during the war encompassing rocket science and, more worryingly, psychological and mind control techniques, were further developed. At this time thousands of children, often dispossessed, were snatched off the streets and used as guinea pigs in mind control experiments staged in covert underground facilities developed by the ever powerful military industrial complex in league with rogue elements of government.

Governments had also been experimenting with mind control using methods that had grown out of old occult techniques where victims were subject to a massive psychological and physical trauma at an early age. This which would then create a form of schizophrenia, or multiple ‘personalities’, and some of these ‘personalities’ could then be programmed without the awareness of parallel ‘personalities’, to undertake a specific task, for instance, murder. To unlock the particular personality which would have been programmed to carry out such a frightful task without remorse, a ‘trigger’ would be sent to the brain, often in the form of a sound, word or particular impulse.

The Montauk Boys

Experiments with Extra Low Frequency (ELF) techniques were conducted from an underground facility at the old USAF base at Fort Hero at Montauk on Long Island, New York in the 70s. In his book ‘The Montauk Project’, Preston B Nichols, claims that he was employed at this facility, to work on a clandestine project. That project involved the use of ELF waves, or ‘telepathic waves’ to effect the brain. His discovery came when examining the abilities of psychics, Nicholls found that at a certain time each day their minds would become ‘jammed’ and would be unable to think effectively. To locate the source of this ‘jamming’ which Nichols suspected was some sort of radio interference, he found that emissions in the 410-430MHz region were routinely being transmitted from a radar array on the old base at the same time as these ‘jamming’ experiences were taking place in the psychics’ minds and it is these precise frequencies that resonate with an adult’s head. By modulating a pulsed ELF signal onto a 410-430MHz carrier wave of around 16Hz - a frequency the brain is highly sensitive to - serious manipulation of brain functions can occur.

The radar array was, in fact, part of a covert government programme into the mind controlling effects of ELF waves and on several occasions when the array was transmitting, strange and bizarre things would happen in the nearby town of Montauk. These would manifest themselves as a sudden spike in crime which would suddenly stop after two hours, animals would come out of the surrounding woods into the town en masse and sometimes would crash though windows and behave in erratic ways. Freak storms would also occur. Subsequent investigations by Nichols revealed that these behaviour patterns and meteorological phenomena could be directly traced to the ELF transmission times from the radar array.

Starting in 1976 and throughout the 1980’s, Al Bielek, a participant who was involved in many aspects of this mind control programme at Montauk, estimates that at least 250,000 kidnapped teenage children were ‘programmed’, not only at Montauk but at 25 other clandestine facilities, to go into action at some later time of life at the behest of black government to undertake - on the receipt of the ‘trigger’ - some destructive or disruptive conduct. Other boys grew up to enter mainstream American life in influential positions in the media, business, medical and legal professions, law enforcement and the military. They would do their master’s bidding, acting from the warped perspective of their pre-programmed minds.

When one considers the almost pathological support given by many people from news anchors, research scientists to politicians over matters that balanced minds would question, on a whole number of subjects from the use of toxic elements in drugs and vaccines to the outragreous and continued presence of the US in Iraq, which by any humane criterion would be viewed as insane, then one can add credence to the claims of Bielek.

Advanced psychological weaponry

However, the day is fast approaching when not just hand-picked individuals will be subject to these enormities, but all of us.

In reality, the arsenal of psychotronic and electromagnetic weapons now available to organisations such as the CIA is way ahead of our common conception. In his recent book ‘Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge’, Disclosure Project brainchild, Dr Steven Greer MD, tells of his chilling experiences with such clandestine might. Dr Greer’s lifelong attempts to make public the knowledge by high ranking officials from government and the military that extraterrestrials are, and have been present upon our planet for some time and that a clandestine element of the US government is using the Star Wars project as a military affront to these benign extraterrestrial intelligences, whose technological ability and intellect is far superior to ours: has been hounded by the very black government-sponsored intelligence agencies to whom his criticism is directed.

Dr Greer, from an early age, developed a psychic ability that enabled him to communicate with these extraterrestrial intelligences to the point that he gleaned an enormous amount of information both about their concern for our worldly sanity and lack of it and the human rogue element who are determined to eradicate them from the skies using advanced weaponry, much of it developed from captured alien craft. Failing to pay Greer off through promises of wealth and power, these clandestine elements of government - who even the then CIA Director, James Woolsey, was even unaware - and the military industrial complex staged psychotronic warfare with Greer, whose heightened psychic abilities enabled him to confirm its source, but often paralysing him with severe cramps in bed and even simultaneously inducing metastatic cancer in both he and Shari Adamiak, his colleague, Shari later dying from it in 1998.

