Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Is it the End of Free Speech as we Knew It?

Does a heightened police presence on our streets provide you with peace of mind or does it give you a feeling of uneasiness? One thing is for sure, it isn’t going to go away in a hurry.

Given that the goal of the New World Order is tight control of you and I, a perceived threat must remain in place as long as is thought necessary and one of those current threats is terror.

As we journey to and fro on public transport we are constantly reminded to be vigilant. Being told not to leave our luggage unattended in stations or on trains.

I often wonder the response I would receive if I kept my havosack with me and took it to the on-train toilet. I’ve seen security men leap into action when back-packed individuals do just that! Litter bins are still provided on trains and the opportunities to plant explosive devices in no end of nooks and crannies are legion. It just doesn’t make sense.

Yet the government’s legislation set up to combat terrorism might well take me to task for that last remark as inciting a terrorist act. Just where is it to start and finish?

Tony Blair explains that the provisions of the new security laws are being put in place to ‘defend our way of life’, yet their curtailment of free speech and the suspension of long held provisions in the Human Rights Act will do precisely the opposite. Making it an offence to ‘justify’ terrorism could have bearing on the kind of books bookshops stock, newsletters such as this and free and open debate on what might be causing this terrorism in the first place.

Of course the savvy among you will realise that most terrorism is probably government sponsored in the first place and that the events of 9/11 and 7/7 bear the strong hallmark of government involvement. This makes it all the more depressing, for if it were caused purely by dissent among extremist groups then one might accept a degree of curtailment of one’s freedom until the problem is eradicated. But since it seems to come from the horse’s mouth of government, the cards are firmly on the table. We are witnessing an Orwellian form of state control driven by a long-term agenda based on a one world totalitarian regime and this current phase is just one stepping stone in that direction.

Unfortunately, few of our political leaders are making any effort to haul in the seemingly unbridled reins of a government hell bent on playing its part on achieving that goal, with the notable exception of statesmen like George Galloway who clearly see the ruse at play (look where that's getting him).

Only by waking up to this incidious game and creating a united front against it can we hope to escape the worst fears for ourselves and our children. It is the drip by drip enactment of these legislative powers that gradually eat away at our liberties until such time as our children will regard a police state, surveilling a hapless population 24/7 who have little or no voice or the will ro respond, as the norm.

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