Monday, July 27, 2009

GM, snooping and Swine Flu

The masters of genocide that run our planet have engaged scientists in Tadcaster to carry on testing GM crops following a year of inactivity after environmental protesters ripped up their experimental crops last year. This resuming of trials has been done without any public announcement in the hope that it would escape the campaigners notice, but following an article in the Daily Telegraph, the cat’s out of the bag. Although DEFRA said that the potatoes upon which GM work is to take place to make them pest-resistant, would be grown in a ‘safe environment’ and would not be used for human or animal consumption, the mere fact that this unholy manipulation is once again on the agenda, is disgusting.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, I was excited to see so many flocking to Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s shop in Axminster on Saturday. This is one of two - the other in Bath - which is engaging the more perceptive elements of society to the products of really good, honest, local organically-grown foodstuffs, free of any kind of harmful artificial manipulation. Not only that, but it is waking people up to the delights of those herbs, spices and vegetables that are either largely ignored or normally murdered in the cooking process. Of course it comes at a price, my River Cottage Sydling Brook organic pork liver paté with caramelised onion marmalade served with Town Mill Bakery bread and enticing salad weighed in at £8, but it was a demonstration of what a real liver paté can taste like - absolutely gorgeous! At a time when many of the lower-paid or those out of work are now going back to Asda in order to keep the food bill down, it is crucial that organic growers can multiply and help make their produce more afforable for those cash-strapped. Either that, or grow your own rather than succumb to the hellish wizardries of GM science, whose interests are more in creating mass profits and denuding our health at the same time.

Unfortunately, there is a group in society less ethically developed in their endeavours that make me despair. In this gripe I am referring to those hapless council workers that engage in helping introduce initiatives like enticing members of the public to spy on their neighbours for financial gain. This gripe also extends to those who would take up such an offer. But that is precisely what is being instigated in town halls across the country, all under the guise of improving the local environment. Whereas anti-social behaviour is unacceptable, local social disputes must be the sovereign preserve of the local community, engaging in face to face discourse as a way to resolve their problems, and not that of an interfering state. Following an article in today’s Daily Mail listing many of the local council schemes currently being rolled out to engage parents and children as young as 11 in spying on their neighbours - a wholly anti-social and obnoxious practice in its own right - some fitting responses were aired in reply to the article.

“This sounds like East Germany during the deepest darkest days of communism. When are the forced labour camps opening?”

“12 years of labour and we are nearly there.”

“The UK is apparently determined to bring the visions of George Orwell to reality.”

“Who are these people who dream up these crazy ideas. Can't they see that this will completely break down communities and set neighbour against neighbour, may even lead to more street violence if it gets out of hand. It is the authorities job to maintain our laws and police our streets. People should be educated to respect for their home and environment, not subjected to constant monitoring.”

“I seem to recall something similar in Hong Kong in the 70s when the HK government invented Lap Sap Chung. (The rubbish man) They had to stop this eventually as the people were turning against one another rather viciously and creating more problems than the problem they were trying to control.”

Precisely, that’s what our movers and shakers want, a society constantly at war with itself, divided and hostile. With an environment like that, more state control becomes their answer until we are locked into a militaristic fascist nightmare. Among those party in making this nightmare come true are those jobsworths of council workers who wittingly or unwittingly help in rolling out these schemes ‘because it’s part of their job’, or some other yellow-bellied excuse, and those members of the public who will willingly engage in partnering in such appalling ‘initiatives’. If they haven’t the wit to see the error of their ways and the way it will impact upon them and society in general, they need to get off their butts and wake up to what is really going on around them. As I’ve said before, the only way to beat this monster is non-compliance.

Meanwhile there are others who must be aware of some covert agenda but are just complacently playing along with it. Exeter City Council have announced that some 19th century catacombs, originally used as underground burial chambers, could have their original purpose revived to house the bodies of Swine Flu victims. Why is everyone so hell-bent on assuming that there could be a mass-epidemic of a virus, which so far, has been relatively benign, claiming fewer victims than any seasonal outbreak of flu, albeit during the summer months? Just what have they been tipped off about that the unwitting among us may become victim to? Does someone out there have inside information that the virus may mutate - by design - and become ferocious, or that the hastily-tested vaccine now in preparation of being rolled out, will contain some particularly nasty ingredients - as vaccines tend to do - that will bring about millions of deaths worldwide. If you think I’m being delusional go to and find out for yourselves the kind of things that have been going on in the field of eugenics over the past decades. We need more whistleblowers who are privy to this, the latest of so many scams sent to ensnare us, to blow this MO wide open.

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