Tuesday, December 09, 2008

New World Order - confirmed

Today the Financial Times of London carried a lead story entitled ‘And now for a world government’.

Is the author of the piece, Gideon Rachman, baring the enemy’s fists on their behalf? Whatever, the fight is about to commence and you can tell this when the cabal are publicly admitting to it.

In his article he cites the assertion made by Strobe Talbott, one of Obama’s advisors, in 1992 that “In the next century, nations as we know it will be obsolete; all states will recognize a single, global authority. National sovereignty wasn’t such a great idea after all.” He also points to the words of Jacques Attali, advisor to Nicholas Sarkozy that “Global governance is just a euphemism for global government.”

Rachman goes on to say that he believes that the EU is a blueprint for that global one-world state.

But his words that “International governance tends to be effective, only when it is anti-democratic,”...“In general, the Union (EU) has progressed fastest when far-reaching deals have been agreed by technocrats and politicians – and then pushed through without direct reference to the voters,” gives me the distinct impression that he is batting for the globalists and not on our behalf, suggesting, as he does openly, that the road to that end goal is best achieved through dictatorial powers!

When such an influential newspaper of record starts to publish such admissions you can bet that the cards are on the table.

Now it’s over to us to make our retaliatory move if we care about democracy, freedom and liberty.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Latest from NO2ID

Hidden away in new legislation proposed within the Queen’s Speech this week is the appalling, but not unforseen, unbridled increase in data sharing.

In the depths of the Coroners and Justice Bill - the way controversial pieces of legislation are always quietly levered in - are measures to exercise sharing of data without Parliamentary debate. These powers follow the Thomas/Walport Data Sharing Review paper which recommended "that where there is a genuine case for removing or modifying an existing legal barrier to data sharing, a new statutory fast-track procedure should be created".

Jack Straw went on to say that this will "simplify the data protection framework and remove any unnecessary obstacles to data sharing".

As NO2ID states this would “allow the government effectively to set aside not just the Data Protection Act and data protection principles when it suits, but the much more fundamental protections of Articles 6 and 8 of the ECHR/HRA, of common law confidentiality and of ultra vires.

This goes far beyond data protection into administrative and constitutional law. Rather than protecting our personal information as it should, the government is cutting away safeguards for its own data-trafficking convenience. This bill as it stands smashes the rule of law and builds the database state in its place. We need to do everything we can to stop these powers being passed otherwise it really could mean the end of privacy as we know it."

These powers will completely strip away our data protection rights for the sake of fast tracking procedures that, until now, have contained checks and balances to protect ordinary, innocent people. At a stroke it will introduce a no-holes-barred database surveillance state.

Following the European Court of Human Rights ruling that the retention of the DNA records of innocents, or those who have been convicted of minor offences be outlawed, last night’s BBC News piece on the subject ended on a unhelpful counter note implicating that the continued retention of all DNA records might be beneficial, without which the conviction of Ipswich mass murderer Steve Wright, might not have been possible had not his DNA been retained on the database following a minor theft many years previously. Staffordshire’s Chief Constable was also expressing concerns that the court’s rulings would take away an important tool available to the police.

And that's the basis of the argument always dangled in front of us when yet more of our rights and privacy is being stripped away - the convenience in apprehending crime and terrorism. So our rights of Habeus Corpus are replaced with those of Napoleonic law - everyone is potentially guilty until innocence is proven. And the reason for all of this? The perceived threat from a world of lawless individuals, terrorists and organised crime. Yes, such threats always lurk somewhere in any society, but the most dangerous elements of it, today, seem to lie within our own governments, the executors of that unseen hand, the New World Order cabal whose sole aim is to incarcerate us all.

Police powers are getting totally out of control, aided and abetted with the affirmative nod and a wink from government. Initiatives such as those contained within the Coroners and Justice Bill must be opposed and curtailed.

Still on the subject, only yesterday came the news that musicians and performers in London will soon be required to complete and hand over an eight page form in which they must detail all of their personal information and ethnicity. Failure to comply could well mean the loss of their licence and therefore livlihood.

Then in Wednesday's Mail Online comes the news that state officials are to be empowered to demand an individual's identity at any time - yet another goody announced in the Queen's speech, the debate of which was conveniently over-shadowed by the furore over Damian Green's warrantless arrest. (Connect the dots together and could the Green debacle have also been used as a shield to deflect debate on the controversial legislation in the speech?)

The compulsory need to show one's ID is usually reserved for times of war and were last used when Britain was fighting Germany. Who is the enemy this time? Us!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Project Camelot

Michael St Clair

One of the St Clair family that can trace its roots far back in time, Michael St Clair was born in Switzerland, served in the Swiss Army then, later, went into banking where he picked up a great deal of knowledge on economies and financial investment.

Having lived in the almost fairytale-like Chillon Castle beside Lake Geneva, Michael St Clair, more recently, moved to Florida. He is the author of several books, most notably ‘Zen of Stars’ a novel set in several dimensions, which St Clair says has a tendency to change people’s consciousness as they read it, saying that it an almost impossible book to describe. The essence of the book combines the subject matter of four earlier ones, condensing and combining elements on astrology and planetary alignments - a subject which fascinated St Clair from an early age - Earth changes, future trends in politics, diplomacy, society, economics, science and so on.

Goodbye 'Real World'

Following his employment in banking St Clair decided to leave the ‘Real World’ - the hard, deterministic one - and involve himself in the world of the occult, not as it is popularly regarded, but as an involvement in ‘hidden’ matters, in fact what will become understood science in future. The world that he is currently immersing himself in is that which can be explained in the words of quantum physics, but St Clair argues that to more properly understand it you have to ‘live in it’. This requires the expansion of the psychic mind as opposed to everyday linear thought processes and it is this expansion of our psychic concsiousness that he believes will embrace a much greater number of people on Earth in the coming years as planetary alignments begin to allow an opening up of the discrete senses.

Coming changes

St Clair is in no doubt, as so many of us are now, that the immediately forthcoming years will see great upheaval here on Earth, both geo-politically and geo-magnetically as a newly emergent planetary alignment influences itself upon our world and our minds, one which should bring heightened spiritual awareness to much of mankind. He believes that the seemingly irrational and catastrophic course that our current economic and political world is now facing is largely the result of the interaction of alien grey and reptilian races with many of our political and Illuminati communities, urging them to attain a position of dominance, to control our world with a central bank and financial system, world army and judicial system, creating a hi-tech serfdom, none of which is in any way in our best interests, but the quest for which will result in tumultuous wars and conflict.

With our world due to change in drastic ways, geo-magnetic disturbances will also cause a dramatic rise in earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes etc. creating widespread havoc, St Clair adds to this the great transformation that will effect our consciousness through the new astronomical dimensional alignment - potentially a tremendous awakening for man, but not something that everyone, he believes, will be able to handle, with the often in-built human trait of resisting change, bringing with it riotous behaviour among many human beings. St Clair envisages a dramatic loss of life resulting from these geo-magnetically generated disasters, maybe halving the world population.

Zones of Radiance

What will be paramount will be enough people with newly heightened awareness and possessing specialised skills to lead the remaining souls on earth in setting up, what St Clair calls, ‘Zones of Radiance’, small clusters of communities worldwide that communicate with each other either telepathically - with their newly heightened awareness - or by a sophisticated form if Internet. These communities would return to the values of living close to mother earth but retain and further develop advanced technologies for peaceful purposes from generating free energy to working with nature in a wholly complementary way.

At present, St Clair reckons that there are only a mere handful of people worldwide that could carry forward such a survival project at present. Although that number is expanding, the vast majority of the Earth’s population are living in total ignorance of true reality and are totally devoid of the spiritual foresight necessary to engage in this forward thinking.

St Clair admits he, personally, has no blueprint in his own life for the way forward at present other than his concept of the ‘Zones of Radiance’ and allying enough like-minded souls to come on board. With a heightened inner-awareness, he believes that it’s going to be a matter of feeling one's way forward by instinct and implicate guidance and that there is no formula for the journey ahead, no checklist, other than the vision the ‘Zones of Radiance’ scenario implies.


Personally, I find St Clair’s claim that the Earth, as a living organism, may well benefit from the sloughing off of, maybe, 50% of its current population, as a necessary means to 're-balance' the planet a bit disquieting and could be construed as a comment from the mainstream Illuminati agenda. The question is, are a large section of ordinary people on this planet creating the disharmony we witness today, or are they so dumbed-down as to be a burden to the well-being of our Earth as St Clair might be implying? We must remember just who dumbed them down in the first place, a relatively small group in world society who I and others see as being the main root cause of disharmony on this planet - the so-called Illuminati and their entourage, those who St Clair maintains are being covertly controlled by the reptilians and the clone greys.

