Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Osama bin Goldstein Show takes to the air - again!

On a day when thousands are thronging the streets of New York to remember the many who died six years ago in what is, so far, the biggest scam of the 21st century - there will no doubt be bigger ones to follow - Osama bin Goldstein has taken to the airwaves at this most fitting moment, lest we forget. How could we?

The endless disengenuous rhetoric from the US government’s IntelCenter is wearing exceedingly thin. In today’s show, we have bin Laden, three years on from his last series, looking no older, sitting at the same desk with the same stacks of papers in front of him, wearing the same white hat and shirt and yellow sweater. The only thing that has changed is his beard, which looks to have been dyed - a wholly uncommon practice for Muslims. But then, these so-called ‘radical Islamists’ are usually anything but, especially if they’re working for the CIA. Remember Mohammed Atta who had a penchant for pork chops, booze and women - a different sort of fundamentalism I would have thought!

In the show, Bin Laden introduces the pre-recorded martyrdom video of one of the 9/11 hijackers, Waleed al Shehri, who was supposedly one of the hijackers on American Airlines flight 11 that crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center. Are we are supposed to believe all this bunk, when al Shehri, at this moment, is protesting his innocence in a jail in Casablanca!

I sense, though that the US Intelligence producers of the bin Goldstein Show, are getting lazy. Although 3.5 minutes of the show is a straight repeat, the rest is boringly still frame and its that frozen visage of bin Goldstein that accompanies all of the new rhetoric. Despite the vast fund of the latest hi-tech televisual gizmos at the disposal of the US government intelligence (propaganda) machine, they couldn’t be bothered to synch the new bits of his speech to his adjusted facial movements. But then bin Laden’s been dead for years - hasn’t he?

If it wasn’t so serious, it would be laughable.

For a full and blow-by-blow account of the 9/11 anniversary and the incisive truths behind what really happened six years ago today, as always go to www.prisonplanet.com/