Thursday, October 18, 2007

Federal Tax Protestor Tortured

Following months of being barricaded in their own home at Plainfield, New Hampshire, Ed and Elaine Brown, are now in gaol. The couple bravely stood up against the authorities following their deliberate refusal to pay any federal taxes - which they declare to be unconstitutional - between 1996 and 2003.

After having being continuously surveilled in their home by police after refusing to give themselves up on principle, US Marshals disguised as sympathisers - of whom the Browns have had many during their ten-month ordeal - made the arrest just days ago.

Receiving sentences of five years and three months each, disturbing news arrived this morning from the Alex Jones’ MySpace blog that Ed Brown had been tortured by officers at the Ohio prison in which he is undergoing his sentence.

Following his trick arrest, in which he was tasered several times despite his refusal to resist, both he and his wife were - in Brown’s words - treated with ‘professional cruelty’. Now news comes that prison officers have gassed him with obnoxious fumes and subjected him to sensory deprivation resulting in Brown experiencing anxiety, hallucinations and depression.

Although his ordeal in the Ohio prison was taken verbatim by Shaun Kranish, a reporter for, who managed to talk with Brown on the phone for ten minutes, US Marshal, Stephen Monier, denied that any torture or mistreatment of Brown had taken place commenting “that’s absolutely ridiculous”.


Although commentators who have been following the Brown’s stand against paying federal taxes - including Alex Jones - have warned of this possible outcome, both Ed and Elaine Brown should be congratulated in their stand against a taxation system that is wholly illegal and unconstitutional.

"The Founding Fathers intentionally restricted the taxing powers of the new federal government as a measure of restraint on its size. By exceeding that limited taxing authority the federal government has been able to obtain resources beyond its intended reach, and that money has enabled the federal government to exceed its authority. For example, the Constitution does not empower the federal government to regulate education, or employment, and agriculture, yet it does so”. These words were given by Shreveport, Louisiana lawyer Tom Cryer following his acquittal by the jury in a case pressed by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for his similar refusal to pay federal taxes on the grounds that their levy was unconstitutional. "I think now people are beginning to realize that this has got to be the largest fraud, backed up by intimidation and extortion and by the sheer force of taking people's property and hard-earned money without any lawful authorization whatsoever" added Cryer.

This is yet another example of how, over the last century, the US Constitution has been summarily rubbished. Also in this financial section I tell the story of the Federal Reserve System and how it has conned US citizens through duplicitous means. This tax scam is yet another deliberate abuse of the Constitution.

For full documentation of how this tax deception came about go to for a 63 page report.

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