If great geo-magnetically-caused upheavals are to engulf our world in the next few years, then the collateral loss of half the Earth’s population may well be unavoidable, but St Clair’s vision of a select few who survive and go on to build a new world of heightened spirituality and awareness, rather smacks of the priviledge some human beings may have over others.

I do believe though, that it is incumbent on us all to improve our ways, realise the way we are being entrapped by out Illuminati masters, discard materialism, expand our love to all and heighten our awareness of infinite reality, the process of which we hope will be naturally enhanced by coming planetary alignments.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The spectre of things to come?

Largely unreported in British mainstream media, riots have broken out in Iceland while the country teeters on the edge of bankruptcy. Having built up its economy on the back of the engineered global banking scam, the after-effects of that scam are becoming ever clearer in the eyes of the general public. What is happening in Iceland, where about a third of the country’s population are in serious danger of losing their homes and life savings, will soon emerge elsewhere around the western world, particularly in the US as the man in the street becomes savvy to the gross manipulations of the central banks in deliberately bankrupting economies and buying up their remnants on the cheap.

A banner hung from a government building read “Iceland for Sale: $2,100,000,000”. This is the amount that the country will receive from the IMF, that infamous global bank that has incarcerated so many third world countries in impossible debt, only to gradually buy up their infrastructure as collateral against that unpaid debt and Iceland will become yet another wholly-owned subsidiary of the élite.

This morning, the BBC finally got round to reporting the amazing increase in gun purchases in the US, particularly in Texas. Revolution is just around the corner in that country and will soon manifest itself once the love affair in Obama’s ‘change’ policies evaporate and prove to be just more of the empty rhetoric from the ongoing élite-backed Bush/Clinton/Bush/Clinton (now that Hillary is Obama’s Secretary of State) regime.

This perception is backed up by renowned Russian political analysist, Igor Panarin, who predicts that the US may well fragment as some state legislatures are beginning to call for a complete break from the union. The dollar is soon to crash, as we have long since known, as it becomes an empty and worthless currency, and Panarin believes that China or Russia or a coalition of the two countries may provide a replacement the US as a new world market regulator. Seeming to be on the ascendant side, of course he would say that, but it is obvious that this economic upheaval is a prelude to centralised banking control on a global basis and all the rest of the centralised baggage that comes with it.

So expect bloodshed on the streets of the US next year as armed private citizens battle it out with FEMA SWAT teams, US troops, Obama’s newly formed squads of social snoopers etc etc. As the heads of the British police forces have been warned to prepare for civil unrest in this country, what Iceland is currently witnessing may well be repeated on the streets of Britain as a similar fate befalls us and Brown’s so-called economic rescue package becomes the damp squib it is bound to be, leaving us and the nation massively indebted to the banks and destitute.

I suspect that next year will be a time for us all to take to the streets in protest of the iniquities that are being enacted by the élite in front of our eyes and which are becoming more transparent as each day goes by.

Project Camelot

Bill Holden

Engaged as a Loadmaster and Flight Steward in US Air Force Special Missions, Bill Holden led an interesting career and became privy to certain aspects of top secret projects being conducted by the US government. Not only did this involve the back-engineering of their technologies to which the military had become acquainted, but also direct liaison with extraterrestrial beings.

President Kennedy’s revelation

His first interesting encounter came aboard Air Force One in 1963 while employed as one of the onboard stewards accompanying President Kennedy to Berlin on the eve of his famous ‘Ich bin ein Berliner’ speech. During the flight, Holden had picked up a couple of German newspapers, the headlines of which reported on a UFO sighting over an autobahn the previous day. While fetching Kennedy a glass of fruit juice, Holden left one of the papers beside it. Kennedy asked Holden what he thought of the report and he replied that his upbringing had taught him to believe that there must be other intelligent lifeforms out there and that he believed the reports to be credible. To Holden’s surprise Kennedy replied “You're right, young man”.

Holden’s ‘Top Hat’ clearance vowed him to secrecy and not to disclose any conversation he might overhear while aboard any presidential flight. To attain this clearance Holden had been subjected to and Extensive Background Investigation (EBI) to assess his suitability for maintenence of such secrecy. For years Holden had never disclosed Kennedy’s response.

First encounter

While based at Zweibruken in Germany, Holden had the opportunity to fly in one of the new F-104 Starfighters. Being just about the fastest aircraft around at that time, they were soon to find out that their capability would be outmatched when Holden spotted another craft close by. When they hit the afterburners in an attempt to pursue the craft, it advanced away from them at tremendous speed, belying the fact that it could be of terrestrial origin. Back at base after reporting the sight they were told in no uncertain terms to forget about it, they hadn’t seen anything, and tell no-one of the incident. But what they had witnessed bore a very close resemblance to the craft in the reported autobahn sighting.

Holden was always amazed at the reluctance of US newspapers and media to report saucer sightings. He recalls the front page headlines in the British Fylde Evening Gazette at the time he spoke at a UFO Conference in Blackpool, proclaiming a major UFO sighting in north west England. They even went on to augment it with a special full page report!

Special missions

Holden's career entailed participation in special missions from time to time which required signing a 20-year non-disclosure agreement with stiff penalties should he break its conditions. One such assignment involved Holden going to Andrews AFB to collect and accompany a party of high ranking military officials in a series of visits to highly restricted locations. Their first port of call being Wright Patterson AFB in Ohio, long associated with the dissemination of alien artifacts and technology.

From there they flew to Cheyenne Mountain, home to NORAD HQ with its vast underground network and waited aboard the aircraft while the top brass entourage were given a guided tour. Then it was off White Sands in New Mexico. Normally told to remain on the aircraft while the top brass went about their business, on this occasion he was asked to accompany the party on board a bus with blacked out windows which took them to the ‘blue hangar’, a highly restricted facility. Holden and colleagues were allowed to disembark with the officials and it was here that he witnessed two ‘grey’ aliens and one of their craft parked in a box canyon. They were about 5 feet in height, wearing one-piece coveralls and Holden remarked on the fact of how gracefully they moved.

On a later mission, Holden was asked to accompany yet another, different, high ranking group. The destinations, at first, mirrored those of the previous mission, but then the C118 in which they were being flown headed to the west coast landing in Los Angeles. The following morning they embarked for Hickham AFB in Hawaii. A little after 0700 hrs the following day they were taken to a beach on the west coast of Hawaii for a breakfast when they witnessed a most incredible sight as a saucer craft suddenly emerged from the ocean and began to perform a whole series of incredible manoevers in front of their group, then disappearing almost instantaneously. It soon returned as suddenly as it had departed entering the water without causing the slightest disturbance to the water. This phenomenon, of course, is explained by the craft’s surrounding force field which effectively leaves it out of contact with the sea.

Although Holden believes the craft to be one of alien origin, he is now well aware that many sightings today are of our own back-engineered versions.


In the summer of 1971, Holden found himself stationed at Patrick AFB, Coco Beach in Florida. One Friday afternoon Holden went fishing beside the Indian River. Emphasising that he doesn’t indulge in any form of drugs or alcohol, one moment he was leaning back against a palm tree and the next he found himself inside an alien craft lying on what appeared to be a pedestal table surrounded by three ETs. The message they imparted telepathically to Holden was unmistakable. Tell them to stop destroying Mother Earth and get them to learn to love one another. Reach for a higher mental level in harmony with all around. Holden maintains that he has now received this direct and unequivocal message from the ETs twice. At no time during this experience did Holden feel intimidated or frightened, but felt privileged to be a part of such an important liaison.

He later realised that he had received an implant while on board the craft, but refuses to have it removed as he believes it is a crucial link between him and the ETs which he hopes will result in a further meeting one day.

Machu Picchu

While stationed at Howard AFB in Panama, Holden was sent on a further trip to the Nazca Plain in Peru. A team of astronauts returning to Earth from a mission had noticed some hieroglyphics on the plains in Peru which the Air Force wished to have recorded on film. The hieroglyphics comprised of a monkey glyph and a large humanoid-looking figure, clearly of extreme vintage. While there, a further part of their mission was to visit the ancient city of Machu Picchu at Cuzco where they saw the equally ancient cave drawings of helmeted figures and flying craft. To finish they visited a building in Lima which housed 20,000 to 25,000 year-old skeletons. Holden related all of this ancient evidence of ante-diluvian civilisation and alien visitations to what is cryptically described in the Old Testament joining the dots together and linking homo sapien’s origins to those beings from other planet. These missions seemed to have a special purpose, initially to test the reactions of certain chosen personnel to the revelation of this information, perhaps as a means to preempt the response of society in general to greater universal disclosure of such knowledge of other extraterrestrial life forms and our origins.

