Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The View from Sphereland

As is the norm these days, the media continually bombards us with scare stories. BBC’s News at Six recently provided a typical line up.

First a shock-horror report on bullying in schools.

Then a piece about tracking terror suspects on the railways with new technology to pick up on ‘unusual’ behaviour patterns among passengers with more footage from 7/7 .

An item on a foiled terrorist attempt on a nuclear facility in Australia.

Then our daily scare about Bird Flu with poultry farmers expressing their concern that because of restrictions on the movement of poultry, they are unable to go to market and their ageing birds are rapidly becoming unsaleable. Pigeon fanciers too express their dismay that their birds are grounded.

Lots to worry about and little to provide solace.

In refecting on what I had just witnessed on the news but put into the context of my understanding of the overriding political agenda, I was reminded of the world of the Flatlanders.

First published in 1884 by an English clergyman and headmaster Edwin A. Abbott, Flatland is a story of a mythical world in which its inhabitants, the Flatlanders, can only perceive the world in two dimensions. In this world lives Mr. A. Square, a two dimensional being who is transported to The Land of Three Dimensions, an experience that completely changes his worldview.

I feel that so many people, albeit bestowed with the ability to experience in three dimensions, perceive rather like our Mr. A. Square, but if were subjected to a similar paradigm shift, would see the world quite differently.

Let’s put the analogy of Mr. Albert Square (my choice of surname and not to be confused with the Eastenders!) into a graphical format.

From Albert’s old worldview a passing sphereoid would initially manifest itself as a point in space and stretch into a line of increasing width, only to contract to a point in space then disappear. But as an inhabitant of The World of Three Dimensions, a Spherelander, that passing sphereoid looks very different.

We, the Flatlanders

Many of us are rather like poor old Albert, taking those news headlines at surface value when we need to change our perspectives in order to get a better grasp on what is really happening.

To do this requires some hard work and a mindset that can dare itself to look over the parapet, discard conventional views and teaching and prepare itself for some mental gymnastics. Life is rather like ascending a ladder propped up against a wall. Many never reach the top, preferring to stop and permanently rest halfway up becoming ingrained in the idea that the view of the wall is the sum total of our world. Yet others may press on one rung at a time believing that there must be more to the world than just the wall. Those that pursue their quest will eventually reach the top and realise that there is indeed more, finding another world beyond and so setting the wall and those still stuck behind it, part way up the ladder, in context.

Once we’ve made this journey through reading, learning, forever asking ‘why’, and being prepared to constantly change our world view, will we get to a stage where we can interpret those news headlines to find out what message is really concealed behind them.

The News seen from Sphereland

Let’s just review those headlines again and see them in the context of our new world view borne from the what has been gleaned in the light of the New World Order agenda and control mechanisms being pursued by those behind our government in order to prepare us for the brave new world.

Bullying in schools
Although no-one would really condone bullying at school, or anywhere else for that matter, it has always been an inevitable and natural product of the raw emotions of growing up, and although distressing, (I have personal experience from my school days) a part of the growing and learning process of human relationships. What once was a phenomenon that could be dealt with between parents and teachers now becomes politicised so that government can sieze on this emotive subject and use it to have children singled out who do not conform to their social rules in their envisaged new social order.

Security measures on the railways
The mixed message that comes out of this news item leaves us up in the air. The government wants to introduce technology to provide adequate surveillance of would-be terror suspects on our railways but knowing full well that the task is impossible without grinding the whole transport system to a halt. Therefore we are left with the worrying prospect that terrorists will still be able to get away with their deeds. But since so much evidence exists that the Madrid and London bombings were sponsored by elements within our respective goverments and aided by the very security services that are supposed to be combatting these attacks under an agenda from above, the spectre of Big Brother attempting to watch our every move and control our lives, once again becomes evident.

Foiled attack on Australian nuclear facility
Just another, almost daily, occurence that terror attacks are constantly just around the corner, not just in the UK but on a global scale. This is another reinforcing message that we need constant police and military protection and control to counter such threats.

Bird Flu
Once again, keeping up the scare tactics globally. Poultry farmers and pigeon fanciers alike are being put in their place by government control over a virus which, we are told, might at any time cause a pandemic, despite the fact that flu epidemics among poultry in China are virtually an annual event, borne from the lack of hygiene exercised by local communities who let their poultry and beasts’ excrement intermingle. But that is irrelevant to those who wish us to be cowed by this threat and queue up for our worthless Tamiflu jab, the proceeds from which line the pockets of Donald Rumsfeld, major shareholder in the company which manufactures the vaccine.

So suddenly, the evening news takes on quite a different appearance.

An ongoing quest
But even with this new world view, don’t believe for one moment that that’s the end of it. There will be more ladders to climb and more new vistas to discover which will require you to re-write your current understanding as each level of reality is set in context by those behind it. It’s just too easy, and indeed a human trait, to want to stop, take stock and set your world view in stone taking it with you to the grave. We build our little fortress of belief systems around us making us feel secure, whereas we should be constantly asking questions, dismantling or modifying their construction if we are to keep up with and fight the agenda that is being set for us.

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