Thursday, September 03, 2009


Codex Alimentarius

In less than four months time, this monstrous piece of legislation will begin to bite into our daily lives, affecting each and everyone of us with real ramifications upon our health.

For me, having turned my life around through a healthy intake of dietary supplements and healthy foods to a point where I have almost conquered my diabetes and all of the debilitating side-effects it brought with it, these measures are pure insanity, but when viewed in tandem with the fluoridation of our water supplies and the imminent planned mass vaccination for the Swine Flu virus, with all of its highly toxic ingredients, the overall picture becomes ever more clearer - the further lining of the pockets of big pharma profits. But it is also clear that those who run this planet DO NOT have our health and well-being at their hearts - quite the contrary!

For the health-conscious among you out there, if you aren’t already familiar with Codex Alimentarius, I urge you to go to the following link, the contents of which will, hopefully, spur you into action.

I'm sorry I can't establish a direct link for the above it appears Google are now blocking links to what it regards as unacceptable sites!

By way of immediate action, I also urge you to go to the following link and sign a petition to the UK government - time is short!