Desert party

In 1977 Holden had further personal experiences of extraterrestrial flying craft out in the Mojave desert, close to Edwards AFB, where, apart from flying craft engaging in incredibly amazing manoevers, he witnessed what only could be described as a massive mother craft in the night sky, the size of a football field. The fields generated by the craft caused Holden’s skin to acquire a shade akin to sunburn, but which, after a few days, gradually dissipated.

Holden is of no doubt that a secret pact had been signed, back in the early ’50s between the extraterrestrials and the US government. Other understandings he holds support the testimony of Col Philip J Corso of Air Materiel Command’s Foreign Technology Desk who was actively engaged in disseminating items of recovered alien technology from saucer crashes - apparently caused by our radar which played havoc with their guidance systems - and handed them out to industry to back-engineer, resulting in night vision, fibre optics, integrated circuits and a whole host of other technologies which are now either commonplace in our every day lives or hidden from the public in the form of esoteric anti-gravity propulsion systems being manufactured and tested today, in Holden’s view, by such companies as Lockheed and probably many others.

Classified conference

In 1995 Holden was invited to a highly restricted conference, organised, interestingly enough, by the Rockefeller Foundation, for which he had to change his identity and fly to northern California where he was taken to a location known as the Alisai Ranch. Here he, two KGB officers, a Lt Colonel and several others including the father of the man who had owned the ranch outside of Roswell (presumably Mac Brazel, where the famous July 1947 alien craft crash had taken place) examined some of the items recovered from the crash - ones that had been kept out of the reach of the Army Air Force recovery team. The almost identical similarity between the hieroglyphics on some of the I-beam struts with those of Phoenician Sanskrit were very telling, clearly indicating the seeding of mankind’s early written languages from those of the alien visitors to this planet and their involvement in our development.

Going public

Since retiring from the Air Force, Holden went on to run his own real estate business, but once beyond his 20 year commitment to silence, he felt it high time to take his story on the road, giving talks and the interview with Project Camelot. He feels it is of the greatest importance to let the world know that we are not alone by any means and that we are the living evidence of genetic creation by an off-world intelligence, whose technologies far exceed our own. Since going public, only once has Holden been warned off speaking of such subjects. An encounter with the stereotypical ‘men-in-black’ took place in his home on one occasion, to which Holden stood his ground using his First Amendment rights as ammunition. No such warnings have come his way since.


Of Holden’s whole story the most fundamentally important message for us all is that which was telepathically imparted to him by the greys while aboard their craft in Florida. Their warning about the way we conduct our lives though wars, greed and despoilation of our planet is paramount and Holden is not, by any means, the only recipient of this message by our alien ‘watchers’, so many others have been similarly warned, even though that message would be more properly aimed at the so-called élite that run this planet and pose the greatest threat to mankind.

His awareness has come not only from other-worldly intelligences but, also, from our own race. It seems apparent that the missions he engaged in where also aimed at judging human reaction to being confronted with extraterrestrials, their technology and those ancient artifacts that bear witness of extraterrestrial association with this planet, and ourselves, for millenia. Holden admits that he feels no fear or any threat to his belief systems from what he has witnessed and learned, indeed one can infer a strenthening of his spirit and a much heightened awareness.

It is this through listening and understanding the profound depth of Holden’s experiences that we must all aspire to open our minds to a much greater awareness than that of our everyday mortal toil, deliberately shielded as we are from higher belief, and liberate ourselves from this hell in which we are imprisoned by the propaganda of our worldly jailors and masters. We must use use the message of Bill Holden and others who have been chosen to be conduits of the truth, to increase our knowledge and awareness, break free and become our own free masters, for without that we will perish as our extraterrestrial ‘watchers’ fear.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Project Camelot

Project Camelot was founded as a worldwide platform for whistle-blowers. At a time in society when secrecy is more endemic than ever among those in intelligence, industrial and government communities, it is vital that those ‘in the know’, despite their vow to secrecy, divulge their knowledge in an attempt to help liberate mankind and bring to justice those who are denying us that most vital information about us as a species and revealing those enacting this secrecy that are hell-bent on enslaving our lives.

The project’s focus of attention so far has been on such topics as:
• extraterrestrial visitation and contact
• time travel
• mind control
• classified advanced technology
• free energy
• possible coming earth changes
• revealing plans that exist to control the human race
and has featured individuals who have been privy to certain restricted information in these fields, either through top secret clearance in some government or allied agency, or ‘divined’ through hyper-sensory encounters with alien beings.

As a result, Project Camelot hopes:
• To establish ‘safety in numbers’ and unite these disparate factions under an umbrella of protection for activists and ‘whistleblowers’ who may have concerns for the safety of themselves and their loved ones.
• To provide a tribute to all activists in paradigm-challenging fields who have worked for the benefit of humanity... and who have suffered or been silenced for speaking the truth.

Over the next year I intend to disseminate information from some of the more notable interviews with these whistle-blowers that the project has recorded in recent times and draw a commonality and concensus over what is being kept hidden from the public domain.

Ralph Ring

Retired from military service in 1954, Ralph Ring had inwardly always been a conscientious objector and didn’t believe in killing. While stationed in Guam, he didn’t care for the fights that would habitually break out every night in bars between members of the different services and instead would go scuba diving where he became entranced by the subaqueous world. Although he continually asked for postings to engineering divisions within the military, he was always posted to heavy weapons divisions and so emerged from the services without many technical skills.

His love of diving encouraged him to set up a scuba diving business in California following up in the R&D division of a diving manufacturing company. Being a rather risky business, Ralph’s wife persuaded him to take a land job and he joined a lab tech team at Advanced Kinetics, a company engaged in government contract research.

His first job was to study the behaviour of electron particles as they were passed through a magnetic field with the specific instruction to photograph the passage of a single electron that was not deflected by the field. This was an impossible task and was ultimately costing the taxpayer a lot of money in time and materials with no tangible or worthwhile result. Ring decided to employ his heightened sense of rationality and deep understanding of nature, over the task at home by setting up his own rig using pulsed energy to release the electron flow. This simple intuition was successful as, sure enough, the electrons travelled in a straight line without being deflected.

Another group at Advanced Kinetics were levitating steel balls with an electromagnetic coil, but found that the coils would burn out after a short period of time. Again, it was all government-funded work that was employing brute force instead or harnessing the natural laws of nature to achieve the desired results while costing the taxpayer dearly and providing no result. Again, Ring went home and decided to achieve the desired effect by simply using sound frequencies. After finally achieving the right frequency the ball levitated continuously.

With this successful experimentation under his belt he took these findings to his boss, who, to his surprise, showed no interest at all, insisting that their current methods of experimentation be adhered to. The fact was, that they had no intention of achieving their goals. As long as the government funding poured in it was just a case of maintaining the status quo. (This fruitless research rather reminded me of the efforts that are continuously expended on finding the cause and cures of cancer, when a great wealth of succesful treatment already exists having being pioneered by such people as Royal Raymond Rife, Dr Max Gerson and others). This forced Ring to leave the company.

Later a chance encounter with someone who was actually interested with what Ring had been doing, introduced him to a group of like-minded people who were regularly attending a group called ‘Understanding’ led by a man called Daniel Fry who was involved with UFO technology.

Once with this group Ring was soon introduced to Otis Carr who he found fascinating. Carr had developed a craft that could levitate, deriving its energy by simply plucking and utilising the ever-present energy in the air all around us, in the same way as Nicola Tesla had done with his electric car and the Wardenclyffe transmitter, intended to provide the wireless transmission of free electrical energy to all and sundry. But Carr was a wanted man and had been continually hounded by intelligence agents under orders to bury this technology. Yet Carr perservered and Ring joined him in his experimentation.

When he and Ring took their technology to General Motors, they threw it out in much the same way as JP Morgan had totally discounted Tesla’s wireless transmission of free energy. There’s no money in it, therefore it can’t be controlled by the élite whose sole intention is to have us all beholden to them.

Ring describes his experience aboard the levitating craft that Carr had developed. About 45 feet in diameter, the craft had on board a crystal ball device - effectively a synergistic biofeedback mechanism - which displayed the entire colour spectrum. The crew collectively concentrated their minds on one specific colour in that spectrum - aquamarine. This colour corresponded to a point some ten miles distant from their current position on the ground which they reached almost instantaneously.

This was an experience that Ring would never forget. Once at their destination, Carr instructed the disembarked occupants of the craft to pick up any objects lying around on the ground and stuff them in their pockets. They then returned, instantaneously to their point of origin, but with no memory of having been anywhere, yet when they emptied their pockets they found proof, the objects they had collected 10 miles away. Only in later recall did any vague memory of having been at their destination site emerge, but then only as a dream-like recollection.

