Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Russo and Rockefeller

Last August, award-winning film-maker and political activist, Aaron Russo died of cancer at the age of 64. He is best remembered for his box office hits ‘Trading Places’ and ‘The Rose’ which won three Golden Circle awards in 1980. He was also remembered for bringing Bette Midler to fame and introducing the band Led Zeppelin to the US.

But it was his brush with the improprieties of the law during his early entrepreneurial years in Chicago that guided his career towards incisive political activism. As a club owner in the Windy City he was soon made aware of the mafia-like protection rackets being run by the city’s police department and his obligations to this organised racket gave him a rude introduction to the dark malpractices going on at the top.

Later in his life Russo turned to politics while producing films that were highly critical of government policies, and it was these activities that brought him into contact with Nick Rockefeller of the grand Illuminati Rockefeller family whose accumulated power has made them a leading hidden force in world politics. Their relationship gathered apace, but soon a growing rift in their world-views was evident as Russo became aware of the cold-blooded, superior attitude of the Rockefellers and their distaste for much of humanity in general. It was clear that Rockefeller was trying to buy Russo into the privileged world of the Illuminati in order to deflect his public remonstrations against the New World Order, but Russo would have none of it.

In the video below, Russo recounts his life’s work, explain his indignation with the Federal Reserve, Federal taxes, the New World Order, but most poignantly, he provides a close and personal account of the mindset of just one member of those handful of infamous Illuminati families who are ultimately controlling for our lives. This makes chilling but essential viewing if we are to penetrate those minds and truly come to terms with our own predicament.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

New ‘security’ measures will only achieve in our further incarceration

Today, Gordon Brown announced increased security measures in railway stations, airports and ports in the government’s continued attempts to tackle terrorist attacks.

The BBC reported that “There will be new security barriers, vehicle exclusion zones and blast resistant buildings... Rail travellers at large stations will also face having their bags screened”.

In the words of Alex Jones “Let’s stop right there”.

Firstly, is this terrorist threat real or just a ruse invented by our government? Any serious research into the events of 7/7 and 24/7 clearly indicate that the true perpetrators were our own governments, whose intelligence agencies were using ‘patsies’ to carry out their dirty deeds. Moreover, the many stories of attempted bombings and would-be bombers very often invite derision because of their implausibility. The evidence is there in plenty, just go to the link below and find out for yourselves if you have your doubts.

Secondly, just what are baggage scans and inconveniencing hundreds of thousands of people at our railway stations going to achieve? Gordon Brown is obviously relying upon the unquestioning acquiescence of the British public if he thinks these measures will, in any way, deter a serious terrorist attack. With only 250 stations earmarked for heightened security checks, that leaves several thousand unchecked for the would-be terrorist to choose from. Are they going to check all those arriving at mainline stations by train? Are they going to police the thousands of miles of trackside throughout Britain or monitor provincial bus stations or, indeed, every square inch of the country? Of course not. The whole thing is totally preposterous, disingenuous and a gross insult to the British public.

Railway security spends more of its time harassing enthusiasts for taking photographs of trains than ever discovering terrorist plots. Airport security staff spend all of their time inconveniencing passengers by seizing their belongings and embarrassing them by having the old and infirm half undress in public as if they were enemies of the state.

We are denied transparent and fair inquiries into the seminal events of 9/11 and 7/7 and fobbed off with incredulous ‘official’ reports which gloss over the whole plethora of unanswered questions of what was supposed to have happened on those fateful days and are expected to then to believe that we are living in times of great danger from terrorism. Do we just take the government’s word for that?

Of course it has little or nothing to do with terrorism but everything to do with incarcerating us in a police state where we have to conform to these gross intrusions of our privacy, rights and mobility purely because Brown’s fascist government is carrying out the orders of a bunch of crazed and murderous New World Order √©lite.

Complain unceasingly to your MPs and don’t put up with it!

