Friday, August 31, 2007

EU Superstate by Stealth

Brown is about to pull off a flanker - he hopes.

Although 40 backbenchers are vociferously objecting to the provisions in the new EU Reform Treaty - a supposedly toned-down version of the former EU constitution which was thrown out down by voters in France and Holland in their 2005 referenda, but which most European leaders admit is basically the same as the original version - Gordon Brown is sincerely hoping he can still avoid a referendum in Britain which those backbenchers and many others, including the British public dearly clamour for.

But with Parliament in Summer recess and the great British public enjoying their hols, it’s a good time for Brown to get most of the pre-prandial prep work done that is needed to get the Reform Treaty ready to be ratified by the house, without busy eyes picking the bones.

And busy eyes would indeed be needed since according to one source on the web “the text of the Reform Treaty is completely unintelligible unless it is read alongside the existing Treaties. Furthermore, the full impact of many of the amendments to the Treaties set out in the draft Reform Treaty needs further explanation. Finally, there has been much public discussion of whether or not the draft Reform Treaty is essentially identical to the EU’s Constitutional Treaty of 2004”.

Of course, at the last general election Labour promised a referendum on the EU constitution, but as we should know by now, promises such as these are worthless.

It’s this lack of transparency and the glib PR statements put out by Whitehall such as you will find at designed to fob off any opposition, that Brown hopes will allow him, as a good globalist dogsbody, to do his bit in helping to further establish this globalist-inspired dictatorial EU superstate.

In the August 30th edition of the Daily Mail, Christopher Booker rightly points his readers’ attention to everyday examples of what life under Brussels has brought us.
  • The Home Improvement Pack
  • Household Energy Performance Certificates
  • The plethora of different coloured bins we have to use when disposing of our waste rendering its collection highly expensive
  • The new confusing and cumbersome charging system for post now taking size into account
  • The under-equipping of our forces while vast amounts of money are being diverted toward our contribution to the Eurofighter and the EU’s ‘Rapid Reaction Force’.
  • The EU directive on the freedom of movement which sparked outrage this week when it was used to prevent the UK from deporting Chindamo, who will be released from prison next year after serving a 12-year sentence for brutally stabbing Mr Lawrence to death in December 1995.
And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Just Google ‘EU directives that effect Britain’ and you’ll soon see the vast amount of legislation that is imposed upon us in virtually every area of life.

Once Gordon’s done his bit, that centralised oppression from Brussels will only grow until our Houses of Parliament end up being merely a regional sub-office of the EU Super State, rubber-stamping that which emanates from across the Channel.

A Daily Mail poll showed that more than 80% of respondents wanted a referendum on the EU constitution, while 120 MP’s also believe that there should be one.

Of course Brown and his minders know full well that any such referendum would mirror those in France and Holland two years ago and that's why they are hell-bent on avoiding one.

Our political leaders ride roughshod over us these days, particularly when it comes to the amalgamation of nation states into larger economic and political blocs - all part of the gradual process to world government. Witness the behind-the-scenes secrecy at the recent North American Union summit in Montebello, Quebec on August 20th and 21st where the US army enforced a huge security perimeter around the meeting’s venue to prevent anyone, including the Council of Canadians action group, from airing any criticism over the issues of a united north American union that were being discussed.

As with the political, economic and legal melding of a European super state, the same amalgamation is taking place in north America between Canada, the US and Mexico and they’re going to do it whether you like it or not.

That’s why there is so little coverage of these key issues of national and international importance on the Six ‘O Clock News, which concentrates instead on human tragedy stories, shootings, youth violence and so on, in their police-state like bulletins keeping us permanently focussed in a navel-gazing diversion of fear.

So to keep yourself informed of what’s in store for the EU super state go to and get yourselves informed.

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