Like so many before him, Carr was eventually hunted down by government agents, the craft and other devices destroyed and his work terminated. These were well-known technologies in Illuminati circles but clearly something we mortals should not be meddling with. Free energy would effectively liberate us from their total control of our lives.

Carr regarded Ring as the next in line to pass forward this technology to his successors, for they all believe that man must pursue and adopt these free energy devices for peaceful purposes and for man’s and his planet’s benefit if we are to survive and prosper, despite the odds.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Obaminess rules!

And so, predictably, amid hails of adulation from the suckered masses, Obama has become 44th US president. The usual display of American-bred hysteria was on view, some believing Obama to be to be the saviour, others the panacea to all of America’s current woes.

In some ways I can understand the euphoria and it only underlines a collective grief among Americans over White House policy and the wholly dysfunctional state of the country right now.

In a much more moderated way, I watched Tony Blair’s entrance to number 10 with hope and relief after years of Thatcherism. In Gordon Brown’s, appearance on Desert Island Discs, just before the election of New Labour, he imparted a message of justice and fairness, one which even had me posting a cheque of support to Labour Party HQ! How times change and how naievety falsely colours one’s understandings of the world. I have moved on since then, and what an eye-opener it has been. Since Blair’s inauguration, what had gone before under Thatcher seems tame in retrospect. Within the span of his premiership, great swathes of our freedoms were plunged into jeopardy, a fledgling police state established and an illegal war engaged upon, not to mention all of the lies, spin and deceit.

Similar hopes among the American electorate will soon evaporate too, as Obama’s policies (or more accurately, those policies demanded of him by those above) will appear as nothing more than a continuum of the Bush legacy. Paul Watson of infowars.com lists those policies which Obama has already publicly aired, but which seemingly missed the radar of his idolators:

- The creation of a “civilian national security force” that is “just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded” as the U.S. military to enforce his carbon tax scheme and the total regulation and control of the American middle class.

- Intent to bomb Pakistan under the guise of pursuing terrorists, continuing a Bush administration policy of violating the sovereignty of foreign nations.

- The guarantee to “bankrupt” coal power plants, costing millions of American jobs and skyrocketing energy prices.

- Unbridled implementation and expansion of the banker bailout that is hated by the majority of American citizens yet was vigorously promoted by both Obama and McCain. Doling out taxpayer’s money to Wall Street, causing rampant inflation, a lowering in living standards and the destruction of the dollar.

- A rhetorical support of the second amendment of an individual’s right to bear arms has been contradicted through his support of local gun ban laws, including his endorsement of a state ban on the sale and possession of handguns in Illinois.

- Grandstanding on the notion that he supports environmentalism with his climate change rhetoric, but his intention to extend biofuel subsidies will only accelerate price food costs that have already risen 75 per cent since 2002, causing economic distress and rioting in such countries as Haiti, Egypt, and Somalia, as well as deforestation on a massive scale.

How many times must we go through this repetitive scenario of unfulfilled promises from the new incumbents and their ongoing continuance of the already established policy of a preceding ‘opposition’, before we realise that election manifestos are pure bull, staged to capture our attention and swing our votes to endorse the already chosen party giving the appearance that ‘democracy’ is alive and well. It doesn’t exist. America’s future has already been formulated by think-tanks and secret committees and all possible resulting scenarios run through powerful super-computers while the most desirous outcome to those in control has already been chosen, for their understanding of the collective human psyche has become a fine art.

Both here and in the US, the two party system has become a sham. It is two sides of the same coin - identical. As long as we continue to elect the wrong horse every time and make no attempt to understand the real game play at work and disenfranchise both sides of that same coin, we will continue to be led down the road that the movers and shakers what us follow into a brief twilight and then eventual oblivion, for their plans for our future - which can easily be verified from their very own policy documents - are in sharp contrast to those we would hope for.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday 13 October 2008

Latest from NO2ID

Despite the current economic turmoil, the government is still pressing ahead with the Communications Data Bill which will be referred to in next month’s Queen’s speech. Allowing the government to monitor our every phone call, email, text and every bit of surfing we engage in, the data will be stored and analysed, perhaps kept for decades. Short of government sponsored CCTV in our homes, we will be surveilled 24/7. If one links to that RFID plans on tagging all of our purchases including clothing, the gates are open to usher in the total Big Brother state with privacy a thing of the past. We will all be regarded as potential threats to the state built on the back of the ruse that the measures are being introduced to combat crime and terrorism, both of which have been overblown, particularly the latter which is largely fantasy. Any misdemeanor, either intentional or not will allow close scrutiny by officialdom of the finer points of our lives, our activities, persuations and much else. Personal profiles will be assembled based on our web surfing preferences and blogs - such as this one - be taken into account and used as evidence of my disagreement or construed as potential non-compliance with these draconian elements of government policy. As a Guardian article last week pointed out “Would a protester at the Kingsnorth power station feel quite so confident in facing the police if she knew that the minute she was arrested, the police could find out that she'd just spent a week looking at abortion on the web? Would a rebel politician stand up against the prime minister if he knew security services had access to the 100 text messages a week he exchanged with a woman who wasn't his wife? It isn't just the certainty that such data would be used against people that is a deterrent, it's the fear. As the realisation of this power grew, we would gradually start living in the prison of our minds”.

The Tories have announced that once elected they would replace the government's current ContactPoint scheme, a system that holds data on all children in England, with a cut down version which would only concentrate on children seen as ‘vulnerable’, ie. those in care, on the child protection register or with backgrounds of domestic violence. This less invasive approach may be seen as a potential vote-winner, but once in power I would expect a ‘U’-turn as an empowered Tory party is brought into line with Big Brother policies.

Instructions of how to hack into Oyster cards has been published on the web. This follows news in an earlier ‘Latest from NO2ID’ that Dutch academics had highlighted the weaknesses and vulnerabilies of Oyster cards. Now details of those weaknesses have been published online. This not only involves the Oyster card but also other smart cards based on Mifare Classic technology. The manufacturer of Mifare, NXP and the Dutch government have tried to prevent disclosure of the academics’ findings, but a Dutch judge rejected their opposition and allowed it to be published. At the same time Henryk Plötz, a PhD student at Humboldt University in Berlin published a master thesis of how to employ the algorithm used in the Mifare cards. Armed with this now commonly available knowledge, anyone with time and the will can hack into these cards, making them a risky proposition for their holders, but necessarily highlighting the vulnerability of these hi-tech devices, now widely in use, and their potential for mass fraud.

In a similar vain the techies have been busy informing us how to create a back up copy of our own ID chip or use a modified chip to create a fake passport that will not be detected by some passport reading devices.

Other hi-tech ID technology is also proving inefficient. Facial scanning currently being trialled at Manchester airport, is causing a number of headaches with the technology breaking down on a daily basis and failing to detect incidents of ‘tailgating’, where two people go though on one passport. The technology had also been rejecting 30 per cent of travellers, but after making adjustments to try and eliminate the problem, the false acceptance rate rose!

All of this goes to prove that assurances that ID cards, both national and of local nature, do little, if anything, to add security to our identities, in fact quite the reverse and in pursuing and implementing these technologies, government policy is opening up a whole can of worms and endangering each and everyone of us both to the ravages of being tracked and traced and also in having our identities either misinterpreted or stolen.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday 26 September 2008

Yesterday, Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith unveiled the controversial ID Card. In what is being seen as the softly, softly introduction of this grossly invasive piece of legislation, the BBC put a positive light on it interviewing gullible youngsters on the street who generally spoke in favour of them. The only voice of dissent was Phil Booth of NO2ID whose limited time span in the news piece only allowed commentary on the government’s appalling record of data loss, implying how that could impact on this scheme.

Non-EU foreign nationals will be carrying the cards from this November onwards, while staff in highly secure environments - like airports - will be required to carry them from next year, and applicants for new passports will require an ID card from 2011 onwards. Thankfully mine isn’t due for renewal until 2014 but who knows what might happen before then! Phil Booth of NO2ID has cited the mandatory need for an ID card for non-EU foreign nationals as starting at the easy end with a group of people who have most to lose if they don’t comply - either they have one or they’re out!

Airport workers revolt over next year’s proposed introduction of ID cards. Airport workers and the TUC are fiercely opposed to their members carrying ID cards telling government that they are being treated like guinea pigs in a scheme that so many are opposed to and has very doubtful, if not negative, benefits. The British Airline Pilots Association said that it would be prepared to mount a legal challenge on human and employment rights grounds if the government sought to make them compulsory for their members.

