Thursday, June 18, 2009

NightJack silenced

Another dangerous trend is emerging following the denunciation of blogger NightJack by the Times newspaper. NightJack’s Orwell Prize award-winning blog was that of a candid police officer who publicly, but anonymously, aired what went on within the Metropolitan Police force.

With the demise of good and honest mainstream journalism now having to tread a path between what is deemed to be politically-correct and what makes newspapers sell, it is wholly refreshing to find a re-emergence of the old values of investigative journalism and honest comment appearing in blogs, especially at at time of international mass-corruption in just about every area of the political and economic arena. NightJack, or Detective Constable Richard Horton who was the man behind the keyboard, blogged anonymously and at no time did anything illegal, indeed his blog even brought in award-money which was subsequently donated by him to the Police Benevolent Fund.

But his candidness was just too much for the Times newspaper and the Met.

It isn’t the first time commentators or whistleblowers have been demonised by the mainstream media. Recently the nurse, Margaret Haywood, went undercover for the BBC regarding her concern for the abuse of patients. Strictly she was compromising patients’ confidentiality, but when the cause was clearly with their best interests in mind, such action must be applauded. But that didn’t prevent her from losing her job.

This craven mentality of being expected to not step out of line even when wrongs need to be brought to the public's attention, is wholly unsatisfactory. As human beings, concerned for the wellbeing of others we can’t and shouldn’t stay silent when something very wrong is going on. I can’t vouch for NighJack’s blog, not ever having seen it and now never likely to since it has been taken down, but according to many others who had, his heartfelt and honest opinions and comment of injustices known to be taking place, have every right to be aired. After all, these are the sorts of things you might discuss among friends down the pub, but given the platform of the worldwide web a much wider audience can be alerted to them.

Just take this week, in the aftermath of the supposedly rigged Iranian elections. With a dictatorship intent on not allowing the world to see the self-interest and determination of the mullahs and the Ahmadinejad regime - which acts in Western interests as a devil they can taunt for their own political ends - it’s left to the people, thanks to the power of modern technology, to relay the on-the-ground reality to the rest of the world. Without our own open lines of communication, we might as well be living in the Dark Ages - and of course, that’s the way our ultimate masters would like to see us.

With the disenfranchisement of NightJack’s blog, others who might share similar opinions or wish to air serious malfunctions and abuses within the police force or in whatever area of work they are engaged, will now think twice before blogging, or not blog at all.

Meanwhile the Times newspaper, itself a bastion of politically-correct controlled thought, run by the very same cabal that run of our everyday lives, now seems to stand as arbiter and executioner over free and alternative speech.

Just out of interest, I wonder how many of the paper’s ranks are Common Purpose members, that insidious fifth column group whose task as ‘future leaders’ is ultimately to implement the wishes of our control freaks, the Rockerfellers, Rothschilds, royalty etc. and all those below who work for them?


sebastian said...

richard thinks all remnants of his blog will disappear from the google-cached internet in due course.

some current cache links at google below.

i wouldn't be too sure - the `way back` machine may have archived some of his material.

see link below - i can't check as my employer has that link blocked. -

sebastian said...



You may well be right, but that;'s not going to stop us now!

Anonymous said... has a few posts from the Nightjack blog - good stuff, wrote a Nightjack-inspired post of my own just now.

Let me know if you stumble across a full archive of the site, yeah?