Friday, July 31, 2009

The Tamiflu sufferers

Guess what? Tamiflu is rendering many children more unwell than if they had just let the Swine Flu take its natural course. 51% of children in a test group of 248 reported side-effects such as nausea, insomnia and nightmares. Of course that doesn’t include any more long-term ill-effects from the mercury and other junk contained within the vaccine whose effects may manifest themselves later in life.

Yet that establishment lap dog, Sir Liam Donaldson, said that Tamiflu should still be given to children if they had established symptoms and there were no existing medical reasons not to prescribe the drug. Then he goes on to admit that under-fives were suffering a greater number of hospital admissions because of these side effects. Under fives shouldn’t be innoculated at all, a young and developing body being subjected to a wholly foreign cocktail of goodness-knows-what! But what does Donaldson know, or care, about developing children, so long as he sits in his comfortable position delivering lies and false information on behalf of his corporate paymasters.

I hope these reports will help to instill some sanity into parents and adults alike and get them to say NO to Tamiflu and view the whole Swine Flu scam for what it is - an artificially-engineered virus created by ‘swine’ - not the animal kind, but the psycopathic human kind that runs this planet!


Thursday, July 30, 2009

FSA Report - another piece of disingenuity

The latest insult to our intelligence comes from another NGA arm of our bereft government, the Food Standards Agency, who declare that organic food isn’t any healthier than non-organic.

Carlo Leifert, a professor of ecological agriculture at Newcastle University, who has read the report was mystified by the agency’s conclusions, whose ballpark figures approximate those of a report Leifert co-ordinated for a major EU-funded study which looked at the nutrient levels of organic versus non-organic which clearly gave the former the lead. Why then has the FSA come to quite different conlusions?

In my view, clearly its politically (and probably commercially) driven. In a climate where GM crops are once again being toyed with (as reported on Monday) and a US Depertment of Agriculture calling for the mass-irradiation of crops on the grounds that it will kill of bacteria and make it safer for the masses to eat(!), not to mention the dangerous cocktails being used in the Swine Flu vaccine that we will all be urged to take and the imminent spectre of Codex Alimentarius, the FSA’s downbeat and dismissive missive on organically-grown and reared foodstuffs fits into place. It’s all part of the trend towards denying the population its health - a eugenics programme pure and simple.

But criticism of the FSA’s report has been widespread. Peter Melchett, policy adviser at the Soil Association said "We are disappointed in the conclusions the researchers have reached. It doesn't say organic food is not healthier, just that, according to the criteria they have adopted, there's no proof that it is."

It’s the way they spin it and the way the media follows up in unison. Last night’s BBC ‘Lies at Six’ deliberately gave two people a blind tasting of organic and non-organic fruit. Needless to say the verdict came out a draw, mirroring the conclusions of the report. No account was taken into the pesticide-free nature of organic foodstuffs which are grown to rigorous standards or the far-improved health of free-range livestock, whose happier demeanour reflects itself in the quality of its meat, free of any vile agri-waste cocktail fed to it in the name of economy and profit.

Increased cost of organic aside, thinking people will ignore this report and dismiss it for what it is worth, just another pile of worthless ‘research’ tailored to the dictates of a patsy government and an agribusiness lobby whose steered covert agenda is to lead us down the road to hell!

Here are a few of the comments in reply to the Guardian’s piece on the report.

“What a pathetic criteria for a study!
The point of eating organic food is not a higher nutritional content but avoiding pesticides and the like, DUH! Therefore, YES, it is healthier.”

“Big agribusiness has a lot to lose from people rejecting it's toxic, mono-culture, GMO, scorch the earth mentality. And what could this possibly mean!: ‘The appendix of the FSA report shows that some nutrients, such as beta-carotene, are as much as 53% higher in organic food, but such differences are not reflected in its conclusions.’ Who is paying for this study? conventional farming poisons the earth and humans and strips the land of nutrients. if there are no nutrients in the soil there won't be any in the food and you can't make up for it with fertilizers and pesticides.”