Meg Miller, a Labour under-secretary at the Home Office has suggested that people as young as 14 should get ID cards, two years younger than the current age limit. Miller was addressing a meeting of tobacconists and convenience store owners and stated that the government was keen to implement such a move as quickly as possible. “There isn’t a way to unpick this scheme, (once implemented) quite rightly because it is invaluable" she bragged. With the Tories’ current rhetoric of scrapping the ID card scheme (more of an election gimmick than reality, I suspect) Labour would be keen to have this scheme in place before the next general election.

Anger has arisen over the collection and storage of car journey data by civil liberties campaigners. Once collected the information would be held on a database for five years. Some 10 million journeys a day are being currently recorded using automatic number plate recognition (APNR), but plans are already under way to raise that figure to 50 million.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday 12 September 2008

The race to use advanced technology to compile databases on us
is wholly self-defeating. The government’s latest plaything - the ContactPoint database - has been delayed for three months due to technical difficulties. Originally due to be launched last April and receiving a further hold up to its revised launch next month, ContactPoint, which holds the details of every child in England and Wales, will be delayed by another three months because of fears arising from the HMRC child benefits data loss in November of last year. In the words of Professor Ross Anderson of the University of Cambridge “The public sector wastes huge amounts of money (taxpayers’ money) on software that doesn’t work. The most likely explanation is that they can’t get ContactPoint to work”.

The ogre of undefined menaces lurking around every corner is being used under another Orwellian-sounding piece of nonsense being created by the EU - Statewatch. Designed to make us all feel safe from these menaces, Statewatch seeks to garner as much information as possible about each individual across the EU by using un-fettered powers in its attainment, an operation which it, unsensitively refers to, as a ‘digital tsunami’ for the benefit of law enforcement and security agencies - certainly not for our benefit!

Another flaw has been identified with fingerprinting technology. A frequent air traveller was recently refused entry to New Zealand, until she eventually proved her identity to immigration officials, as her fingerprint scans did not match those on the database. An official stated that this quite often happens on long-haul flights where the passenger has been subject to cabin pressurisation for a long period of time in that pressurisation alters the fingertip geometry beyond the tolerance of biometric measurements!

If you think the retention of your personal data is safe the think again. German companies are engaging in the illegal trading of millions of sets of personal data drawn from the official registration system. The revelation has only come after the story was picked up in the press and officials had to admit to the fraud. Intermediaries who hold the data on behalf of town halls - and eventually - a centralised database, have used the selling on of personal data for commercial gain, a pretty predictable state of affairs when private corporations are allowed to be the ‘custodians’ of our profiles!

In France, the Commission nationale de l’informatique et des libertés (CNIL) and the Office of the French Information Commissioner forced the government to publish a secret decree which authorised the creation of a highly intrusive database on French nationals. Clearly created under the hand of that infidel of the NWO, Nicholas Sarkozy, the register codenamed ‘Edvige’ would list everyone over the age of 13 who had been active in politics, trade unions, has a significant role in business, the media, entertainment or social and religious institutions - in fact a list of, quite possibly, 20 million people, who, as the authorities perceive them, would be likely to breach public order. Since they maintain that so many people’s personal profiles are readily available on Internet forums such as Facebook, it’s OK to amass information this way. (Of course, that was probably one of the covert ideas behind Facebook and other social forums of its ilk). Although officialdom has tried to dismiss outcry follwing the revelation of this vast data-mining exercise, saying that it is just a higher-tech version of the current Renseignements Généraux (RG), Michel Pezet, a former member of the CNIL said “The Edvige database has no place in democracy... The electronic Bastille is upon us”.

The retention of innocent people’s DNA records are still being found. A Tory MP who was fingerprinted after the murder of his 80-year old uncle, but who was proved innocent has stated that he has become a victim of Labour’s ‘Big Brother’ policies. Well, don’t be vindictive, they’ll become your party’s policies after the next general election!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday 29 August 2008

The Latest from NO2ID

The cost of the national census is being used as an excuse to use data-mining and sharing as a substitute it seems. The New Local Government Network’s (NLGN) report ‘Local Counts’ suggests that “£500 million could be wasted on the next census”. Just how many millions are being wasted on the vast data grid that is being created. The traditional census ensured privacy, their suggestion won’t.

Whenever talk of DNA databases arises
the standard response from officialdom is that ‘if you’ve done nothing wrong, you’ve got nothing to worry about’. Then why are DNA records of some 40,000 innocent children and one million innocent Britons continue to be held by the police, implying that they are criminals?

98% of Britain’s electoral officers have aired their opposition to junk mail companies having the ability to purchase names and addresses from the electoral register. Although provision is given on the annual voter registration form to disallow your name from being sold to direct marketing companies, the option box isn’t obvious and I must admit that I failed to check it before sending back my latest form. Again, like the petty fines being imposed on citizens dropping litter or using the wrong dustbin, this is just another intrusive and seedy way for local government to raise revenue.

With protection being the emotive reason,
a flagship database intended to protect every child in the country will be used by police to hunt for evidence. Having used the Victoria Climbié case as a reason to push forward with the ContactPoint scheme, the database will list information on the children’s parents, their GPs, schools and social support workers. But latest information reveals that the police, council staff, head teachers, doctors and care workers will all have access to these records to search for any evidence of criminality or wrongdoing - presumably as trivial as putting your waste in the wrong bin or photographing your child in public and becoming listed as a ‘potential paedophile’!

The company responsible for having recently lost a memory stick
containing the records of 84,000 prisoners, is a key contractor in the government’s controversial ID card scheme. The company, PA Consulting, has been paid almost £100 million over three years, that’s £1000 per day. How re-assuring!

The introduction of Youth ID Cards
is to be delayed until 2011, a year later than originally envisaged. Although they are supposed to be only voluntary at first, they will be necessary to open a bank account or take out a student loan, so there’s going to be a pretty captive audience!

The tally of lost personal data by Whitehall
has risen to 4 million items in just one year.

Government IT projects are usually a shambles.
Apart from taking much longer to initiate, they usually end up costing far more than originally budgeted and invariably break down. The new NHS database goes one further in that it could also breach human rights!

Another black mark for the NHS
has come in the form of dumping their old computers in Ghana, where hard drives are being mined of our personal information, while the health aspects of melting down the useful parts is being totally ignored, killing young children who are employed in the activity.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Friday 15 August 2008

Latest from NO2ID

The e-passport is a worldwide standard developed by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) following pressure from the US and each passport carries an embedded chip holding data about the holder. Two years ago Adam Laurie, a security expert, worked with NO2ID to demonstrate how easy it was for others, with the right kit, to read the data on the chip without even taking it from its envelope. It has now been revealed that fake chips could easily be implanted onto a legitimate passport. Following the news of the 3,000 blank passports that were stolen from the back of a van last month, e-passports at present offer no security or are no guarantee to preventing illegal immigrants and the scope for abuse is enormous.

Awareness is key to educating the public about the dangers of centralised databases containing all manner of information on citizens. A good way of doing this is though the media of a novel and author Jeffrey Deaver has done just this in his latest book ‘The Broken Window’. The threat of government databases is the basis if his story, revealing through NYPD forensic consultant Lincoln Rhyme and his detective partner how they go after a psychotic mastermind who uses data-mining to hunt down his victims and implicate complete innocents. Their research reveals the enormity of the Big Brother state and how the use of this data-mining can be used by homicidal maniacs. A true allegory of our times.

New wider data retention regulations have been published by the government as a proposal to mandate a law requiring all ISP’s to retain all user's email, text and Internet records. This vastly extends existing legislation that applied to non-Internet data only. If passed these laws could be on the statute books by next March. In parallel with this is the so-called ‘Snooper’s Charter’ (as I reported last Wednesday’s blog) which would allow a whole spectrum of public bodies, including everyone from councils to health authorities, the powers to tap this retained data and, essentially, ‘snoop’ on the public at large.

Meanwhile in Northern Ireland plans to roll out 640,000 free travel passes are being described as an ID card by stealth. John Welford, a Scottish pensioner who is against what these bus passes and their Scottish equivalents could become, has warned of the dangers. In 2005 Scottish MP’s rejected a national ID card. Welford believes that the bus passes issued to the most vulnerable section of society - pensioners - are a way around this non-compliance by the Scottish parliament.

Opposition to the outright introduction of ID cards can be easily got round by introducing them in a gradual, almost covert way. Starting out as benefit cards, they can allow free travel for the elderly. But once the cards are in place and holders get used to carrying them their use can later be extended and modified to include chips which, by use of a reader, can be used to track and trace people’s movements. As time progresses their capabilities can be enhanced, drip by drip, until they eventually become mandatory among all age groups, bear more and more personal information and then come with a requirement that they must be carried at all times. Then you’ve introduced your national ID card through the back door! Might this be an alternative method should opposition to their outright introduction become an insurmountable obstruction to the government?

