Monday, January 26, 2009

That other virus

Suffering as I am at the moment from a seasonal virus, I am reminded of that perennial virus that affects all decent human life 24/7. That’s the virus of the so-called élite, who have, for millennia, controlled our lives and blunted our spirituality to such an extent that we live our lives at an infintessimal fraction of our true potential.

Those 13 or so Illuminati families, whose roots can be traced back thousands of years, have historically taken it upon themselves, for what ever ‘divine’ reason, to be our self-appointed masters. They have caused untold suffering over that timescale, manipulating human kind in all manner of devious ways, setting race against race, inculcating us with religious beliefs that have for centuries been the cause of so much conflict among the common people. They continue to this day to dominate us in every sphere of our lives via their control of the media, banking, health, education etc etc.

That very same Illuminati have purposefully engineered the current global financial crisis - a mega virus - that will very soon bring us all to our heels, the antedote for which they will prescribe as a global financial system, a central world bank and common digital currency and all of the associated parephanalia - global legal system, global army overseeing a globally micro-chipped population run on fascist lines - the New World Order. The term ‘New World Order’, oft derided by the mainstream media as a term coined by conspiracy theorists, is now been bandied around on a daily basis by our politicians, Gordon Brown being the latest to give those words an emergent reality.

The New World Order antedote is rather like the flu jab your GP would have you take, laced with toxins and in the long run compromising your natural immune system.

The real answer in both scenarios is self-preservation. Fighting the seasonal flu requires a healthily maintained body aided by a spiritually-enlightened, stress-free and energetic mind. To fight the New World Order requires a similarly orientated mindset, one which can see through all of the orchestrated crap that we are daily fed, becoming our real selves and not the apology of homo sapiens we have become, dumbed-down, desperate ant-like creatures, racing manically in every direction at the behest of our masters.

It’s time to wake up and stop accepting their phony antedotes, say no to their ‘solutions’ and engage in an active, but peaceful programme on non-compliance. We’ve got to get out of this box, break free from their snares and rise to a higher plane, fighting off this giant virus for once and all otherwise we shall end up being permanently hospitalised!

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