Thursday, January 15, 2009

Your life in their hands?

My suspicions of the NHS grow daily in respect of their ‘care and maintenance’ of our general health. Called in for my annual diabetes check up, I was informed by the doctor that since the last one my HbA1C level had risen slightly. That measurement taken from a blood sample detemines what the average glucose level in the blood stream has been over the last 8-12 weeks, the average life span of a red blood cell. Red blood cells are made of the molecule haemoglobin. Glucose will adhere to the haemoglobin to make glycosylated haemoglobin called haemoglobin A1C - or HbA1C and the more glucose in the blood the higher the HbA1C count.

When I tried to explain that I regularly make blood sugar tests the doctor’s retort was that they are largely worthless and really aren’t worth bothering with suggesting that I forget them. I found this new piece of ‘advice’ astonishing and contrary to that which has been given me in the past. The regular readings I have obtained over the last six months actually concur with the HbA1C reading he gave me, a bit higher than a year ago. I would have thought that continuing to monitor my blood sugar levels on a regular, every-other-day basis was helpful in gaining an overall picture of my glucose levels albeit done on a hand-held monitor and not in a lab with more hi-tech equipment. His remark gave me the impression that patient participation in determining their health monitoring seems to be rather frowned upon, the implication given that it should be the sole responsibility of a state physician.

Once again, slightly higher than recommended (by whom I wonder - drug company-funded research?) cholesterol levels were cited with a recommendation that I revert to the intake of statin drugs in order to lower them, not to mention getting a flu jab and another innoculation which would mitigate against bacterial growth in the gut (whatever’s wrong with Aloe Vera? It’s done miracles for me!).

What actually goes into vaccines is highly questionable and countless independent research articles have found toxic elements which are not in the patients best interests. With a good immune system - which I currently enjoy to which a prolonged illness-free period over the last year seem to be testament to - why should I compromise that good health with some vaccine containing toxins and which will, in time, only compromise my body’s natural defences?

As of present I have managed to escape these three ‘recommendations’ as a patient’s right to have some say in his personal well-being, after all, I don’t have a personal death wish!
It seems, though, that that choice is soon going to be taken away from us, especially with the tightening grip of Codex Alimentarius and a physician’s approval for every useful dosage of a natural vitamin pill we might wish to take.

I am aware that my HbA1C level needs to be reduced a bit and I will aim to do that largely through natural homeopathic means supported with a slightly higher dosage of the prescribed allopathic drug, Metformin, along with the continuance of a healthy diet - which I admit I sometimes deviate very slightly from - and plenty of exercise.

It is my body, of which the maintenance of its good health is in my best interests, and does not form part of a state-owned inventory, wholly under its dictate.

Most people bow before the altar of their local GP viewing him as some sort of sage who will fix things. I think rather differently. Although probably well-meaning in pursuing their life’s ambition, GPs are nevertheless largely tools of a state run by an élite who regard us as cattle and an NHS system that props up that élite-owned multi-billion dollar industry, big pharma. Hardly an impartial environment in which to work, especially as many of the guidelines followed by GPs are authored by scientists funded by those very same allopathic drug cartels. Rarely, do I ever see, in a doctor’s waiting room, posters displaying the virtues of a healthy diet or the advantages of natural products like Hemp or Aloe Vera, just some of the vital ingredients that might reduce the number of incumbents in those waiting rooms. Instead you find scare posters showing viruses as man-eating monsters and instructions to ‘get the jab’, and while the queues in the chemists seem to get longer and longer, people don’t look any healthier, in fact quite the reverse. they are becoming increasingly obese and sluggish.

So I will continue to take my GPs advice with a pinch of salt and research everything he tells me in order to get a second opinion from someone outside of the ‘industry’. Question everything, don’t believe ‘officialdom’ willy-nilly, do your homework and your own research, forming an opinion over a broad concensus and, above all, live a healthy lifestyle, something which I have not always done in the past but through experience would now strongly recommend to everyone.

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