Monday, October 22, 2007

The Obesity Snare

As if they cared for us, the government is to send all parents of clinically obese five-year-olds a warning letter under another new initiative. They have warned that if current trends continue 50% of the population could be obese by 2050 (assuming NWO plans to wipe out 80% of the population through some engineered disaster before that date, haven’t materialised).

With the disappearance of most real physical work, through the systematic dissolution of heavy industry in Britain as we have become a service-based country engaged in physically sendentary work, the materialisation of our lives has brought unbridled heavy-sell consumerism that has coerced most people into buying cars and walking less, acquiring labour-saving must-haves and at the lower end of the social scale consuming heavily advertised unhealthy fast-foods while at the moneyed end adopting the gourmet lifestyle through the guidance of Jamie Oliver, Worrall-Thompson et al as they pile on the cream and chocolate in what may look highly desirable fayre, but may, much of the time, not be in our best interests. Over-eating is rampant, just look at the enormous portions doled out in many pubs in Britain and the increasing size of calorie-rich soft drinks served in caf├ęs and takeaways. Marketing rubbishy food to children and creating the ‘pester factor’ is also rampant, with MacDonalds having lured youngsters into its ‘restaurants’ for years.

A truly guardian government, here to serve the people in a benevolent manner would preempt these industry trends and legislate against companies and large corporations that peddle dietary rubbish and whose message is to eat more. But, of course, that’s not how it works. The powers that be are not here to serve us, but we them. Apart from profiting enormously from us they also allow these snares to be laid so we fall into them and thus become their victims.

If we are to assert our moral standing in this world many of us have to pull up their socks, realise just what is going on and be one step ahead of our predators spiritually, morally and physically. But if we continue to acquiesce to the dumbed-down, no-brainer convenience packages luringly offered us by unscrupulous big business, refuse to become informed and improve the way we live and behave, then we’ll end up being the captive fodder for a dictatorial police state regime that will find any excuse to use our misdemeanours to incarcerate us into their totalitarian regime.

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