Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Unseen Enemy

As a first step it is essential to understand the aims of those unseen people who ultimately control world affairs in order to fully appreciate the real truth behind the news and why we live in a world continually torn with strife. With this secret agenda constantly in mind, it will hopefully shed light upon world events and form a background to each of those articles that appear on Doublethink.

I do not wish to dwell on examining the historical context in which the world’s most powerful families have continued to dominate world affairs throughout history, nor name names, David Icke’s books cover this subject admirably. I just want to start by stating that a relatively small number of very influential people control virtually every aspect of our daily lives in some way or another. They control banking, finance, the media, health, education, consumerism, entertainment and even what we eat and drink. Employing unseen think-tanks and gurus, they even manipulate our social patterns to suit their own ends.

Web of influence
Collectively, these ‘elite’ influence our lives on a daily basis either directly through our intercourse with the multi-national corporations they control or influence and the products they produce, or indirectly from the effect of their wishes that trickle down the pyramidal heirarchy and are eventually translated into legislation that our governments enact. Never revealed in the mainstream media, it is these ‘elite’ through a hierarchical executive system of institutions, committees and clubs, that covertly manipulate governments, corporations, health, education and opinion-forming organisations throughout the world. It is organisations such as the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Tavistock Institute, the Council of Foreign Relations, the dubbed ‘Bilderbergers’ and the Club of Rome to name just a few, that are the real movers and shakers in this world. Their influence on world affairs is profound.
The chain of command works on a need-to-know basis, so that no subservient layer may be fully aware of the real agenda of its superior. They are most likely kept under the illusion that their orders are to be carried out for honest and altruistic reasons.

The enemy in action
Let’s take an example, the war on Iraq.

We, the lowly, are told that Saddam Hussein is a menace and with 9/11 fresh on our minds is a threat to the West. We are reminded of the atrocities he committed to those who would not support his regime and told that we must get rid of him. The US and UK governments are told by those in the executive chain of command above them that they must build a case that they can sell to their electorate that Saddam has WMD so they can invade the country and take him out.

So off go Blair and Bush and concoct phoney evidence to that end which they ‘sell’ to us. When the UN weapons inspectors, who go through the fair process of assessing that risk, find no tangible evidence of WMD and submit a report to the UN to that effect, the US administration deliberately destroys the counter evidence to remain allegiant to the wishes of their masters and invade the country anyway, telling us that it will bring democracy to Iraq and we the sheep largely acquiesce to that sentiment and let them get on with it. Anyone who may spill the beans that Iraq was not a military threat to the west, like UK weapons inspector the late David Kelly, are covertly got rid of, explaining it as suicide (which it most clearly wasn’t). So each layer in the lower part of the hierarchical executive system from government minister and MP through to the soldier on the ground believes that what he or she is doing is for altruistic reasons and will make a difference.

But back at the top of the pyramid, the view is quite different. To these ‘elite’ the end goal is not democracy for Iraq, but a means to gain control of its oil. They don’t want democracy at all as a continuing state of disruption in the country, whipped up by ‘insurgents’ who are trained by the British and US military to prolong unrest will secure a long term tenure within the country and ongoing control of that oil. With Saddam planning to opt out of OPEC, set his own, cheaper prices for oil in euros, not dollars, the controlling ‘elite’ have to take him out.
And so to achieve that end, the ‘elite’ resorted to their favourite, tried and trusted game play:

Problem, Reaction, Solution

Manufactured problem: Saddam’s WMD. Reaction: Take him out. Solution: Control of the country’s oil.

We will encounter this Hegelian philosophy time and time again in each of the topics covered in Doublespeak.

Here’s just three the ‘elite’ have lined up for us all of which have a common end result for them, increased control of our lives so they can gradually introduce a centralised world government in which we will just acquiesce to their wishes.

Bird Flu
Manufactured problem: The threat of a flu pandemic (based on a virus passed only among poultry and having only claimed a few dozen deaths in the past year or so). Reaction: Forced vaccinations, military control (particularly in the US), a ban on large gatherings and meetings, restrictions on travel. Solution: Getting us more used to centralised control by the use of fear of being infected and in the process getting us acclimatised to military and police control.

Terrorist Attacks
Manufactured problem: Terror bombings in public places (based on Islamic extremists displeasure at our continued presence in Iraq). Reaction: Anti Terror legislation, curtailments on freedom of speech, imprisonment without charge for 60 days, ID cards etc. Solution: Getting us more used to centralised control by the use of fear of being blown up and in the process getting us acclimatised to para-military police control.

Natural Disasters
Problem (possibly partly exacerbated by weather modification technology exploited by the ‘elite’): Floods, hurricanes. Reaction: The military and para-military organisations such as the US Federal Management Agency exercising martial law among the disposessed, obstructing the supply of aid and consficating firearms as a pretext to stop looting and social disorder. Solution: More control of a disarmed, frightened and submissive public and in the process getting us acclimatised to military and para-military control.

And finally...

Have you ever despaired at the increasing amount of meddling our governments exercise in our daily lives. The so-called Nanny State. Anti-social Behaviour Orders, directives about what we eat, anti-smoking legislation, anti-fox hunting, exhaustive health and safety controls etc etc. You could say this is over-governance. Most of these social issues should be the preserve of our own social judgement and control not the meddling concern of central government.
Well, I’m afraid, once again, it’s the effects of those ‘elite’ who want us brought to heel, passing on their desires to government. Today’s Nanny State is tomorrow’s Facsist State.

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