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Environmentalism...Sustainable Development?

An article in the latest edition of Namaste magazine by John Christian very succinctly illustrates the real agenda behind those oft-bandied words ‘Environmentalism’ and ‘Sustainable Development’, showing that their seemingly altruistic aims are in fact nothing but, but a direct path to a form of global Marxism.

As each day goes by, the realisation of this is becoming ever more apparent and here I précis his article, extracting the most salient points.

Fabian manipulators

In Britain there are two principal characters who occupy a central executive role in the transfer of state assets to private banks and corporations internationally, they are John Redwood MP for Wokingham and until recently head of NM Rothschild & Sons global Overseas Privatisation Unit and Sir Roger Douglas, consultant to City of London Banks, the World Bank and others in advising on national privatisation programmes. Both men are Fabianists, that elusive society whose real agenda is centralised global governance along Marxist lines, but imposing it on a ‘softly softly’ basis through gradual social submission.

Apart from the ongoing programme of having governments worldwide sell off their country’s public assets to private corporations, this process involves the dismantling of the sovereign state and its devolvement under large ‘regionalised’ areas of power. The US is being currently regionalised into NAFTA, combining Canada, the US and Mexico with the total dissolution of each country’s individual sovereign status. Britain has already been effectively ‘abolished’ and is now divided up into nine separate regions together with Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland who will all pay lip service - along with every other similarly-regionalised European country - to the EU superstate. National governments will become increasingly powerless, their assets stripped away as all common wealth is usurped by global corporations and banking cartels. (Isn't that what the current financial crisis is all about - bankrupting us and our economies so that the banks can hoover up the assets for pennies on the dollar?)

These emerging regional assemblies mirror those formerly adopted by the Soviet Union. Christian describes the establishment of this process. “Right now throughout the UK all city councils are dramatically increasing their rate demand on their constituent’s properties, while at the same time, they are quickly expanding their debt levels for unaffordable capital works programmes via loans from the City of London banks (on a national level witness the sudden flurry of new rail projects in this country and the Obama health 'reforms' in the US as just two examples at a time when public borrowing is at an all-time high) whose policies are deliberately intended to prepare for the council’s ‘privatisation’ whilst tranferring the local government in each country to ‘regional councils’. These will ultimately become controlled by ‘Regional Parliamentary Assemblies’, identical to the old structure in the Soviet Union.”

Sustainable development

In 1992 the UN unveiled a radical environmental philosophical treatise entitled Agenda 21, under the stewardship of Canadian billionaire Maurice Strong and an NM Rothschild agent, which would completely turn upside-down the old traditional values of putting man under God at the head of His creation, together with his God-given rights as expounded in the Bible, the Magna Carta and the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. Now the Earth is to take precedence over man, with animals ranking more highly than human beings who are in essence, under this philosophy, regarded as dispensible. This is an old pagan concept in which man is stripped of any democratic, sovereign or constitutional right - and treated as a potential sacrificial lamb.

Over the last year we have seen similar sentiments coming from proponents of this inverted ‘world-over-man-philosophy’ in the works and rantings of peopke like Dr Eric Pianka and Obama’s ‘science czar’ John Holdren, both of whom have called for the mass culling of the world’s population in the name of saving the planet.

In Agenda 21's wording - cloaked altruistically as the responsible environmental husbandry of this planet - many well-meaning high-profile individuals have bought into it hook, line and sinker, without realising that the real goal of sustainable development and environmentalism is the subjugation of man in every aspect of his life.

As Christian explains “..the communist goal of ‘sustainable development’ and ‘environmemtalism’ has absolutely nothing to do with protecting the environment or sustainability - it is all about the abolition of property rights, and ultimately, collectivisation of housing and farms under corporate state control”.

We are already witnessing a plethora of state legislation on everything from cutting down heritage trees to leaving rubbish in your front garden or having your dog foul the pavement. The Neighbourhood Watch Scheme - a scheme first used in Soviet Russia - has been set up by our government to create politicised state patrolling of our social behaviour, rather than leaving it in the hands of the sovereign community domain. With increasing bureaucracy being piled upon businesses to comply with environmental laws - particularly galling when large corporations can get away with gross environmental negligence and companies like Monsanto can blight the country with their GM crops, endangering us all - it all points towards increasingly prohibitive pressure and economic unviability for private businesses and enterprise, encouraging the takeover by the corporate/banking-run state.

With Obama’s new healthcare scheme we are already witnessing proposals of the micro-management of each US citizen’s life with sub-clauses in the bill - sections 440 and 1904 - under the heading “home visitation programs for families with young children and families expecting children”, that would allow government agents to visit every home in the US to would “provide parents with knowledge of age-appropriate child development in cognitive, language, social, emotional, and motor domains … modeling, consulting, and coaching on parenting practices,” and “skills to interact with their child to enhance age-appropriate development.”

From this it is only a matter of time before parents have to obtain a licence to have children, a licence to take your boat on the water, permits to travel, permits for this, permits for that. We can see this trend emerging among our midst every day, while members of Common Purpose slowly try to lever our mindsets into place to comply with this neo-Marxist nightmare.

It doesn’t have to be like this

The reduction of the world’s population and the reduction of those remaining to mere inventoried units on the state’s register is not the may it is meant to be. That is, if we wake up out of our amnesic state, ignore mass-media lies and disinformation, truly realise just what is really being planned for us and hold out our arms and say NO MORE!

We might blame the likes of John Redwood and Sir Roger Douglas, just two of the executives working under the auspices of the Rothschilds and their self-elected ‘Illuminati’ camaraderie, for enforcing this hellish nightmare of state-imposed slavery upon us with our rights stripped away, but we have to look in the mirror first, for if we let this hell come to pass we only have ourselves to blame! To extricate ourselves from this ghastly spectre is a crucial hurdle we must leap in our human spiritual development and reneging on this is not an option, for if we do, it will fatally set back the common good of humanity and our ascension as a human race.

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