Monday, March 02, 2009

Disregard can work both ways

In today’s Guardian, Charlie Brooker, in a rightfully pissed-off mood, bares his dismay over our politicians and their seeming dismissal of us, their electorate. Following last week’s declaration by Man-of-Straw Jack, that no release would be made of records pertaining to cabinet discussions over the decision to send our troops into Iraq, Brooker says he reached his snapping point declaring “Straw and his pals figured they knew best, even though it turned out they didn't and - oops! - hundreds of thousands of lives were lost as a result. Remember the footage of that screaming little boy with his limbs blown off? Maybe not. Maybe you felt a shiver of guilt when you saw that; guilt that you hadn't personally done enough to prevent it; should've shouted louder, marched further. Or maybe it stunned you into numbness. Because what was the point in protesting any more? These people do what they want.

“They do what they want, these people, and you and I are cut out of the conversation. I'm sure they're dimly aware we still exist. They must spot us occasionally, through the window, jumping up and down in the cold with our funny placards . . . although come to think of it, they can't even see us through the window, since they banned peaceful protest within a mile of Parliament.”

Very true. The words from the lips of cabinet ministers, more often than not, are laced with double-speak, spin and complete disingenuity. What they promise today, they make a ‘U’-turn on tomorrow and then feebly attempt to appease us, amidst the financial turmoil, with postures like the mock disgust from Brown and Prescott last week that ‘Fred the Shred’ Goodwin should not retain his grossly obscene pension in light of the devastation he brought upon RBS, when the top echelons of government have been privy to this banking scam all the time.

But as Brooker suggests in the title of his piece “To politicians, we're little more than meaningless blobs on a monitor”, the same could be said of our politicians - when viewed from the next tier up in the grand control pyramid - by the controlling élite.

Politicians come and go, they’re dispensible, just another level of pawns in the game, so in a way Brown et al are just passing on that total lack of regard that is endemic in the higher orders of the grand pile. The contempt and indifference originates with that controlling cabal and permeates downwards, eventually dehumanising us all. Their preferred interface with us mere mortals is via CCTV cameras and electronic databases, we are little more than chips on a circuit board, a means to an end and when that end is achieved, also dispensible.

This cold and total disregard, treating us little better than tagged sheep, while leading us into total financial collapse, dispossession of our rights and our property in many cases, will inevitably lead to backlash. That final straw is only around the corner and with its arrival the wrath of UK and that of many other nations worldwide will erupt and that’s precisely what the controlling élite want and something their dutiful law-enforcement agencies have been preparing for, the ability to incarcerate us all, locking us into a global police state then allowing those at the top of the pile to practice their disregard for us all on a grand scale.

However, our most effective response to that final straw must not be through violence, but through peaceful non-compliance. In that way we are not playing into their hands but forming a cordon of co-ordinated resistance and a determination not to be treated like trash. Non-violent ingenuity and resourcefulness are what is needed - not brute force - in the coming crisis and that Dunkirk spirit of human interdependence, sharing and co-ordinated mutual support and the adoption of a higher spiritually, will deny them their game plan.

If our politicians and their masters regard us all as little more than blobs on a monitor, we too can quite rightly adopt a similar attitude in reverse and quietly resist their attempts to deny us our rights as human beings and treating us like cattle to the slaughter.


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