Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The swine flu madness season draws closer

This is something we’re going to hear a lot about from this month onwards as the cabal who run this planet take a brave and desperate attempt to get us into submission mode and ready to take their specially prepared cocktail of toxic badies.

But they’ve got some task to perform as daily, the swine flu scam becomes ever-more transparent and increasingly takes on the look of a mass eugenics programme - albeit, perhaps, a slow-acting one.

Today’s news brings the shocking revelation of a leaked internal French government document in which plans for a compulsory swine flu vaccination programme are detailed. Medical establishments and GPs would be completely bypassed, with the government acting directly, clearly side-lining health care professionals. Despite claims given last week by French Health Minister, Roselyne Bachelot that vaccinations would be voluntary, the leaked internal document clearly prescribes forced vaccination for every French citizen complete with mobile vaccination units visiting every school in the country.

In a country whose citizens don't take government policy lying down - something we will need to do much more of in Britain - the French authorities will have a real fight on their hands. But with mandatory vaccination likely in all EU countries as well as in the US, we must all put up our hands and say HOLD ON! There is a massive amount of highly cogent information out there (not in the mainstream media, alas!) clearly showing the potential dangers of the swine flu vaccine and the highly suspect nature of its creation and it is incumbent on every single person to review this information to find out just what they are being asked to have injected into them, make an informed decision and not be cowed into accepting it willy nilly.

I urge everyone reading this blog, not already reasonably informed about swine flu and the vaccination programme, to go to the following links and pass on the information.








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Jack Reylan said...

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