Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Energy saving - who’s kidding who

Hot on my comments on the man-made global warming hoax last Friday, predictable sounds are emanating from the Kremlin in Whitehall. Fuehrer-to-be-Brown is already pontificating about penalising homeowners who refuse to install so-called energy-saving light bulbs in a bid to cut down on global warming. What a load of tosh!

Apart from the points I raised in last Friday’s blog that man’s contribution to global warming through carbon emissions is miniscule in relation to that naturally created by mother earth, the UN’s own documents readily admit that man-made emissions only contribute a total of 6%.

So what’s this all about? Well, it’s the same old agenda. Invent a scenario of some impending catastrophe and get everybody to pay for it both financially and socially, thereby keeping them pinned down and firmly under your thumb.

As Christopher Booker pointed out in the Daily Mail yesterday, the government’s plans to force everyone to adopt energy-saving light bulbs is going to do little or nothing to curb energy use - the generation of which is supposed to be playing havoc with our planet (clearly untrue), and is going to do everything for the political/industrial control complex to be both quids in and increase their stranglehold upon we the witless.

Booker makes the following points on ‘energy-saving’ light bulbs:
  • Although energy-saving or compact florescent bulbs (CFLs) are supposed to only consume a fifth of the energy consumed by equivalent tungsten filament bulbs and save between 5m and 8m euros a year in fuel bills, the cost to our government alone of implementing their use would be £3 billion (great for the manufacturers and their shareholders).
  • The quality of illumination is inferior to the standard tungsten light bulb and like strip lights, require several minutes to achieve their full intensity - hardly saving on usage time.
  • Because the light emitted from CFLs fluctuates at 50 cycles per second and is not the steady form of illumination you get from filament bulbs, the flicker, especially when used in reading lamps, has been quoted as being conducive to headaches.
  • They are heavier and often more uglier than traditional tungsten bulbs and are 20 times more expensive.
  • The light they give off is said to be harsher and less pleasant.
  • Because they are more complex to make than tungsten lamps, their production entails ten times more energy - like those who support nuclear power generation whose manufacture entails a much greater degree of energy when viewed holistically, they conveniently overlook this counter-productive fact.
  • CFLs do not work with dimmer switches.
  • About 50% of UK light fittings won’t take them, but guess who will likely have to stump up the cost of installing new fittings?
  • Because they will not function in temperatures above 60C, or lower than -20C, they cannot be used in microwaves cookers or fridge freezers.
  • Their technology employs toxic chemicals including mercury vapour and their disposal in landfill sites has been banned anyway.
  • They must be kept on for long periods of time if they are to reveal their energy-saving benefits - a piece of doublespeak logic if ever I heard it - and the more they are switched on and off the less their life span.
But never mind, this is just another example of idiotic fascist-like lunacy to emanate from a feckless government that wears the little mental capacity it possesses in its collective balls and is pushed around by a bunch of dangerous criminals who are covertly running this planet.

So if the inspector from the your local council comes round demanding that you downgrade to this politically correct means of lighting, all on the back of a man-made global warming myth, tell him - or her - to get sxxxxxd!