Wednesday, April 29, 2009

NWO machinations beginning to unravel

It’s good to know that taxpayers’ money is being wasted right, left and centre. Following a £100 million investigation into the 7/7 London bombers, senior security officials have had to concede, finally, that it is unlikely anyone will be brought to justice. The court hearing involving the alleged suspects, hasn’t convinced the jury and Waheed Ali, Mohammed Shakil, and Sadeer Saleem, following two trials, have all been acquitted.

But, of course, the whole thing was a fantasy in the first place. The official story of 7/7 is littered with inconsistencies and glaring question marks which have never been publicy addressed by an independent review panel. What is unofficially clear is that the men were used as scapegoats, set up by the intelligence services for something they hadn’t done as a cover for the real perpetrators, the back room MI5 ops working under orders from their manipulative masters.

In fact, the Met has ended up with egg on its face, again, as they fail to explain why they didn’t thwart the supposed actions of the men by interceding earlier when they say they had ‘prior knowledge’ of the attack and those supposedly involved.

It's shambolic and just goes to show the massive amounts of time and money wasted, not to mention the 52 who were needlessly killed, because of the political manipulation of a hidden group of psychopaths that want to rule the world and try to achieve that goal by creating staged terror attacks in order to further restrict on our way of life under their planned regime.

The whole thing, from the staged banking collapse, anthropomorphic global warming to the swine flu epidemic, 9/11 and 7/7, all carry with them the distinct hallmark of inside jobs each having a distinct goal of forming a new world order of control and domination. It’s become so transparent and obvious that I believe their plans in the eyes of a growing number of the population are beginning to unravel and are heading for imminent derailment. Indeed, let’s hope so!

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