“You only have to ask yourself, do I want foods intensively produced, often tasteless, inhumanely reared, potentially contaminated by pesticides, fungicides, growth hormones, genetic modification and other allied, often untested, modifications? Or would I prefer food free from interference by food scientists, chemists and the associated denizens of increased profitability.
I don't need a meta-analysis to answer that question wooly minded though I undoubtedly am.”

“It strikes me that the FSA have some agenda with regards this report, it blatantly omits any factor other than the basic nutritional values. Yet it still carries the headline 'no health benefits of organic food' on most media outlets. Looking at their website, they clearly have a biased attitude against organic, Im guessing since the popularity of organic rose out of the GM scepticism that there lies the actual reason behind the report. Look at their website page on GM food, and its an almost entirely positive account...Knowing that Gordon Brown has reopened the debate on GM crops, Im guessing that rubbishing organic farming is the first step in the propaganda initiative to warm mainstream public opinion towards more profitable GM agriculture.”

In other words is the FSA, in this report, also being influenced by the agribusiness cartel - I would say very likely.

PS To partly confirm my suspicions it turns out that one member of the research group at the University of London who were instrumental in the compilation of the FSA report, is one Dr Uauy. According to the Integrity in Science Database, Dr. Uauy has been a paid advisor to Unilever, Wyeth, Danone, DSM, Kellogg, Knowles and Bolton, Roche Vitamins Europe Ltd., and the International Copper Association. Well, what do you know!

Also read this

Monday, July 27, 2009

GM, snooping and Swine Flu

The masters of genocide that run our planet have engaged scientists in Tadcaster to carry on testing GM crops following a year of inactivity after environmental protesters ripped up their experimental crops last year. This resuming of trials has been done without any public announcement in the hope that it would escape the campaigners notice, but following an article in the Daily Telegraph, the cat’s out of the bag. Although DEFRA said that the potatoes upon which GM work is to take place to make them pest-resistant, would be grown in a ‘safe environment’ and would not be used for human or animal consumption, the mere fact that this unholy manipulation is once again on the agenda, is disgusting.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, I was excited to see so many flocking to Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s shop in Axminster on Saturday. This is one of two - the other in Bath - which is engaging the more perceptive elements of society to the products of really good, honest, local organically-grown foodstuffs, free of any kind of harmful artificial manipulation. Not only that, but it is waking people up to the delights of those herbs, spices and vegetables that are either largely ignored or normally murdered in the cooking process. Of course it comes at a price, my River Cottage Sydling Brook organic pork liver paté with caramelised onion marmalade served with Town Mill Bakery bread and enticing salad weighed in at £8, but it was a demonstration of what a real liver paté can taste like - absolutely gorgeous! At a time when many of the lower-paid or those out of work are now going back to Asda in order to keep the food bill down, it is crucial that organic growers can multiply and help make their produce more afforable for those cash-strapped. Either that, or grow your own rather than succumb to the hellish wizardries of GM science, whose interests are more in creating mass profits and denuding our health at the same time.

Unfortunately, there is a group in society less ethically developed in their endeavours that make me despair. In this gripe I am referring to those hapless council workers that engage in helping introduce initiatives like enticing members of the public to spy on their neighbours for financial gain. This gripe also extends to those who would take up such an offer. But that is precisely what is being instigated in town halls across the country, all under the guise of improving the local environment. Whereas anti-social behaviour is unacceptable, local social disputes must be the sovereign preserve of the local community, engaging in face to face discourse as a way to resolve their problems, and not that of an interfering state. Following an article in today’s Daily Mail listing many of the local council schemes currently being rolled out to engage parents and children as young as 11 in spying on their neighbours - a wholly anti-social and obnoxious practice in its own right - some fitting responses were aired in reply to the article.

“This sounds like East Germany during the deepest darkest days of communism. When are the forced labour camps opening?”

“12 years of labour and we are nearly there.”

“The UK is apparently determined to bring the visions of George Orwell to reality.”

“Who are these people who dream up these crazy ideas. Can't they see that this will completely break down communities and set neighbour against neighbour, may even lead to more street violence if it gets out of hand. It is the authorities job to maintain our laws and police our streets. People should be educated to respect for their home and environment, not subjected to constant monitoring.”