Also in Scotland a controversial ID scheme involving some 8,000 school children from some eight secondary schools is to be introduced. The children involved in this pilot scheme will be fingerprinted so that they can be tracked by teachers, although the proposed plans have come under fire from parents who fear of misuse of adequate controls of who could have access to the fingerprint data.

A Dutch Security Researcher, Joroen van Beek, from the University of Amsterdam, has recently shown how he could get a ‘cloned and manipulated’ passport chip to be recognised by any reader thus allowing a fraudulant user to gain access into a country. This was all done without changing the passport chip itself! He could take a writable RFID chip, load it with personal data, then hash that data and make a self-signed certificate using the same parameters of a legitimate passport signature so that it would pass muster at immigration control. He even went on to show how he could become his own passport-issuing country!

Van Beek then went on to take the passport of a 16 month-old British boy, put it on a £40 smart card reader, punch a code into his computer and retrieve all the information on that card. Of course, this isn’t supposed to happen because of the powerful encryption used. But thanks to Adam Laurie, a renowned computer expert, he worked out how to crack the encryption code some 18 months ago. This information allowed Mr van Beek to then go on and clone the young British boy’s data chip onto another chip, launch a piece of software called ‘Golden Reader Tool’ (the International Civil Aviation Organisation standard kit for checking biometric passports) and the cloned chip is then flagged up as authentic!

But it only gets better.

On his computer, Mr van Beek alters the cloned chip and removes the image of the child, the Times photographer Michael Crabtree’s son, Thomas, and replaces it with the image of Osama bin Laden. He does the same with the passport of my partner, Suzanne Hallam, installing the image of Hiba Darghmeh, a Palestinian suicide bomber instead. And, if the chips had contained other biometric data, such as fingerprints or iris scans, he could have changed those too.

At first, Golden Reader refuses to authenticate the new, altered chips. A digital key signature, a certificate of authenticity, has been changed, and the reader is concerned. But Mr van Beek falls back on the work of Peter Gutmann, from Auckland University, New Zealand, who found a way to programme another key signature into the chip. The ICAO’s reader software now accepts both chips as genuine.
(TimesOnLine 8 August 2008).

Monday, August 04, 2008

Monday 4 August 2008

Latest from NO2ID

The Human Genetics Commission has suggested that there should be a harmonisation of approach towards the retention of people’s DNA on a central database. Currently, in Scotland, innocent people’s DNA records are removed from the database and the Commission favours that that rule be adopted also in England and Wales.

The annual report from the Information Commissioner’s Office has commented that any moves by government to construct a central database of all telephone and Internet communications should only come after the fullest possible debate with the public. The proposal constitutes excessive surveillance in the Commissioner’s view and is a ‘step too far for the British way of life’.

Singer/songwriter, James Neilson Graham has just released a single lamenting Britain’s loss of liberty and privacy. The song, ‘Oh What a Liberty’ takes a satirical approach to the issues of CCTV and ID cards.

Last Wednesday Britain unveiled stricter visa rules which will require students from India and other non-European countries to provide their fingerprints and proof that they have enough money to support themselves while in Britain.

More ID checks are on the way for residents of Northern Ireland who wish to travel to other parts of the UK.

Air passengers flying from UK airports will face compulsory fingerprinting from next year. This will involve fingerprinting both at the security and departure gates. The Home Office then plans to introduce the same measures at all seaports and Channel Tunnel rail links. The usual excuse is given; to enable the police and security services to compare the fingerprints with those of wanted criminals and terrorists, thus we must all be implicated. The use of fingerprinting is said to allow the mixing of both domestic and foreign passengers in airside departure lounges and shopping malls. As well as being fingerprinted and photographed like criminals, the retail chains in the airside shopping malls will then benefit commercially by enticing domestic as well as international passengers to their stores, including the BAA-owned duty-free shops.

Wi-fi provider blocks out political websites in London

While the mainstream news media crow loudly about censorship in China and about the severe restrictions that Chinese surfers face with many international free-speech websites blocked, it comes with some predictability that similar restrictions are now beginning to appear in Britain.

The unbridled Internet has been a tremendous source of alternative, uncensored news, a means to find out what is really going on in the world without being kept in the dark with the politicised, sanitised and propagandised version of events we get from the proprietory sources where strict editorial control is exercised from above.

Paul Joseph Watson of infowars.com was startled and dismayed to find that while using the wi-fi facilities in St Pancras station in London, he was unable to get onto his own websites or indeed those of almost every non-mainstream news media source. This wasn’t a technical malfunction, this was deliberate censorship aka China!

What is happening in the St Pancras and neighbouring Kings Cross station areas is going to be coming to your home via your Internet provider before very long.

It is the duty of every citizen that believes in an open, fair and just society, where one is entitled to hear political views of every hue in order to obtain a fair and balanced picture of world events, to complain bitterly to the Home Office.

Information posted on the infowars website is based solely on fact, deriving its information from all manner of news sources, both mainstream and independent and from official government documents, FOIA material, reliable insiders, congressmen and women, scientists, historians, economists etc etc - amassing a vast resource of in-depth research material that is vital to any student of geopolitical affairs; information that should be the right of any and every citizen as his or her resource - among others - to help construct in their minds a truer picture of the world in which we live. To deny us this right is utterly despicable. What right have the media moguls and those ‘Illuminati’ in whose hands they operate, to dictate to us what we should or shouldn’t know. As a free spirit, human being and inhabitant of this planet, I have as every much right to know what they know and to have the ability and opportunity to pass on my political opinions based on such information for others to consider or reject as they see fit.

To deny us access to these vital forums, the British, Chinese and those governments of an ever-growing number of other countries around the world are re-enacting a mission in the same evil spirit as Goebbels' burning of the books in Nazi Germany when the works of such luminaries as Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud, André Gide, Franz Kafka, Thomas Mann, Marcel Proust, Emile Zola and HD Wells were deemed unacceptable to the state and the German people and therefore confined to ashes.

Let not history repeat itself!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday 21 July 2008

Latest from NO2ID

The recently published ‘Data Sharing Review’ by the Information Commissioner and Mark Walport of the Wellcome Trust has seriously neglected to recognise the enormity of the database state. The only acknowledgment it makes is in its annexe which states “A recurring theme among members of the public was the disparity in power between the citizen and the state in relation to data sharing.” "It was said that the citizen has no choice but to use public (or publicly administrated) services, but equally had no choice or say over how their personal information is used once it was in the public sector" The report then goes on to say that the removal or modification of legal barriers to data sharing should be instigated, presumably letting everybody poke their noses into our private lives. They just don’t seem to care about our rights or privacy!

The Italian government’s plan to fingerprint gypsies in a so-called move to combat crime, has been heavily criticised as being ‘racist’. Quite probably expecting this reaction, the government has now suggested that everyone be fingerprinted to eliminate such criticisms. How convenient!

A Home Office initiative to coerce youngsters into accepting ID cards hasn’t quite produced the response the government might have hoped for. The web site invites youths to engage in dialog with the Home Office over ID Cards by asking them what they think of them. Many of the replies have indicated just what they think... "We don't want the ID Card", "Number of The Beast", "What could 4.4Bn of taxpayers money be better spent on?", "Carrying on the Stalinist security state dream", "Creepy".

The German government insists that ID fingerprinting will not be compulsory when the new electronic ID cards are introduced in 2010 after widespread criticism and controversy over the originally planned compulsory need for it. Presently there are quite widely differing schemes in use or in the process of implementation throughout the EU. Spanish plans are to have its ID cards associated with a central database in which full biometric data of all citizens, including fingerprints, are stored. In Britain there are, rightly, grave misgivings over the use of a central database.

Airport operators have written an open letter of complaint to the Home Secretary about plans to issue some 200,000 airport workers with ID cards. They maintain that they will have no tangible advantage. The cost of implementing the scheme is reckoned to be more than £4 billion. The authors make the contention that in proposing this scheme the “UK aviation industry is being used for political purposes on a project which has questionable public support”.

With ministers wanting to relax elements of the Data Protection Act in order to cross match our personal data from different sources, there has come serious concern that the end result could be very misleading and dangerous. Data held by different bodies is collected specifically for an individual purpose and if government were to try and assemble it from lots of disparate sources in an attempt to create a more comprehensive picture of us, that assembled picture could be rather like making up a jigsaw and joining the wrong pieces together. With trust in government’s ability to handle data securely currently at an all time low, any attempt to trust it with data from multiple sources is quite frightening.

