Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Stick the needles where the sun don't shine!

I have never had any intention of lining up for, what may well become, a compulsory vaccination against swine flu. I routinely reject the annual flu jab that my GP advises me to take as well as the statin drugs he would also have me take on an ongoing basis. Both offer far greater health risks than they are purported to offer, the only benefits they dispense are profits to the drug companies.

With the ludicrously inflated hype surrounding the swine flu epidemic, with its generally mild symptoms and very low mortality rate - compared to many normal winter flu epidemics which go largely unreported, I immediately become suspicious, particularly when the manufacturers of Tamiflu - Baxter International - have been caught releasing contaminated flu virus material from their plant in Austria.

The fact is that there is a larger eugenics agenda at work here and if you value your wellbeing, you'll make sure that you keep your natural immune system robust by keeping healthy and stay clear of the ruinous cocktail contained within the swine flu vaccine.

Take heed of what David Icke has to say in this short video clip.

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