“I seem to recall something similar in Hong Kong in the 70s when the HK government invented Lap Sap Chung. (The rubbish man) They had to stop this eventually as the people were turning against one another rather viciously and creating more problems than the problem they were trying to control.”

Precisely, that’s what our movers and shakers want, a society constantly at war with itself, divided and hostile. With an environment like that, more state control becomes their answer until we are locked into a militaristic fascist nightmare. Among those party in making this nightmare come true are those jobsworths of council workers who wittingly or unwittingly help in rolling out these schemes ‘because it’s part of their job’, or some other yellow-bellied excuse, and those members of the public who will willingly engage in partnering in such appalling ‘initiatives’. If they haven’t the wit to see the error of their ways and the way it will impact upon them and society in general, they need to get off their butts and wake up to what is really going on around them. As I’ve said before, the only way to beat this monster is non-compliance.

Meanwhile there are others who must be aware of some covert agenda but are just complacently playing along with it. Exeter City Council have announced that some 19th century catacombs, originally used as underground burial chambers, could have their original purpose revived to house the bodies of Swine Flu victims. Why is everyone so hell-bent on assuming that there could be a mass-epidemic of a virus, which so far, has been relatively benign, claiming fewer victims than any seasonal outbreak of flu, albeit during the summer months? Just what have they been tipped off about that the unwitting among us may become victim to? Does someone out there have inside information that the virus may mutate - by design - and become ferocious, or that the hastily-tested vaccine now in preparation of being rolled out, will contain some particularly nasty ingredients - as vaccines tend to do - that will bring about millions of deaths worldwide. If you think I’m being delusional go to and find out for yourselves the kind of things that have been going on in the field of eugenics over the past decades. We need more whistleblowers who are privy to this, the latest of so many scams sent to ensnare us, to blow this MO wide open.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Latest from NO2ID

Comments made in connection with each news item are personal observations and not necessarily those of NO2ID.

While the government presses ahead, relentlessly with the ID card scheme with the passing of more statutory instruments relating to the ID Card Act, opposition from the general public continues to grow as more and more people become aware of the true enormity of what is planned. But beware of Conservative party front bench opposition. While some of it may well be genuinely held, such sentiments are highly convenient vote-winners. You can be sure that once elected, the Tories will only end up continuing the same current agenda, using spin to explain their about-turn. Remember all of the promises that came from the lips of Obama before he stepped up to the plate. Those have virtually all proved to be false, and this is what politics is about these days, winning people’s confidence by telling them what they want to hear, then picking up the baton from their out-voted predecessors only to continue the same agenda on behalf of their controlling masters. Politicians don’t run the show, the corporate oligarchs do. Politicians are merely their servants and salesmen. I fear that NO2ID will find few true allies in the political spectrum until there is a wholesale revolt en-masse against this new world order and it’s with we the people where the responsibility really lies.

Retrospective adding of DNA records to the current DNA database is being considered for those who were convicted of serious violent or sexual abuse crimes prior to the 2004 change in the law which made such DNA collection mandatory.

The Annual Report of the National Police Improvement Agency reveals the extent to which the Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system has grown. According to the report the ANPR reads around 8 million registration plates per day and that plans are afoot to allow that information to be accessed by the Scottish police forces, British Transport Police, Serious Organised Crime Agency, Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs and the Security Service.

A government report has stated that the plan to have high street shops engage in ID Card enrolment would be unworkable and open to fraud. I should say so!

For more see

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Stick the needles where the sun don't shine!

I have never had any intention of lining up for, what may well become, a compulsory vaccination against swine flu. I routinely reject the annual flu jab that my GP advises me to take as well as the statin drugs he would also have me take on an ongoing basis. Both offer far greater health risks than they are purported to offer, the only benefits they dispense are profits to the drug companies.

With the ludicrously inflated hype surrounding the swine flu epidemic, with its generally mild symptoms and very low mortality rate - compared to many normal winter flu epidemics which go largely unreported, I immediately become suspicious, particularly when the manufacturers of Tamiflu - Baxter International - have been caught releasing contaminated flu virus material from their plant in Austria.

