Monday, March 30, 2009

Not the old CCTV blackout MO again?

The first demonstrations, in what will be a week of demonstrating against the G20 summit, passed off without any significant incident last Saturday, although one policeman did say that this ‘was a dry run’ and that the real action would take place this week. Just shows the way their mindset is being programmed!

Supporting the contention that all will not be so peaceful this week, comes the news that many of the City of Westminster’s CCTV cameras will be out of action this during the summit due to a newly installed CCTV network “not fully meeting the resolution standards required". Well, well, how strangely co-incidental on a crucial week when thousands are going to be parading within the very areas that those dysfunctional cameras patrol! I smell a rat.

CCTV cameras weren’t working when Lady Di was assassinated in the Pont d’Alma tunnel in Paris. CCTV cameras weren’t supposed to be working at Stockwell tube station when Charles de Menenzes was assassinated and likewise when the No 30 bus blew up on 7/7. Are the authorities afraid of the danger that footage might be released of police officers behaving in an over-zealous or provocative manner during the G20 demos that would prove state harrassment of what should be peaceful protests? Or might it be something more sinister?

Westminster City Council delivered an urgent note to Geoff Hoon strongly stating that on a week when the streets would be filled with protestors and traffic management would be paramount, the DfT should waive the shutdown for the duration of the talks. Their unavailability will prevent officials from being able to have full visibility on the motorcades to the summit. Might there be a covert assassination attempt planned by the cabal on one or more of the summit attendees that subsequent analysis of CCTV footage might betray?

A source at the council said "Frankly, it couldn't have come at a worse time,". These are not just parking enforcement cameras, they're for public order and we've got the G20 world leaders coming. This is a complete disaster."

It might well be!


Alan said...

Now would you believe it!? ...
The Westminster CCTV cameras are all turned off! ... Of all the 365 days in the year, there is supposed to be a sudden "technical hitch" exactly when assassination, 20 times over, could not be more of a real threat!
Yes, this stinks of fish right up to the Moon and beyond!
So we are all supposed to be a herd of doddering, senile goats, with not half a dozen brain-cells between us!

Will THAT be the summing up of the G20 meeting too?

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