Wednesday, October 17, 2007

First the EU next the NAU

Little known to most Americans is the undeniable fact that behind their backs a new trans-continental union is being quietly formed. US sovereignty is about to disappear for good. Along with its much-vaunted Constitution and its hallmarks of liberty, freedom and opportunity, the World’s leading power is about to be subsumed into into a union with its geographical neighbours. While the dollar is being systematically devalued to toilet paper and may well be replaced by its new union replacement, the Amero, the standard of living for the average American will plummet.

Immigrants from Mexico are entering the US in droves and being given opportunities denied to many natural Americans, while any Mexicans involved in legal misdemeanours are very often conveniently overlooked by law enforcement officers. From their almost third-world base, the prospect for Mexican workers can only look bright with improved wages and jobs, while their American and Canadian counterparts will have to lower their expectations to fall in line with their new Mexican compatriots.

Alarming words, yet this scenario is being played out as part of a systematic revisionism which is to affect the whole planet, let alone north America should the authors of the New World Order succeed with their plans, already some way to fruition.

The Security and Prosperity Partnership

Amid almost unprecedented security, last August, Canada’s luxury resort of Montebello played host to further tripartite talks involving Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon and US President George W Bush, designed to further this new coalition in what, many are correctly describing, as America’s version of the European Union.

Yet the media across north America were notably silent on the subject, while at the concluding press conference any suspicious minds were fobbed off with the usual platitudes from each country’s leaders that the misleadingly titled ‘Security and Prosperity Partnership’ (SPP) is merely a simple trade agreement. Prime Minister Harper demeaned criticism by flippantly exclaiming “Is the sovereignty of Canada going to fall apart if we standardise the jellybeans?... I don’t think so”.

So what’s all the fuss about?

A little background. The SPP was formally born in the Texas town of Waco on March 23, 2005, with its attendees, Canada’s then PM Paul Martin, Mexico’s then President Vicente Fox and US President Bush planning to build on the existing North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) of 1993 with the publicly stated and rather innocuous intention of creating ‘a safer, more prosperous North America’.

Without the sanction of either of their respective Canadian or Mexican governments or the US Congress, the meeting laid down plans to create 20 trilateral working groups composed of current and former government officials, academics and corporate leaders, at bringing about continental ‘integration’ on a wide range of political, economic and social issues. These would involve everything from manufacturing and agriculture to law-enforcement, immigration, health and infrastructure. Hardly a simple trade agreement!

These far-reaching issues surely affect each nation’s sovereignty, yet their implications have never been publicly addressed by any of the participants. Some of the only information to come to light on this unconstitutional clandestine agreement has been gleaned via the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) by the Washington-based public-interest watchdog organisation, Judicial Watch.

The facts

  • FOIA documents reveal that the US Department of Health and Human Resources, the Department of Transportation and other federal agencies have already been funding part of a planned $100 - $200 billion transfer of funds to Mexico to improve that country’s infrastructure. Just imagine the outrage if it were made public that American taxpayers were funding a foreign government’s transport system! It’s wholly unconstitutional and particularly galling when the US’ own infrastructure is in appaling condition and could use that money itself. Yet it seems the aim is to denigrate America and upgrade Mexico to bring them both to second-world, uniform mid-grade standard.
  • A pro-SPP report authored by the Hudson Institute, a Washington DC neo-con think tank, clearly shows the true nature of the SPP beast. It advocates the creation of a ‘continental perimeter’ to encompass all three nations; the creation of a North American passport (like the EU passport); harmonisation of each country's tax and regulatory policies and ensure educational policy majors on creating a pan-North American identity. It goes on to propose policies that would create income equalisation, lowering that of US citizens to a median level with those of Mexicans. Indeed, former Federal Reserve boss, Alan Greenspan openly advocated this in March of this year when he called for opening a ‘window’ for skilled Mexican workers to freely enter the US in order to “suppress the skilled-wage level and end the concentration of income”. That says it all.
  • The ‘NAFTA Superhighway’, a term coined by critics, or North American Super Corridor Coalition (NASCO) as it is known by its promoters, is already in its fledgling state as the Trans Texas Corridor (TTC). In what will comprise the Pacific, Central Western, Central Eastern and Atlantic Corridors, this complex of super highways, incorporating road, rail and water, oil and utility conduits, will originate in Mexico and span the entire northern American continent allowing the cheap flow of cheap foreign goods into the new North American Union. Yet the American people have never been told the true reason for the TTC and what will stem from it. With the construction of a new deep-water port at Lazaro Cardenas in Mexico the intention will be to use cheap non-union Mexican trucking and longshoremen labour forces.

Nasco maintains that this stimulation of imports will benefit America, but the reality is that only the relatively small upper echelon of society will reap those benefits and grow richer on the proceeds, destroying the American middle classes and leaving - as Orwell would have put it - the inner party members (the ruling elite and their upper class management teams) and the prols (everyone else and the vast majority). As the Economic Policy Institute has said “For working Americans, the effects of the enormous growth in foreign trade have been mostly negative.”... Between 2000 and 2005, more than three million manufacturing jobs have disappeared from the US economy... Even though productivity in the US economy has grown dramatically in the last twenty-five years, the wages and benefits of non-supervisory workers - who constitute about 80 percent of the US workforce - have been stagnant.... The loss of jobs overseas has widened the income gap in America.... According to Federal Reserve Bank data, in 2004, the top one-fifth of American households held 80 percent of the nation’s net worth and 50 percent of the nation’s income”.

What next?

When one compares the clandestine aspirations of the SPP with the trends in the US over the past decades, the emasculation of what is the last national global super-power, becomes clear. To quote just a few:
  • The selling off of major US infrastructure like ports and transport system to foreign concerns
  • The transfer of US national treasures and millions of acres of national parks to foreign bureaucrats in the form of UNESCO
  • The wiping out of small and medium-sized US businesses through the swingeing imposition of burdensome regulatory control and federal taxes
  • Large US corporations re-locating - half of all US-owned manufacturing is now overseas
  • The deliberately engineered collapse of the US dollar
From a European perspective, we can vouch for the game-play.

Christopher Booker and Richard North in their 2003 book, ‘The Great Deception’, clearly describe the slow but gradual ‘coup d’êtat’ that has been the dissolution of sovereign nation-state power in Europe to a centralised mega-state controlled from Brussels which has become the greatest concentration of political power in the history of mankind. Thus was it envisaged - perhaps in the minds of some élite - from before WW2, initially described as an ‘economic arrangement’ with the European Coal and Steel Community which then evolved into the European Economic Community or Common Market, followed by the European Community and finally today as the European Union - a more adequate description of its true raison d’être. As with Europe, so with North America.

Gordon Brown still rules out a referendum on the ratification of the EU Reform Treaty, essentially the child of the EU’s Constitutional Treaty of 2004 which ended up thumbs down with the electorate of both France and Holland. Here, as in the US, continental amalgamation is all one big foregone conclusion as far its creators - the Illuminati, the banking and manufacturing élite - and their executors are concerned.

Will there be a second American revolution when these clandestinely-laid plans become general knowledge, or by then will it be too late and will millions of Americans just acquiesce, enter into a slave-like existence (or incarceration if they object), and let themselves be overrun by the global juggernaut as we are being in Europe?

I sincerely hope the former.


As if to reinforce the message that dissenters to SPP plans are not welcome, at the time of the conference at Montebello in August,
a number of police were instructed to masquerade as unruly protestors, with one even carrying a rock, in order to discredit the genuine ones!

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