So the technology available to these covert elements of government and their agencies is awesome.

The emerging control grid

As well as the threat of obligatory micro chipping all newborns, is the growing microwave grid.

Everywhere antennae towers are being erected, in some places far more than would seem plausible for mere mobile phone transmissions. Unless a company tries to erect one just outside your back garden evoking the wrath of its neighbours, their appearance is largely taken for granted as the spectre of these arrays falls into the human subconcious and becomes part of the largely accepted environment.

As Ken Adachi comments: “It's not an accident that the frequency band chosen for cell phone use just happens to match the second order waves that Wilhelm Reich discovered in the late 1940's to effect thought transmission and allow the mind to be manipulated without the victim realizing it”. Although today the sheer unwieldiness of low frequency antennae makes them impracticable, microwave and UHF frequencies have been utilised to carry low frequency, pulsed signals which can seriously interfere with human brain functions. Therefore it comes as disturbing news that the new TETRA system utilised by the UKs emergency and police services uses a 350-400MHz carrier signal to carry 17.6MHz pulsed signals, precisely those frequencies that effect the human brain and can cause fits and epilectic reactions.

According to a document criticising TETRA Sir William Stewart, former chair of the Microbiological Research Authority when asked to comment on the chosen frequency usage of TETRA commented: “It appears that the government officials who provided input to the Stewart Report were well aware of the Airwave specifications at the time, but chose not to inform the Independent Expert Group about the TETRA technology, and remained quiet when it came to the issues of low frequency effects”.

In an article by Tim Rifat, the owner of Psi-Ops Management he claims that “the British government is in the process of mind controlling the entire UK population using CIA research from the Pandora Project and the so-called TETRA system which costs £2.5 billion will place 30,000 transmitters in every urban conurbation in the UK. Further to this, the British Army has long experience of using microwaves for murder and mind control in Northern Ireland. In 1977, the CIA contacted Margaret Thatcher and gave her all the details, ELF frequencies, to induce cancer, paranoia (4.5 Hz), depression (6.66 Hz), manic rage (11.3 Hz) --- To support this assertion that the British Army have been targeting Catholic areas with high-power microwaves, Dr Damien Burn - 38 years General Practitioner in the Falls Road, West Belfast - and Mary Allen, South Armagh Cross Maglen - have protested vehemently that British Army bases are broadcasting high-power microwaves, causing massive cancer deaths among the Catholics.

“Strange cancers which never would occur are being found in many Catholics and the largest cause of death in Catholics now is cancer. Whole street-fulls of Catholics next to army bases are dying of cancer. This was reported by Amanda Doherty in the Sunday Mirror, 12.07.98, in the Features Eire edition: Living in Fear, the Cancer that Stalks our Streets.

“The microwaving of peace protesters in Greenham Common, a US airbase in Britain, is common knowledge. The murder and mind control by the British Army of the entire Catholic community of Northern Ireland is not. Taking this into account with the TETRA system that seeks to turn British police and the public into zombies using microwave and ELF, the deployment of microwave transmitters in Cyprus has a more covertly nasty raison d'etre than simply extending NATO's communication network”

With these illustrations of past use, to what emergency capability might TETRA be put? In what circumstances might government feel it is fit to utilise this grid as a means of control over its citizens?


Is our government, the military and police really going to engage a mind control war upon its citizens? You may consider this all really too far-fetched, yet the evidence and historical precedent is in the public domain to support such contentions.

Don’t forget that this world is run by a mere handful - relatively speaking - of highly influential, control maniacs with no respect for you and I and have gained the upper hand with regard to our destiny, whether it be the control of banks, governments, industry, the pharmaceutical and health industries, the mass media etc. etc. in tandem with the most awesome advanced technologies we can only guess at.

With careful manipulation - and yes, mind control - of those beneath them in the cascading hierarchy of pyramidal control, where each individual, or set of individuals, is only aware on a need to know basis, very often fed ‘spun’ truths and misinformation about what it is that he or she is undertaking, this whole Big Brother nightmare scenario could and is emerging. Half the battle is to find out what is going on, then at least you can identify the global enemy and try to prepare yourself.