Tuesday, December 09, 2008

New World Order - confirmed

Today the Financial Times of London carried a lead story entitled ‘And now for a world government’.

Is the author of the piece, Gideon Rachman, baring the enemy’s fists on their behalf? Whatever, the fight is about to commence and you can tell this when the cabal are publicly admitting to it.

In his article he cites the assertion made by Strobe Talbott, one of Obama’s advisors, in 1992 that “In the next century, nations as we know it will be obsolete; all states will recognize a single, global authority. National sovereignty wasn’t such a great idea after all.” He also points to the words of Jacques Attali, advisor to Nicholas Sarkozy that “Global governance is just a euphemism for global government.”

Rachman goes on to say that he believes that the EU is a blueprint for that global one-world state.

But his words that “International governance tends to be effective, only when it is anti-democratic,”...“In general, the Union (EU) has progressed fastest when far-reaching deals have been agreed by technocrats and politicians – and then pushed through without direct reference to the voters,” gives me the distinct impression that he is batting for the globalists and not on our behalf, suggesting, as he does openly, that the road to that end goal is best achieved through dictatorial powers!

When such an influential newspaper of record starts to publish such admissions you can bet that the cards are on the table.

Now it’s over to us to make our retaliatory move if we care about democracy, freedom and liberty.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Latest from NO2ID

Hidden away in new legislation proposed within the Queen’s Speech this week is the appalling, but not unforseen, unbridled increase in data sharing.

In the depths of the Coroners and Justice Bill - the way controversial pieces of legislation are always quietly levered in - are measures to exercise sharing of data without Parliamentary debate. These powers follow the Thomas/Walport Data Sharing Review paper which recommended "that where there is a genuine case for removing or modifying an existing legal barrier to data sharing, a new statutory fast-track procedure should be created".

Jack Straw went on to say that this will "simplify the data protection framework and remove any unnecessary obstacles to data sharing".

As NO2ID states this would “allow the government effectively to set aside not just the Data Protection Act and data protection principles when it suits, but the much more fundamental protections of Articles 6 and 8 of the ECHR/HRA, of common law confidentiality and of ultra vires.

This goes far beyond data protection into administrative and constitutional law. Rather than protecting our personal information as it should, the government is cutting away safeguards for its own data-trafficking convenience. This bill as it stands smashes the rule of law and builds the database state in its place. We need to do everything we can to stop these powers being passed otherwise it really could mean the end of privacy as we know it."

These powers will completely strip away our data protection rights for the sake of fast tracking procedures that, until now, have contained checks and balances to protect ordinary, innocent people. At a stroke it will introduce a no-holes-barred database surveillance state.

Following the European Court of Human Rights ruling that the retention of the DNA records of innocents, or those who have been convicted of minor offences be outlawed, last night’s BBC News piece on the subject ended on a unhelpful counter note implicating that the continued retention of all DNA records might be beneficial, without which the conviction of Ipswich mass murderer Steve Wright, might not have been possible had not his DNA been retained on the database following a minor theft many years previously. Staffordshire’s Chief Constable was also expressing concerns that the court’s rulings would take away an important tool available to the police.

And that's the basis of the argument always dangled in front of us when yet more of our rights and privacy is being stripped away - the convenience in apprehending crime and terrorism. So our rights of Habeus Corpus are replaced with those of Napoleonic law - everyone is potentially guilty until innocence is proven. And the reason for all of this? The perceived threat from a world of lawless individuals, terrorists and organised crime. Yes, such threats always lurk somewhere in any society, but the most dangerous elements of it, today, seem to lie within our own governments, the executors of that unseen hand, the New World Order cabal whose sole aim is to incarcerate us all.

Police powers are getting totally out of control, aided and abetted with the affirmative nod and a wink from government. Initiatives such as those contained within the Coroners and Justice Bill must be opposed and curtailed.

Still on the subject, only yesterday came the news that musicians and performers in London will soon be required to complete and hand over an eight page form in which they must detail all of their personal information and ethnicity. Failure to comply could well mean the loss of their licence and therefore livlihood.

Then in Wednesday's Mail Online comes the news that state officials are to be empowered to demand an individual's identity at any time - yet another goody announced in the Queen's speech, the debate of which was conveniently over-shadowed by the furore over Damian Green's warrantless arrest. (Connect the dots together and could the Green debacle have also been used as a shield to deflect debate on the controversial legislation in the speech?)

The compulsory need to show one's ID is usually reserved for times of war and were last used when Britain was fighting Germany. Who is the enemy this time? Us!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Project Camelot

Michael St Clair

One of the St Clair family that can trace its roots far back in time, Michael St Clair was born in Switzerland, served in the Swiss Army then, later, went into banking where he picked up a great deal of knowledge on economies and financial investment.