ID cards chief, James Hall, has admitted that the ID cards database will not be secure. Following a plethora of secure data breaches over the last year, Hall suggests that we should be concerned about the security of our personal data held by government. His statement that the IPS’ scheme will, however, be robust and secure, holds little credence.

Following Transport for London’s requirement that children using the network must carry Oyster Photocards serious questions have been raised about the amount of information TfL is gathering on its younger customers. Parents and the Information Commissioner have asked TfL why it is doing this. Of course, if you want to ensure your child’s privacy while travelling in London, make sure they pay cash, that way they will be issued with a standard anonymous Oyster card.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Saturday 5 July 2008

Latest from NO2ID

A peaceful protest resulted in the arrest of nine NO2ID campaigners at an invitation-only Home Office public consultation recently on ID cards. This is yet another kick in the face for freedom of speech and the ability of law-abiding citizens to raise valid questions about government policy. Those arrested included a mother with her 4-year-old child and a retired academic, hardly security threat material unless you consider any criticism of government policy as a security threat, which this government obviously does. If an honest opportunity, such as this so-called public consultation, is being made unavailable to those who are worried about compulsory identity cards and the setting up of a vast nationwide database of all citizens, then the only recourse left to us is that of non-compliance in governments plans and that is a course of action we MUST take. But how many will just acquiesce using the weak excuse of ‘I have nothing to hide’ as their defence? With that attitude you have everything to lose!

Government ID Card propaganda in Austria matches the euphorics displayed by the people of that country at the time of Hitler’s Anschluss. Their advertising banner shows people jumping for joy and almost wetting themselves in anticipation of their ID scheme with the slogan ‘get yourself activated’. I hope that Austrian citizens behave rather differently in reality and tell the government where to stuff their ID scheme, otherwise, in reflection of those events in 1938, we could justifiably ask the question ‘has nothing being learned?’

Meanwhile in Britain the slogan ‘Everyone’s Unique’ is being used to sell the same iniquitous scheme. Let’s hope everyone is collectively unique in turning their backs on this shameful legislation.

The National Health Service is considering opening up the availabilty of patients’ healthcare records to a much wider audience outside of the NHS itself. This could include social care bodies, voluntary and private sector organisations, pharmacy, dental and optical services - in fact almost everybody. Wouldn’t it be a lot easier if the government issued us all with sandwich boards listing all of our vital statistics and have us wear them every time we went out on the streets?

A fast track scheme for ‘trusted travellers’ is to be instigated by the Home Office for those who travel regularly between the US and the UK. Fingerprint and facial recognition technology would be employed to prevent regular business travellers from having to queue in airport terminals

Although the Scottish government has made it clear that it does not intend to use ID cards, having one will make life a lot less difficult for many and it is predicted that by 2011 many in Scotland will use the card as their main form of identification - so that’s as good as making it compulsory!

The FBI’s The National Security Analysis Center (NSAC) has been denied an $11 million appropriation by the US House Science and Technology Committee to continue to work on a massive database of the government's records of nearly all American citizens. This STASI-like database was to have been used to predict would-be ‘terrorists’ without any more than a ‘hunch-like’ reason, eliminating any hope of due process by those who be might implicated thus. I’m sure this is only a temporary set back for NWO operatives and if the scheme isn’t taking place under cover elsewhere it will probably rear into existence in some other form before long.

The Mod and HMRC have been highly criticised for their recent data losses by the Information Comissioner’s Office. This will undoubtedly open the doors for placing every local and central government officer under Orwellian control.

According to an article in The Economist British citizens seem largely happy to trade in their freedoms and liberties. Large numbers of organisations seem to be following the government’s lead in using technology to do their own surveillance, whipped up by a constant barrage of news stories and statistics that impound terror, crime and fraud threats, and the public at large seem prepared to accept these largely contrived stories and willingly allow a surveillance grid grow up around them. I wonder if they will still be happy with this arrangement when these same organisations pinpoint them as a threat?

Here's what The Economist found:

Friday, June 27, 2008

The last days of Internet freedom?

Over the last two or three decades the quality of television programming has been undoubtedly dumbed down with hours of no-brainer demi-entertainment, no real political or intellectual debate (remember the Brain’s Trust and other programmes of its ilk?) and watered down documentaries that concentrate, more often, on annoying and distracting visual effects rather than on incisive content. On top of that, the BBC continues to be largely the mouthpiece of the government, carrying little independent in-depth analysis of current affairs and geo-political events, portraying matters in accordance with government dogma - and to add insult to injury, we have to pay a license fee for the privilege.

We are all liable to pay that license fee, or tax, if we own a TV or computer enabled to receive live streaming broadcasts, regardless of whether we own a TV or not. The National TV Licensing Office has a known habit of disbelieving those who say they don’t possess one and harasses them accordingly. The proceeds from the license ‘tax’ are passed on to the BBC, despite the fact that in the Wireless Telegraphy Act there is no mandate that the corporation is to be the legal recipient of, what currently amounts to be, an annual £3.2 billion income. The arrangement between the government and the BBC has always been conducted out on a ‘nod and wink’ basis rather emphasising the fact that the BBC is just another government department - the Department of Propaganda!

But, in the words of a well-known talk show host, I digress.

By comparison the Internet is an open forum for debate and learning and a treasure trove of information - once you have negotiated the dodgy stuff - providing a true democratic platform for all and sundry and a means to voice one’s personally held beliefs without been censored.

But things are about to change. This golden egg is about to be snatched away from us and frankly I’m rather amazed it hasn’t happened before now.

Since the inception of the Internet, open sources of news and information have been awakening the minds of many millions, on an exponential scale, to the horrendous conspiracies that are being enacted by our ‘leaders’, bankers, corporations, indeed many of those who run our daily lives. At the same time newspaper readership, TV viewership - and thus advertising revenue - has been in steady decline as millions have turned to the Internet for alternative news sources, learning and entertainment. This worries the movers and shakers, because it is offering an alternative platform for the masses, empowering us to create an independent network of knowledge which is out of the controlling clutches of those manipulative few.

What they have gained though - and this is a very worrying aspect of the equation - is the ‘hard-wiring’ of a good percentage of the population into a global ‘neural network’ brought about through our constantly-connected computers to a hub of global servers, which through consolidation and government control can become the ideal way to control us and our lives in our very homes! Soon-to-be-imposed statutory changes by the global élite on the way it is run will make the Internet we know and love today become a very different environment.

Let’s look at some of those planned developments, that are being seriously discussed and in the early stages of implementation.

Charging by the byte Until now, everyone using the Internet pays an access fee to their Internet Service Providers (ISP) that hardly varies whether you’re still on dial-up and only check your email once a day or whether you’re broadband connected and downloading hours of films, many of which can be free of charge. Now three ISPs, Time Warner Cable, Comcast and AT&T are actively considering everything from charging their users for exceeding a pre-set bandwidth quota to deliberately slowing downloads speeds for those so-called bandwidth hogs. There’s obviously big money to be made here and while the Disneys and NBCs of this world are actively encouraging online viewing, then the money will just keep rolling in. One could argue that the Internet is really replacing TV and that in a few year’s time conventional television will become obsolete, yet we are still saddled with a TV licence fee we are duty bound to pay even if we don’t have one.

Pay as you go Bell Canada and TELUS employees have officially confirmed a plan to be introduced by 2012 that will reduce Internet access.

"Bell Canada and TELUS (formerly owned by Verizon) employees officially confirm that by 2012 ISP's all over the globe will reduce Internet access to a TV-like subscription model, only offering access to a small standard amount of commercial sites and require extra fees for every other site you visit. These 'other' sites would then lose all their exposure and eventually shut down, resulting in what could be seen as the end of the Internet,"
according to a report posted on the ‘I Power’ website.

In addition to this, Bill Gates and others are already considering a charge for every email sent. The pretext for this ‘tax’ is to cut down the spam, but it will be non-discretionary and will really hit those independent organisations and movements, exercising freedom of speech, that post newsletters by email to a large database. They won’t be able to afford it.

It is expected that this email taxing will be brought in gradually, slowly pricing out the small guys and giving preferential treatment to those large corporations who can pay.

Internet2 A concerted move to price people out of the conventional Internet while running down the old servers, making it more unreliable and slow, will coerce users over to a new all-singing and all-dancing Internet2.

Internet2 has been around for quite a long time. It was developed over a decade ago as a new, improved version of the original Internet - or ARPANET - the university-linked prototype to today’s Internet1. Being the preserve of a relative handful of privileged people, it is extremely fast - the whole Matrix movie could be downloaded in 30 seconds or less.

