Monday, November 17, 2008

Project Camelot

Project Camelot was founded as a worldwide platform for whistle-blowers. At a time in society when secrecy is more endemic than ever among those in intelligence, industrial and government communities, it is vital that those ‘in the know’, despite their vow to secrecy, divulge their knowledge in an attempt to help liberate mankind and bring to justice those who are denying us that most vital information about us as a species and revealing those enacting this secrecy that are hell-bent on enslaving our lives.

The project’s focus of attention so far has been on such topics as:
• extraterrestrial visitation and contact
• time travel
• mind control
• classified advanced technology
• free energy
• possible coming earth changes
• revealing plans that exist to control the human race
and has featured individuals who have been privy to certain restricted information in these fields, either through top secret clearance in some government or allied agency, or ‘divined’ through hyper-sensory encounters with alien beings.

As a result, Project Camelot hopes:
• To establish ‘safety in numbers’ and unite these disparate factions under an umbrella of protection for activists and ‘whistleblowers’ who may have concerns for the safety of themselves and their loved ones.
• To provide a tribute to all activists in paradigm-challenging fields who have worked for the benefit of humanity... and who have suffered or been silenced for speaking the truth.

Over the next year I intend to disseminate information from some of the more notable interviews with these whistle-blowers that the project has recorded in recent times and draw a commonality and concensus over what is being kept hidden from the public domain.

Ralph Ring

Retired from military service in 1954, Ralph Ring had inwardly always been a conscientious objector and didn’t believe in killing. While stationed in Guam, he didn’t care for the fights that would habitually break out every night in bars between members of the different services and instead would go scuba diving where he became entranced by the subaqueous world. Although he continually asked for postings to engineering divisions within the military, he was always posted to heavy weapons divisions and so emerged from the services without many technical skills.

His love of diving encouraged him to set up a scuba diving business in California following up in the R&D division of a diving manufacturing company. Being a rather risky business, Ralph’s wife persuaded him to take a land job and he joined a lab tech team at Advanced Kinetics, a company engaged in government contract research.

His first job was to study the behaviour of electron particles as they were passed through a magnetic field with the specific instruction to photograph the passage of a single electron that was not deflected by the field. This was an impossible task and was ultimately costing the taxpayer a lot of money in time and materials with no tangible or worthwhile result. Ring decided to employ his heightened sense of rationality and deep understanding of nature, over the task at home by setting up his own rig using pulsed energy to release the electron flow. This simple intuition was successful as, sure enough, the electrons travelled in a straight line without being deflected.

Another group at Advanced Kinetics were levitating steel balls with an electromagnetic coil, but found that the coils would burn out after a short period of time. Again, it was all government-funded work that was employing brute force instead or harnessing the natural laws of nature to achieve the desired results while costing the taxpayer dearly and providing no result. Again, Ring went home and decided to achieve the desired effect by simply using sound frequencies. After finally achieving the right frequency the ball levitated continuously.

With this successful experimentation under his belt he took these findings to his boss, who, to his surprise, showed no interest at all, insisting that their current methods of experimentation be adhered to. The fact was, that they had no intention of achieving their goals. As long as the government funding poured in it was just a case of maintaining the status quo. (This fruitless research rather reminded me of the efforts that are continuously expended on finding the cause and cures of cancer, when a great wealth of succesful treatment already exists having being pioneered by such people as Royal Raymond Rife, Dr Max Gerson and others). This forced Ring to leave the company.

Later a chance encounter with someone who was actually interested with what Ring had been doing, introduced him to a group of like-minded people who were regularly attending a group called ‘Understanding’ led by a man called Daniel Fry who was involved with UFO technology.

Once with this group Ring was soon introduced to Otis Carr who he found fascinating. Carr had developed a craft that could levitate, deriving its energy by simply plucking and utilising the ever-present energy in the air all around us, in the same way as Nicola Tesla had done with his electric car and the Wardenclyffe transmitter, intended to provide the wireless transmission of free electrical energy to all and sundry. But Carr was a wanted man and had been continually hounded by intelligence agents under orders to bury this technology. Yet Carr perservered and Ring joined him in his experimentation.

When he and Ring took their technology to General Motors, they threw it out in much the same way as JP Morgan had totally discounted Tesla’s wireless transmission of free energy. There’s no money in it, therefore it can’t be controlled by the √©lite whose sole intention is to have us all beholden to them.

Ring describes his experience aboard the levitating craft that Carr had developed. About 45 feet in diameter, the craft had on board a crystal ball device - effectively a synergistic biofeedback mechanism - which displayed the entire colour spectrum. The crew collectively concentrated their minds on one specific colour in that spectrum - aquamarine. This colour corresponded to a point some ten miles distant from their current position on the ground which they reached almost instantaneously.

This was an experience that Ring would never forget. Once at their destination, Carr instructed the disembarked occupants of the craft to pick up any objects lying around on the ground and stuff them in their pockets. They then returned, instantaneously to their point of origin, but with no memory of having been anywhere, yet when they emptied their pockets they found proof, the objects they had collected 10 miles away. Only in later recall did any vague memory of having been at their destination site emerge, but then only as a dream-like recollection.

Like so many before him, Carr was eventually hunted down by government agents, the craft and other devices destroyed and his work terminated. These were well-known technologies in Illuminati circles but clearly something we mortals should not be meddling with. Free energy would effectively liberate us from their total control of our lives.

Carr regarded Ring as the next in line to pass forward this technology to his successors, for they all believe that man must pursue and adopt these free energy devices for peaceful purposes and for man’s and his planet’s benefit if we are to survive and prosper, despite the odds.

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