Wednesday, January 25, 2006

9/11, the War in Iraq, the London Bombings, Terrorism... what do you make of it all?

Are you the sort of person that views it all as just part of the background noise of life, something you feel obliged to acknowledge as the evening news disgorges the latest round of shock horror events before the more relevant sports news or celebrity scandal? As long as it doesn’t personally affect me, I’m all right Jack.

Or are you the type of person that deep down feels all is not well, but that this is just something we have to put up with in a world of division and unrest, hasn’t it always been like this? Do you resign yourself to it, or try to justify it all in accordance with your world view?

The problem is that your world view will most likely be based upon what you read in newspapers, watch on TV or read in books, the conventional wisdom which from our earliest years through our ongoing education, we believe to be true. After all, news reporters and television presenters don’t lie, do they? Our politicians don’t exactly provide us with what they promise, they are known to be economical with the truth, but when Mr Blair gets up in the House and tells us that we must fight the War on Terror, surely he’s right isn’t he?

I used to think this way. But in fact I wasn’t really thinking at all, just following mainstream opinion. But I have to admit, world events didn’t seem to make much sense if just taken at surface value. So like many other people I would push it all into a corner and devote my attention to more tangible things like campaigning for real ale in pubs or the protection of our architectural heritage.

A web of deception
Then came my voyage of discovery. It wasn’t one of those blinding flashes of spiritual inspiration that some people claim come and change their lives. No, it all started from my long term interest in scientific issues. I was browsing the titles in a bookshop about ten years ago, when I bought, principally out of curiosity, a book on UFO’s by a very well respected researcher, Timothy Good.

What I learned from that seminal volume intrigued me. Not just the UFO phenomenon, but the level to which governments were obviously hiding the truth about well documented and witnessed events involving unidentified craft. Subsequent reading on the subject threw up all manner of governmental intrigue. How the US government, following the discovery of alien craft in the New Mexico desert in 1947, had created a special department to arrange the back engineering of the exotic technology that powered and provided navigation mechanisms for these craft and ‘fed’ the concepts to US corporations (no questions asked) to turn into such technologies as fibre optics, solid state circuitry, night vision, lasers etc. This seemed to provide part of the answer to one of those many questions that I had brushed under the carpet for years, why had there been a sudden leap in technological development during the fifties and sixties?

How much of this you may be prepared to believe is true does not detract from the hard evidence that clandestine operations were afoot within government circles.

From this I read incessantly. The shady history of the CIA, FBI, NSA and how government intelligence agencies have been highly instrumental in shaping the history of events to the wishes of governments and their controlling elite. For make no mistake, history teaches us time and time again of hidden agendas from the burning of the Reichstag to aid Hitler’s rise to power by blaming the conflagration on the Communists when the Nazis had engineered it themselves, to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor which was deliberately allowed to happen as a means of turning a reluctant American public to agree to America entering WWII. The list is endless.

We the sheep
This voyage of discovery has been a humbling process, for the ultimate actions of our governments, and the shadowy people who control them, clearly demonstrates our lowly perceived position in the pyramid of life. Treated as a dispensible resource used as fire fodder in wars waged by our masters for their benefit, we are lied to, bullied and scared into submission on a daily basis. Following the events of recent years as the manufactured age of terrorism gets a grip, it looks as if we are to lose yet more of our rights as anti-terror legislation and the infamous ID Card are foisted upon us by a government who claim it is for our ‘security’.

The truth is out there
But don’t take my word for any of this. There are plenty of others who are aware of this ongoing conspiracy, but for whose enlightenment you will have to search. I have found that quite often the most revealing books, like those of David Icke’s are contained within the ‘Mind, Body and Spirit’ sections in our high street bookshops and not among the political commentary or science sections, because what they reveal has to be regarded as ‘myth’, unconventional writings for ‘cooks’.

I want to use this site as a call to action, to get you into the crave for inquiry that has occupied much of my spare time over the last ten years. To help you on that voyage opposite you will find a couple of links to just two of the most informative sites on the web today, where you will find analysis of the news unhindered by the agendas of newspaper and TV corporations that have a level of control imposed upon them by those very same masters controlling our government, stifling serious in-depth questioning of daily events.

There is a growing awareness among the public that our lords and masters are certainly not behaving in our best interests. We shan’t take this lying down. Get active!

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