Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The spectre of things to come?

Largely unreported in British mainstream media, riots have broken out in Iceland while the country teeters on the edge of bankruptcy. Having built up its economy on the back of the engineered global banking scam, the after-effects of that scam are becoming ever clearer in the eyes of the general public. What is happening in Iceland, where about a third of the country’s population are in serious danger of losing their homes and life savings, will soon emerge elsewhere around the western world, particularly in the US as the man in the street becomes savvy to the gross manipulations of the central banks in deliberately bankrupting economies and buying up their remnants on the cheap.

A banner hung from a government building read “Iceland for Sale: $2,100,000,000”. This is the amount that the country will receive from the IMF, that infamous global bank that has incarcerated so many third world countries in impossible debt, only to gradually buy up their infrastructure as collateral against that unpaid debt and Iceland will become yet another wholly-owned subsidiary of the élite.

This morning, the BBC finally got round to reporting the amazing increase in gun purchases in the US, particularly in Texas. Revolution is just around the corner in that country and will soon manifest itself once the love affair in Obama’s ‘change’ policies evaporate and prove to be just more of the empty rhetoric from the ongoing élite-backed Bush/Clinton/Bush/Clinton (now that Hillary is Obama’s Secretary of State) regime.

This perception is backed up by renowned Russian political analysist, Igor Panarin, who predicts that the US may well fragment as some state legislatures are beginning to call for a complete break from the union. The dollar is soon to crash, as we have long since known, as it becomes an empty and worthless currency, and Panarin believes that China or Russia or a coalition of the two countries may provide a replacement the US as a new world market regulator. Seeming to be on the ascendant side, of course he would say that, but it is obvious that this economic upheaval is a prelude to centralised banking control on a global basis and all the rest of the centralised baggage that comes with it.

So expect bloodshed on the streets of the US next year as armed private citizens battle it out with FEMA SWAT teams, US troops, Obama’s newly formed squads of social snoopers etc etc. As the heads of the British police forces have been warned to prepare for civil unrest in this country, what Iceland is currently witnessing may well be repeated on the streets of Britain as a similar fate befalls us and Brown’s so-called economic rescue package becomes the damp squib it is bound to be, leaving us and the nation massively indebted to the banks and destitute.

I suspect that next year will be a time for us all to take to the streets in protest of the iniquities that are being enacted by the élite in front of our eyes and which are becoming more transparent as each day goes by.

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