The fact is that there is a larger eugenics agenda at work here and if you value your wellbeing, you'll make sure that you keep your natural immune system robust by keeping healthy and stay clear of the ruinous cocktail contained within the swine flu vaccine.

Take heed of what David Icke has to say in this short video clip.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The beast is revealed

For those sceptics that have pooh-poohed the idea that a global currency was on the cards, they may now need to think twice now as yesterday, at the finalé of the G8 summit at l’Aquila in Italy, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev produced a coin, believed to have been minted in Belgium, representing a new word currency. Now all the signs are in place that a global banking takeover is in the offing with every man, woman and child on the planet beholden to one giant banking dictatorship, ultimately transcending all governments.

‘Interdependency’ was the key word used by Medvedev - the raison d’être of the new global currency. I would rather determine it as ‘Dependency’ upon one worldwide financial oligarchy who can call the shots at will. Democratic freedoms and sovereign independence are now out of the window, room for maneuver gone.

Of course, this immediately spells the death knell for the dollar as a world reserve currency, but when asked, both Bernanke and Geithner shrugged the whole suggestion off saying such an agenda did not exist. Of course they know it exists. They are currently engaged in part of the process to enact the dollar's demise. In fact this whole trend is supported by a document released by the Bank for International Settlements, which, in 2006 called for the end of national currencies in favour of a global model of currency formats.

With almost every senior figure in world politics currently shouting from the roof tops for some form of world financial regulation, it’s pretty clear which road they are charting for our collective futures.

In all of this we must remember the words of Mayer Amschel Rothschild “Give me control of a country's money supply and I care not who makes the laws”. That control is now about to go global!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Jackson assassinated by the CIA?

FSB sources reporting to Russian President Medvedev claim that they identified an electromagnetic pulse aimed at Jackson’s house prior to his death. See

Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) Weapons have long been part of the covert intelligence arsenal and I recall Dr Steven Greer of the Disclosure Project claiming that both he and his wife were targeted with this technology some years ago, his wife developing metastatic cancer from the onslaught. In both cases, Jackson and Greer were releasing (or about to release in Jackson’s case) information that would rock the hidden establishment - Jackson with the purported mass eugenics scam via the Swine Flu virus and Greer with his Disclosure Programme relating to top military sources going public about ETs.

Jackson was a long-standing supporter of Austrian investigative journalist Jane Burgermeister who has filed criminal charges with the FBI against the World Health Organisation (WHO), claiming that they were about to commit bioterrorism with the release of the new Swine Flu vaccine. She has also prepared an injunction against the programme of forced vaccination which is in the process of being instigated in the US. Entire details of this highly detailed and well-researched lawsuit can be found at see

I and many others believe that the current Swine Flu scaremongering is a preparatory step towards, what could be, a mass eugenics programme being covertly planned by that unseen hand, to use new global powers of the WHO to enforce mass innoculations using this highly doubtful vaccine.

According to David Icke’s website “the reason behind the CIA needing to assassinate Michael Jackson, these reports continue, was an out of court settlement the pop icon signed with son of the king of Bahrain, Sheikh Abdullah bin Hamad al-Khalifa, this past November in London, and which stated, in part, that in exchange for millions of dollars previously lent to Mr. Jackson by the Sheikh, Mr. Jackson would allow his sold-out United Kingdom concerts to be a “platform” for warning the World of a soon to occur mass genocide event”.

Check these links out and see what you think. None of it would surprise me!

Friday, July 03, 2009

Latest from NO2ID

Comments made in connection with each news item are personal observations and not necessarily those of NO2ID.

News reports have recently implied that the new home secretary, Alan Johnson, has watered down the compliancy stakes over the ID Card scheme. Not true, unless you want to become a self-sufficient hermit and live in a cave. Wednesday’s edition of the Times carried an article stating that “Alan Johnson signalled a significant reversal over the Government’s identity card policy yesterday when he ruled out making them compulsory for British citizens”. But further on it does admit that “However, the Government is to press ahead with creating a national identity register that, from 2011-12, will include the details of everyone who applies for a passport”. Passports happen to be vital things to the vast majority of people and sometimes are asked for domestically as ID if you don’t - like me - possess a driving licence. In fact the Home Office line has not changed one iota. As the latest NO2ID bulletin states "The Home Office line remains the same. No compulsion (as the Home Office defines it) was going to be applied until almost everyone had 'volunteered' and then it was only a matter of rounding up a minority of resisters and marginalised people.

