Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hold on in there!

Many may find the content on this blog pretty daunting. It is pretty grim, I have to admit. Over the many years I have been following the whole gamut of historical and current world events, I’m just amazed to find how the evidence of evil doing just seems to mount up, yet on the face of it many of us manage to lead relatively peaceful and settled lives. But then again, many of us do not.

I feel it incumbent upon us - at least at some stage in our lives - to face up to the basic facts of life, try to understand how they have come about, recognise their effect on ourselves and others and attempt, in any way possible, through positive and loving actions to counter the evil that surrounds us.

It is paramount to recognise that the primary agenda of a close-knit and highly influencial group of powerful people in this world, has been, both historically and currently, the total domination of our world for their own benefit, through control of education, health, the media, banking, corporate industry - in fact just about every facet of our lives. We must be forever vigilant and understand that these few people ultimately control our governments and ‘corporate godfathers’ and that the decisions they make aren’t, usually, in our best interests. We must learn how to interpret the controlled mainstream media news and, for that matter, the false prophets that appear to speak in our favour but, are in reality, hiding behind self-interest.

It’s a minefield. But the positive message is that if we achieve these goals of understanding and vigilance and ensure that we defend our God-given rights with passion, while professing compassion and love, we will emerge much stronger people with a united destiny, feeling more at one with ourselves. Far better this than being ground down by the system through fear and oppression and living life in denial, for this is the way those at the apex of the pyramid want you to behave, cowering at their feet.

Remember, we are spiritually, all capable of much higher planes of consciousness if we awaken our minds and extricate ourselves from this mire. Our controllers, who seem to be unwilling, or incapable, of achieving these higher sensitivities (if they could they wouldn’t act the way they do) are afraid of our potentials, that is why they try, at every turn, to grind us down and crush our spirituality. We must not let them, we must triumph over this adversity for the good of mankind.

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