Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The Control Grid Cometh

“Awesome. I can't wait to have every move tracked like the Truman show...and beaten/arrested if i step out of line. Sweet!”
Armand Tamzarian, London,

“Who said this? ‘An evil exists that threatens every man, woman, and child of this great nation. We must take steps to ensure our domestic security and protect our homeland.’
Was it Barack Obama? Gordon Brown? George W Bush? No. It was Adolf Hitler, when proposing the Gestapo to the German people.”
Bob, Burnley, United Kingdom

“Forget 1984. The truth is more like V For Vendetta, an underrated example of a totalitarian police state. The police are fast becoming a law unto themselves.”
Lauren, Chester, Cheshire

“George Orwell was a bloody Optimist!”
Ken Bardell, Doncaster, United Kingdom

“And still you don't believe that we live in a Police State in all but name? Do you seriously think that the next government will repeal any of Zanu-NuLabour's legislation?”
Adrian Ryan, Donegal, Ireland

“Just goes to show that if we are fooled into giving the police state a free hand then absolute power will corrupt absolutely.”
Pontus, San Jose, USA

“How silly of me! I thought I lived in a democracy and not a police state. Obviously I'm wrong.”
Rowan, London,

“Are there no limits to the fantasies these people indulge in? Next they'll be wanting micro chips implanted into newborn babies to monitor everybodys' movements from cradle to the grave. Not only utterly disgusting, but utterly horrific!”
Ian Dickson, Brighton, UK

“What was the point of winning WWII if we are going to live in a police state anyways?”
Keith S, Winnipeg, Canada

“Utterly disgusting. The police have lost all respect of the British public and are in grave danger of provoking a serious backlash.”
HC, Kabul,

“What is the difference between the British government and a communist government?”
Phil, Nottingham,

“I credit this government with many failures, amongst them is the proliferation of a surveillance society. My advice to those who think this is a good idea, read George Orwell's "1984", then comment.”
Phil, Epsom, England

Some of the replies to an article in the Sunday Times regarding a British police force study of Chinese-style surveillance tactics which they believe would come in useful for the 2012 London Olympics. Goodies included in their ‘security’ considerations are miniature microphones installed in taxis to monitor passengers’ conversations, and athletes, visitors and journalists to have tiny microchips carried in their tickets.

A 44-page report compiled by the police states that there are “lessons to be learnt” from China’s use of digital surveillance, but then goes on to warn that “The fine balance between the use of technology to support security requirements and individual rights to privacy will be an open debate in the UK for 2012.” I suggest that that open debate should have taken place a long time ago and that with suggestions like these being openly considered that fine balance has already been breached.

If the Olympics are such a threat to national security, then why hold them at all? The whole event has become so politicised that it goes entirely against the true spirit of sport. But, of course, it doesn’t pose a real threat at all. It is a perceived one. One that has been manufactured by a group of people whose real intention behind all of these intrusive security measures is not to anticipate an al Qaeda strike, but to incarcerate us, for we are the perceived enemy now, the thronging masses that must be controlled. You’ve only got to read their policy documents to know that that is their real modus operandi.

But it’s good to see people waking up to this nightmare and so many replies calling in unison for a stop to this dangerous nonsense. Many people’s perception of this country these days has gone beyond the title of ‘nanny state’ to that of ‘fascist state’. I believe that a large part of Labour’s defeat in the recent elections is not so much about the expenses scandal, which the mainstream media would have you believe, but as much, if not more, based on a collective unease in the country in the way this government has, during its term of office, increasingly turned Britain into a police state, rubbishing our rights, privacy and freedoms. That’s not to say that the Conservatives will be any better. Our governments are controlled from above, and their entrance into office, either this year or next, will only signify a handing over of the baton in the ongoing race to set up a total control grid in which we will find ourselves entrapped. That's if we don’t take action to expose the real game play and try to stop such a likely probability.

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