The Home Office's idea of "voluntary" is not the same as yours and mine. Since 2004 the scheme was (and it still is) to proceed by "designating" one-by-one under the Identity Cards Act 2006 other documents issued by official bodies -- in the first place passports. Once a document has been designated, you won't be able to apply for one without also applying to be entered, for life, on the national identity register. If you don't agree to be registered it won't be that you are refused (say) a passport; you'd have voluntarily decided not to apply. There's no compulsion to have a passport. It is useful for travelling. But you aren't compelled to travel. Or (say) to drive. Or to work as a security guard. Or with children. Or in healthcare. To get parole from prison. To practice as a lawyer. ... Any official licence, registration certificate or permit can be designated, and -- in the home office's skewed logic -- handing control of your identity to the Home Office's Identity and Passport Service will still be entirely voluntary".

Until recently, airside workers at Britain’s airports were to ‘voluntarily’ enrol for ID passes, without which they wouldn’t get very far in their careers, that is until the unions made a stink about it and that is what we all must do, all the way down the line on this crucial issue.

The BBC (the British Bullshit Corporation as I prefer to call it), has engaged in yet more dis-information
with the announcement that “Some 3,500 UK citizens have already applied for the cards”, implying that it must be OK, with eager participants lining up. Not true. The regulations that specify the content and manner of application have not yet even been approved by parliament! This spins the probable reality of the story that the UK Identity and Passport Service’s website has invited visitors to “register your interest in identity cards and the National Identity Service” - simply that - and that’s not ‘applying’ as the BBC would have you believe. This is all psy-ops by stealth. Even if 3,500 genuine invitations were received and there weren’t any facetious ones, (and there probably were) this completely dwarfs the number of people that have signed up to NO2ID registering their opposition to the scheme.

Following the government’s partial stand down on airside workers’ requirement to register on the ID scheme as a condition of work
it has now turned its attention to youngsters saying that possession of an ID card will act as proof of age, an increasingly necessary requirement for those wanting to buy alcohol etc. Manchester’s pilot scheme is to be expanded with residents able to apply for an ID card before the end of this year. This will then be rolled out across the north west with applications available early next year.

The government faces more embarassment as it has been revealed by one of the unsuccessful bidders for the new hi-tech passports that a director of the winning company is one of Gordon Brown’s senior mandarins!

A London-wide NO2ID activist network has been established
that will heighten awareness of the ID card scheme across the capital. The network hopes to raise the profile of ID cards in people’s minds and will make a presence at public events, street fairs, pop concerts etc. The first event is to take place on Saturday 11th July, where members will hold a training session on how to engage the public’s awareness. Later this month on Thursday 30th, Ladbroke Grove will host a Magicians against ID cards event in support of NO2ID.


Who are the Taliban and al Qaeda really working for?

When Obama and Brown engage in the tired old rhetoric of setting up a new offensive to combat and defeat the Taliban or al Qaeda, you can be sure that the opposite is true. Both groups are the raison d’être for US (and British) troops to be in Afghanistan and Iraq in the first place, not because they need to be defeated, but because they provide a ‘legitimate’ reason for continued western military occupancy in economically and geo-politically important areas.

But it’s the covert machinations employed to try to ensure that continued occupancy that is so frightful as political commentator Paul Watson and ex-US Navy senior intelligence officer Wayne Madsen, have recently pointed out.

The above link forms a valuable lesson in learning how governments use those who are portrayed to us as ‘the enemy’, to fight for them in order to foster the very insurgency they say must be fought, thereby prolonging the conflict in order to achieve an ongoing military and political presence by proxy on foreign soil. In Afghanistan, for instance, that continued presence protects western political and military-industrial hegemony with its interests in the oil pipelines that cross the country as well as maintaining continuing control the poppy trade, the proceeds from which go towards more black ops and illegitimate wars.