Having lived in the almost fairytale-like Chillon Castle beside Lake Geneva, Michael St Clair, more recently, moved to Florida. He is the author of several books, most notably ‘Zen of Stars’ a novel set in several dimensions, which St Clair says has a tendency to change people’s consciousness as they read it, saying that it an almost impossible book to describe. The essence of the book combines the subject matter of four earlier ones, condensing and combining elements on astrology and planetary alignments - a subject which fascinated St Clair from an early age - Earth changes, future trends in politics, diplomacy, society, economics, science and so on.

Goodbye 'Real World'

Following his employment in banking St Clair decided to leave the ‘Real World’ - the hard, deterministic one - and involve himself in the world of the occult, not as it is popularly regarded, but as an involvement in ‘hidden’ matters, in fact what will become understood science in future. The world that he is currently immersing himself in is that which can be explained in the words of quantum physics, but St Clair argues that to more properly understand it you have to ‘live in it’. This requires the expansion of the psychic mind as opposed to everyday linear thought processes and it is this expansion of our psychic concsiousness that he believes will embrace a much greater number of people on Earth in the coming years as planetary alignments begin to allow an opening up of the discrete senses.

Coming changes

St Clair is in no doubt, as so many of us are now, that the immediately forthcoming years will see great upheaval here on Earth, both geo-politically and geo-magnetically as a newly emergent planetary alignment influences itself upon our world and our minds, one which should bring heightened spiritual awareness to much of mankind. He believes that the seemingly irrational and catastrophic course that our current economic and political world is now facing is largely the result of the interaction of alien grey and reptilian races with many of our political and Illuminati communities, urging them to attain a position of dominance, to control our world with a central bank and financial system, world army and judicial system, creating a hi-tech serfdom, none of which is in any way in our best interests, but the quest for which will result in tumultuous wars and conflict.

With our world due to change in drastic ways, geo-magnetic disturbances will also cause a dramatic rise in earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes etc. creating widespread havoc, St Clair adds to this the great transformation that will effect our consciousness through the new astronomical dimensional alignment - potentially a tremendous awakening for man, but not something that everyone, he believes, will be able to handle, with the often in-built human trait of resisting change, bringing with it riotous behaviour among many human beings. St Clair envisages a dramatic loss of life resulting from these geo-magnetically generated disasters, maybe halving the world population.

Zones of Radiance

What will be paramount will be enough people with newly heightened awareness and possessing specialised skills to lead the remaining souls on earth in setting up, what St Clair calls, ‘Zones of Radiance’, small clusters of communities worldwide that communicate with each other either telepathically - with their newly heightened awareness - or by a sophisticated form if Internet. These communities would return to the values of living close to mother earth but retain and further develop advanced technologies for peaceful purposes from generating free energy to working with nature in a wholly complementary way.

At present, St Clair reckons that there are only a mere handful of people worldwide that could carry forward such a survival project at present. Although that number is expanding, the vast majority of the Earth’s population are living in total ignorance of true reality and are totally devoid of the spiritual foresight necessary to engage in this forward thinking.

St Clair admits he, personally, has no blueprint in his own life for the way forward at present other than his concept of the ‘Zones of Radiance’ and allying enough like-minded souls to come on board. With a heightened inner-awareness, he believes that it’s going to be a matter of feeling one's way forward by instinct and implicate guidance and that there is no formula for the journey ahead, no checklist, other than the vision the ‘Zones of Radiance’ scenario implies.


Personally, I find St Clair’s claim that the Earth, as a living organism, may well benefit from the sloughing off of, maybe, 50% of its current population, as a necessary means to 're-balance' the planet a bit disquieting and could be construed as a comment from the mainstream Illuminati agenda. The question is, are a large section of ordinary people on this planet creating the disharmony we witness today, or are they so dumbed-down as to be a burden to the well-being of our Earth as St Clair might be implying? We must remember just who dumbed them down in the first place, a relatively small group in world society who I and others see as being the main root cause of disharmony on this planet - the so-called Illuminati and their entourage, those who St Clair maintains are being covertly controlled by the reptilians and the clone greys.

If great geo-magnetically-caused upheavals are to engulf our world in the next few years, then the collateral loss of half the Earth’s population may well be unavoidable, but St Clair’s vision of a select few who survive and go on to build a new world of heightened spirituality and awareness, rather smacks of the priviledge some human beings may have over others.

I do believe though, that it is incumbent on us all to improve our ways, realise the way we are being entrapped by out Illuminati masters, discard materialism, expand our love to all and heighten our awareness of infinite reality, the process of which we hope will be naturally enhanced by coming planetary alignments.