Monday, November 12, 2007

BBC in for more flak over 9/11 ‘documentary’

As the 9/11 Truth Movement’s message on both sides of the Atlantic gathers apace, news comes today of a British physicist and mechanical engineer, John A Blacker, who is calling the BBC to account for its shameful display of ‘yellow journalism’ in the form of the Conspiracy Files on 9/11 which was aired last February.

In a letter to the BBC, he cites a whole catalogue of distortions, omissions and bias in the hour-long documentary, which, to any conscientious 9/11 researcher, was a gross insult. I posted a blog shortly after its airing outlining my objections, relaying them by email to the BBC and was not alone as it enraged many.

Blacker has raised a pre-action protocol with the BBC in an attempt to settle out of court and at the same time get an assurance from the corporation that the programme will never be aired again and that the BBC might produce a redactive account of the documentary in which due creedance is paid to the whole gamut of inconsistencies in the 9/11 Commission’s report and the irrefutable evidence which exists that the buildings underwent pre-planned demolition with government knowledge and - indeed - involvement.

Having refused to set a date to meet with Mr Blacker to discuss the issue, a date has now been set by the BBC for a dialogue later this month. We await to see if the BBC issues an apology.

Given the high political importance that 9/11 had and continues to have on geopolitical decision making, resulting in our loss of freedoms, the Iraq and Afghan wars and the smoking gun of government collusion and outright lying that followed this seminal event, it is hardly likely that a straight-jacketed state-controlled BBC will do much more than grudgingly apologise.

To see the correspondence which Blacker sent to the BBC go to

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Endgame? Not quite!

There can be a tendency among conspiracy documentarists to concentrate on the globalists’ agenda in a wholly daunting way and having just watched Alex Jones’ latest documentary, ‘Endgame’, I can understand the several comments I have heard from those who have also seen it in it’s entirety, that they felt ‘shocked’ ‘shaken’ and ‘depressed’ after watching it.

Make no mistake, ‘Endgame’ is a pioneering, very well researched and presented work even standing above Jones’ previous productions, by nature of its powerful and coherent message. And it’s all true. Having read other seminal works on eugenics and done much research into the other topics of global domination that Jones covers in this two and a half hour long documentary, I can vouch for the veracity of his observations and historical fact. (See the trailer below).

The problem is that after having sat out the 210 or so minutes of devastating truths of the past actions and future plans of this wildly outrageous cabal of global ‘murderers’ (for that is what they amount to) who rule our world, one ends up feeling either totally outraged and maddened or left feeling daunted and powerless.

It was heartening today to see footage shot by members of the ‘We are Change UK’ group of a Q&A session following a discussion at the London School of Economics entitled ‘Can We Trust Journalists With Public Security?’, by the infamous ex-MI6 head, Sir Richard Dearlove in which he was challenged by some very cogent questions from members of the audience (see below).

It will be recalled that Dearlove was principal author of ‘The Downing Street Memo’ that infamous missive in which he admits that “the facts and intelligence” about WMD were being “fixed round the policy” of a pre-planned invasion of Iraq.

It is confrontations from members of the public like this, in which they are posing genuine questions to someone who was directly implicated with spilling the blood of dead Iraqis, that are vital in our fight for accountability, transparency and justice. Dearlove was clearly rattled, despite his dismissive attitude towards those questioners, and, as a result, left the proceedings ahead of schedule.

World domination by a clique of crazed meglamaniacs and felons as portrayed in ‘Endgame’, may seem daunting, but rather than cower and cringe in the corner or go into a state of denial, we would feel a whole lot better if we got up and challenged these monsters at every opportunity, exposing their enormities for all to see.

But we should also take heed of David Icke in discovering ourselves as higher beings and elevating our collective conscious spirit as yet another means of rising above these global scoundrels and I finish with part 3 of David’s ‘Freedom or Fascism’ lecture which I hope will provide some enlightenment.

Go to for details on ordering the DVD, or if you are a member download the full version.