Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More police heavy-handedness

While I’m still hot under the collar over the conduct of our police and the ever-more fascist-like behaviour that they are adopting - or have been told to adopt - more news of police misconduct comes our way. A park society chairman has been charged under the UK Counter Terrorism Act of 2008 for filming a police SUV driving erractically down a north London park footpath, despite the fact that, by law, police should proceed on foot in such territory. Mr Sleath, the unfortunate park warden, wanted to record the breach of conduct as evidence which could be presented to senior officers. But, it seems, the police can do what they like, flaunting the established law while behaving wildly under the one-legislation-fits-all guise of the Counter Terrorism Act. The language of the Act seems to be deliberately ambiguous so that photographing police officers could be interpreted as being illegal full stop if the police want to put a certain slant on it, despite reassurances from PC Alan Cousins of the Metropolitan Police Film Unit that journalists taking photographs of officers would not be impeded by this legislation.

This is plainly disgusting. Law-enforcement in this country is placing itself within a legalistic, hermetically-sealed safe house where, as a result of wholly concocted theories about potential terrorism, the police can seemingly do what they like and behave like a bunch of Rambos. Of course our pathetic and spiritually-bereft little jobsworth of a Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, just hides within this fantasy land carrying out orders as she is told and will do nothing to curb these excesses which effect each and every one of us.

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