It is suggested that the old Internet (Internet1) will continue to exist, but as a mass-marketing tool and surveillance network to pry on the less well-moneyed and privileged. The Nation magazine reported two years ago that "Verizon, Comcast, Bell South and other communications giants are developing strategies that would track and store information on our every move in cyberspace in a vast data-collection and marketing system, the scope of which could rival the National Security Agency. According to white papers now being circulated in the cable, telephone and telecommunications industries, those with the deepest pockets - corporations, special-interest groups and major advertisers - would get preferred treatment. Content from these providers would have first priority on our computer and television screens, while information seen as undesirable, such as peer-to-peer communications, could be relegated to a slow lane or simply shut out."

Internet2, on the other hand, with its far superior performance, will be highly regulated and censored, bringing it into line with conventional mainstream TV - everything will be government controlled and material vetted with ‘undesirable’ political content and free speech being either outright banned or relegated to the slow lane of a disintegrating Internet1.

Demonising the Internet Almost every day we are reminded that the Internet can be a dangerous place, a breeding ground for paedophilia, terrorism and porn. Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars gives us a glimpse of what is going on behind the scenes and why mass-media demonisation of the current Internet is making way for the enactment of strict controls.

  1. Time magazine reported last year that researchers funded by the federal government want to shut down the internet and start over, citing the fact that at the moment there are loopholes in the system whereby users cannot be tracked and traced all the time.
  2. The projects echo moves we have previously reported on to clamp down on internet neutrality and even to designate a new form of the internet known as Internet2.
  3. In a display of bi-partisanship, there have recently been calls for all out mandatory ISP snooping on all US citizens by both Democrats and Republicans alike.
  4. The White House's own recently de-classified strategy for "winning the war on terror" targets Internet conspiracy theories as a recruiting ground for terrorists and threatens to "diminish" their influence.
  5. The Pentagon recently announced its effort to infiltrate the Internet and propagandize for the war on terror.
  6. In a speech last October, Homeland Security director Michael Chertoff identified the web as a "terror training camp," through which "disaffected people living in the United States" are developing "radical ideologies and potentially violent skills." His solution is "intelligence fusion centers," staffed by Homeland Security personnel which will go into operation next year.
  7. The U.S. Government wants to force bloggers and online grassroots activists to register and regularly report their activities to Congress. Criminal charges including a possible jail term of up to one year could be the punishment for non-compliance.
  8. A landmark legal case on behalf of the Recording Industry Association of America and other global trade organizations seeks to criminalize all Internet file sharing of any kind as copyright infringement, effectively shutting down the world wide web - and their argument is supported by the U.S. government.
  9. A landmark legal ruling in Sydney goes further than ever before in setting the trap door for the destruction of the Internet as we know it and the end of alternative news websites and blogs by creating the precedent that simply linking to other websites is breach of copyright and piracy.
  10. The European Union, led by former Stalinist and potential future British Prime Minister John Reid, has also vowed to shut down "terrorists" who use the Internet to spread propaganda.
  11. The EU data retention bill, passed last year after much controversy and with implementation tabled for late 2007, obliges telephone operators and internet service providers to store information on who called who and who emailed who for at least six months. Under this law, investigators in any EU country, and most bizarrely even in the US, can access EU citizens' data on phone calls, SMS messages, emails and instant messaging services.
  12. The EU also recently proposed legislation that would prevent users from uploading any form of video without a license.
  13. The US government is also funding research into social networking sites and how to gather and store personal data published on them, according to the New Scientist magazine. "At the same time, US lawmakers are attempting to force the social networking sites themselves to control the amount and kind of information that people, particularly children, can put on the sites."
Control and restrictions The Recording Industry Association of America has routinely harassed people who they have identified as having downloaded music files on their PC, whether obtained legally or not, by issuing fines under, what they claim to be, copyright infringement. The Internet is one giant network of hyperlinks to all manner of sites and in this grey area of copyright infringment, there is the potential for companies to cause havoc by suing individuals for breaking copyright laws. Court cases that rule in favour of organisations that claim breach of copyright are only preparing the way for more stringent control of the Internet by government, imposing rules on those running websites and dictating what can or cannot be posted. Blogs such as this could be shut down by Google because of the controversial political issues that are raised in its columns, stifling open debate and the right for individuals to put forward their point of view or merely educate, relay information and warn others of what really goes on behind the mainstream media headlines.

The purported risk of online credit card fraud would naturally lead to mandatory ruling that one's personal biometric information be provided as a user logs on to the Internet. The risk of identity fraud through online biometrics poses real threats. As I reported in the latest NO2ID news last Friday, Ross Anderson, professor of security engineering at Cambridge University correctly pointed out that one’s personal biometrics cannot be changed once a security breach has been made, like changing your PIN number if the security of your credit card is compromised. Your personal biometrics are a permanent part of you.

Conclusion As the Nation magazine pointed out over two years ago: "The nation's largest telephone and cable companies are crafting an alarming set of strategies that would transform the free, open and nondiscriminatory Internet of today to a privately run and branded service that would charge a fee for virtually everything we do online."

So enjoy the Internet while you can. In a few years time you may well be surfing a ‘net’ that is as restrictive as the current Chinese model, where all content is adjudicated by the state and real information and news may become increasingly hard to find.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday 20 June 2008

Latest from NO2ID

Technology will save us all That’s what Gordon Brown believes! In his address to the Institute of Public Policy Research recently he tried to communicate that there was support for the ID Scheme. Clearly, he's living on another planet. To re-inforce this impression he went on to say "in fact it starts from a recognition of the importance of something which is fundamental to the rights of the individual: the right to have your identity protected and secure". The collation of 50 pieces of personal information (as sanctioned by Schedule 1 of the ID Cards Act) to be held by the state and shared among other agencies is a protection of individual rights and security? Crap! He goes on "I believe that the new plan for the ID card scheme announced by the Home Secretary in March included important steps in the direction of the 'principle of data minimization' which the Committee recommends". 50 items of information which need to be continually updated as an individual’s personal circumstances change - which they do all the time! Unbelievable!

In Sweden, websites opposing a new law introduced by parliament to allow the military radio service to monitor all telecommunications in and out of the country have received more hits than that of Euro 2008. Amid uproar among the public, civil liberties groups, lawyers, IT specialists, the journalists' union and even members of parliament, the country’s leading newspaper, Dagens Nyheter, commented "It will now be legal to eavesdrop and spy on people who are not under any kind of suspicion. We're not talking about Yemen, North Korea or the former GDR here, but about Sweden."

In true mind-control fashion, Gordon Brown is continuing to press ahead with ID Cards, CCTV and the DNA database despite grave concerns about the National Identity Register, the doubtful effectiveness of CCTV surveillance as aired by senior police officers and the presence of over 1 million innocent people’s DNA on the national database.

ID Cards could be used to spy on people That is the warning from a group of MPs. The powerful Home Affairs Select Committee warned of ‘function creep’ in that the cards could be used to track people. The government’s ability to safeguard sensitive information is totally lacking as almost every week stories of missing data abound. Already the committee has called upon government to minimise the amount of information it gathers on each individual, particularly following the loss of 25 million personal details by HM Revenue & Customs last year.

The use of Linux software in London’s Oyster Card payment system has been denounced by free-software advocate Richard Stallman. Online payments cannot be made anonymously, so anyone paying for their Oyster Card top-up online is effectively allowing their transaction and travel details to be monitored by the government. "Each Oyster card has a unique ID, which it transmits when it is used," said Stallman, "So, if you make the mistake of connecting the card with your name, then Big Brother knows exactly when and where you enter the Tube system and where you leave. For the surveillance-mad government of the UK, this is like a dream come true." Stillman suggests paying for top-ups by cash. That’s OK until we become a cashless society!

Biometric identities are rife for stealing by the Mafia according to Ross Anderson, professor of security engineering at Cambridge University. Anderson explained “There is a fundamental security engineering problem with biometrics as opposed to the cryptographic keys in your chip and pin card. ID card Biometric identity cards could be less secure as your details, such as fingerprints, cannot be changed if they are stolen. Once your biometrics become compromised, you cannot revoke them. It is not practical to do eye or finger transplants. Once you start using biometrics on a very wide scale, for all sorts of everyday transactions, the Mafia will also have your biometrics. You do not know which shops are owned by the Mafia but if you end up having to put your fingerprint on the glass every time that you buy a can of Coke, sooner or later the Mafia will have the biometrics of millions of people.” For 'Mafia' also read 'government'.

The Home Office Crime Reduction website was hacked into by cybercriminals to host an Italian phishing website last Monday. Jacques Erasmus, head of malware research at Prevx, said that "This is very embarrassing for the Home Office, having the Crime Reduction website hacked by cybercriminals is a bit like having a mugger hiding in the local police station nicking people's wallets when they come in".

Would you trust government with your top 50 vital statistics - NEVER!