Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Another exorcism?

Just before the Easter break, Met Police Assistant Commissioner and anti-terror boss, Bob Quick, made an seeming indiscretion by openly exposing to public view a secret security document displaying details of a strategy, codenamed ‘Pathway’, for breaking an alleged terror cell, supposedly linked to al Qaeda, in Manchester.

Somehow, this has all the hallmarks of a deliberate whistleblowing exercise on the part of Quick and although the mainstream media cast it off as yet another bit of sloppiness by a senior public figure, I beg to differ. For someone like Quick, embedded in an organisation where discretion is paramount, to carry a highly restricted document in full view of journalists’ cameras is rather akin to leaving your flies open while engaging in an audience with the Queen. It just doesn’t happen.

I believe this is an exorcising of what could have been another false flag terror event and Quick’s actions, knowing that the text of the document would be caught on camera by the media and hit the headlines, would require the police to disrupt their plans, resulting in the ‘bringing forward’ of their operation to intervene in the gangs activities, by which time the deadly deed - a possible bomb attack on Manchester Airport over Easter - may have already been allowed to happen.

It has now transpired that the men involved were self-employed security delivery staff working for Newcastle-based Sky Interserve UK Limited and had occasion to make deliveries to secure areas within Manchester Airport. They had all received clearance from the Security Industry Authority, itself having recently being ridiculed for allowing 5,000 illegal immigrants working as guards. I smell a rat somewhere.

Once again, the men’s profiles make them seemingly unlikely suspects to engage in such a terror plot and although the Pakistani ISI allege that the men have links to the group, Lashkar-e-Taiba, or Army of the Righteous who were supposed to have been involved in the recent Mumbai attacks and the Lahore cricket tragedy - themselves highly suspicious and smacking of inside jobs - the whole thing seems to be highly contrived and yet just another incident of a group of rather straightforward average Joe’s being unwittingly conscripited into engaging in our security services’ politically-motivated dirty work campaign.

Although history may never reveal the real truth, I maintain that we may have to be eternally grateful to Bob Quick’s ‘indiscretion’ as not being indiscrete at all, but helping to keep us on the right side of a very thin and dangerous line by obliquely exposing inside plans to unleash more false flag terror on our society upon which our government and their ruling masters can use to enforce more restrictions on our lives and expand their surveillance state.

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