Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Russo and Rockefeller

Last August, award-winning film-maker and political activist, Aaron Russo died of cancer at the age of 64. He is best remembered for his box office hits ‘Trading Places’ and ‘The Rose’ which won three Golden Circle awards in 1980. He was also remembered for bringing Bette Midler to fame and introducing the band Led Zeppelin to the US.

But it was his brush with the improprieties of the law during his early entrepreneurial years in Chicago that guided his career towards incisive political activism. As a club owner in the Windy City he was soon made aware of the mafia-like protection rackets being run by the city’s police department and his obligations to this organised racket gave him a rude introduction to the dark malpractices going on at the top.

Later in his life Russo turned to politics while producing films that were highly critical of government policies, and it was these activities that brought him into contact with Nick Rockefeller of the grand Illuminati Rockefeller family whose accumulated power has made them a leading hidden force in world politics. Their relationship gathered apace, but soon a growing rift in their world-views was evident as Russo became aware of the cold-blooded, superior attitude of the Rockefellers and their distaste for much of humanity in general. It was clear that Rockefeller was trying to buy Russo into the privileged world of the Illuminati in order to deflect his public remonstrations against the New World Order, but Russo would have none of it.

In the video below, Russo recounts his life’s work, explain his indignation with the Federal Reserve, Federal taxes, the New World Order, but most poignantly, he provides a close and personal account of the mindset of just one member of those handful of infamous Illuminati families who are ultimately controlling for our lives. This makes chilling but essential viewing if we are to penetrate those minds and truly come to terms with our own predicament.

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