Thursday, January 08, 2009

The other way

VAT cuts haven’t worked and lowering interest rates aren’t going to either as the Bank of England today desperately cut its base rate yet again, this time to 1.5%, the lowest ever in its history. With this growing realisation, talk is now centering on - yes - increasing the money supply, just the way the Bank of England’s progeny, the Federal Reserve Bank, is doing. This is both desperatism and yet another clear indication that those at the very top really do wish to have us all enter the mire of the mother of all depressions in order to hoover up the useful bits and attain more centralised control in the process.

Ironically, in the US, Executive Order 11110 of June 4, 1963 signed by President Kennedy and still legally binding (although - for obvious reasons for those running the Fed - was barely put into practice before it was scotched) would hold a key to liberation from the dead weight of the Bernanke cartel.

EO 11110 gave powers to the US government to issue its own currency backed by hard silver held by the Treasury Department. $4 billion worth of United States Notes, as they were known, were actually brought into circulation, briefly, in the 60s as a result, having the great distinction of being debt-free and interest-free. Under this system and by ousting the debt-laden Federal Reserve money system and its controlling central banker's stranglehold over the US, the current national debt would never have reached its present level. But life is never that honest and easy when it is controlled in perpetuity by a bunch of power-hungry psychopaths! Now, instead, in the US and elsewhere in the world, we will all be burdened under a mountain of debt with banknotes worth less than the paper they are printed on, devaluation, a massive tax burden for Joe Public who, at the end of the day, has to pay for it all and quite likely, hyper-inflation not to mention all of the baggage that comes with it like high unemployment, food shortages etc.

In the US those executive powers still remain on the statute books and could be used to re-establish an alternative government-created currency, backed with tangible assets as a means of getting out of the current horrific financial mess that the Fed has been creating since 1913, and re-build the American economy - although not before dismantling some of the global apparatus that has also hastened the country’s economic decline. Of course they don’t want you to know that and if Obama or anyone in Congress tried, they would end up like Kennedy - on a mortuary slab!

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