Friday, July 03, 2009

Who are the Taliban and al Qaeda really working for?

When Obama and Brown engage in the tired old rhetoric of setting up a new offensive to combat and defeat the Taliban or al Qaeda, you can be sure that the opposite is true. Both groups are the raison d’ĂȘtre for US (and British) troops to be in Afghanistan and Iraq in the first place, not because they need to be defeated, but because they provide a ‘legitimate’ reason for continued western military occupancy in economically and geo-politically important areas.

But it’s the covert machinations employed to try to ensure that continued occupancy that is so frightful as political commentator Paul Watson and ex-US Navy senior intelligence officer Wayne Madsen, have recently pointed out.

The above link forms a valuable lesson in learning how governments use those who are portrayed to us as ‘the enemy’, to fight for them in order to foster the very insurgency they say must be fought, thereby prolonging the conflict in order to achieve an ongoing military and political presence by proxy on foreign soil. In Afghanistan, for instance, that continued presence protects western political and military-industrial hegemony with its interests in the oil pipelines that cross the country as well as maintaining continuing control the poppy trade, the proceeds from which go towards more black ops and illegitimate wars.

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