Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The War on Health

The evidence of covert mass genocide, particularly in the US is becoming more and more plainer by the day. I reported on New York State passing legislation that imposes the mandatory vaccination of all children just the other day, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s not just forced vaccines, 96% of which are known to be manufactured with all manner of toxins see: but a whole assault arsenal including chemtrails, GM foods, cancer-inducing agents etc. all of which are being waged against vast numbers of the population worldwide with one end result in mind - drastic population reduction.

On the Alex Jones Show yesterday, astounding revelations of the degree to which this genocide is being waged was made plain by former commanding general of the United States Army Intelligence and Security Command, Major General Albert Stubblebine III and his wife, psychiatrist and founder of the Natural Solutions Foundation, Rima E. Laibow. What they had to say made very uncomfortable listening.

Part of their website - connecting the dots - illustrates the various fronts on which a concerted assault on our health and lives is being made.

Deadly vaccines We are constantly urged to be vaccinated against all sorts of terrors. Britain’s NHS displays posters of flu bugs as flesh eating monsters with headlines such as ‘if you knew about the flu virus, you’d take the jab’. If you knew what was in the vaccines - aluminium hydroxide, monosodium glutamate as well as mercury and a whole cocktail of other stuff - you would soon come to a more informed conclusion as to which was the greater evil. After all, our immune system is nature’s way of combating flu and a host of other viruses and one of the best ways to maintain an effective immune system is through healthy living and a healthy diet. Taking vaccines not only puts your health at risk, but compromises the immune system. And by being vaccinated on an annual basis - as your GP is always ready to insist - you just increase the likelihood of suffering the consequences of those toxic additives which accumulate in the body resulting in disabling diseases such as Alzheimers and all manner of cancers.

Crop spraying In California, the Environmental Protection Agency (which is anything but) have decided to spray a cancer-inducing chemical across the San Francisco Bay Area to combat a so-called pest, the threat from which is not even confirmed to exist. That pest is supposed to be the Light Brown Apple Moth, yet no evidence exists to suggest that this moth threatens crops or plant species. But it is the portrayed spectre of such menaces on our livelihoods - real or imagined - that acts as the excuse for governments to impose their deadly will on us. Elsewhere in the world crop spraying is a common practice, but little or no account is taken of the collateral effects on we humans who may be in its vicinity.

Drugs It is well documented that iatrogenic diseases - those which are caused by medical treatment - and allopathic medicines, or prescription drugs, are the number one killers in the US and many other parts of the western world. Many people find themselves prescribed manufactured drugs for all sorts of ailments - very often petty or contrived - many of which are of little or no benefit and very often of serious dis-benefit to the patient. Many are inadequately tested and the side effects from the various combinations of drug cocktails prescribed is hardly researched. Psychiatric drugs are known to have profound effects upon a person’s personality and many become addicted to them. In most cases their use is wholly unnecessary while the symptoms prompting their prescription are better treated homeopathically or by other non-harmful and natural ways. Yet the more drugs that are prescribed, the richer the drug companies become and pressure is constantly brought to bear on health authorities and doctors to reach for the prescription pad at the earliest opportunity. Often illnesses themselves are caused by our being goaded into unhealthy lifestyles by large sister corporations, and this in turn engenders the dispensation of more allopathic treatment, further funding the drug business in a vile and vicious cycle of cause and effect.

GMOs A further assault on our well-being comes from genetically modified organisms. In the US the labelling of GM foods is outlawed, carefully covering up any links which may lead back to their effects on the population. Drugs produced through recombitant DNA techniques, GM foods which have an unknown long-term effect upon those that continually eat them, hormones given to animals and people which have been made by shooting high energy ‘bullets’ into DNA to make it better serve commercial purposes which make the recipients sick, the effects of the transfer of genetically modified DNA in foods we eat and their effect on modifying our own DNA and producing proteins that have never existed on this planet before, are all frightful examples of what is tantamount to covert genocide. The amazing upsurge of obesity in the population may well be a result of such activities. Yet GM crops are promoted as one of the panaceas to the world’s food shortage, yet research has shown that GM crops very often provide lower crop yields than conventional crops.

Poisoned food As well as the effects of GM ingredients in our food, come the plethora of artificially-produced additives, colourants and preservatives that may give products a longer shelf life, a more appealing look or provide the food with addictive properties, yet all of this impresses upon our wellbeing in a grossly negative way. Our water is being contaminated with fluoride, a known toxin, which finds its way into most of our foodstuffs that come into contact with it. Toothpaste tubes carry messages extolling the virtues of added fluoride as a means to combat tooth decay, yet this message is a proven lie.

Codex Alimentarius Despite it being sold to us as ‘consumer protection’ and it being voluntary in nature, it is anything but. Codex is a blueprint for drug company dominance in health care. By effectively criminalising the use of thousands of natural health remedies whose benefits have been known for centuries by branding them as dangerous, they are forcing us into dependence on allopathic medicines whose virtues, as we have seen, are largely non-existent and most often dangerous.

Chemtrails For decades this phenomenon has been creating debate as to it ulterior motive. Large trails literally littering the skies, particularly in the US, had been dismissed by the authorities as vapour trails, yet their characteristics seem anything but. Just what form of covert bio-warfare might be going on here?

Forbidden cancer treatments Cancer is big business. Over the past few decades we have seen, what was once a rare disease, sky rocket where we expect to see one child in every two born after 2000 to get cancer, with one in every 3 adults becoming similarly afflicted. Largely the result of environmental factors: pesticides, fungicides, injected viruses like the MKV 40 virus in Polio and other vaccines, synthetic additives, mould contamination, industrial toxins, synthetic hormones in food or as medicine, heavy metals, etc. Proven cures for cancer have been known for the last century or more but the safe and effective therapies offered by people such as Royal Raymond Rife and Dr Max Gerson have been rubbished by conventional medicine and the drug companies that wag their tails. Simply put, the cancer industry is a mega-earner for the drug companies, making vast amounts of money out of treatments that do more to exacerbate the cancer and weaken the immune system thereby leading to more money-making drug treatment. Money laundering cancer research institutes that pretend to do research on the disease, while emotively fleecing the general public for donations towards their disingenuous programmes also make mega bucks out of the condition. It’s also a useful killer and covert form of genocide.

Conclusion Clearly such abuse and disregard for our health suggests an ulterior motive. Profit is high on the agenda, but not the only reason. These strategies and policies are consistent with Henry Kissinger’s now public 1972 secret assessment for President Nixon that the first consideration of America’s foreign policy needs to be depopulation. In fact this policy extends right across the world and is the stated claim of many of the Illuminati, with needless and avoidable famine in third world countries and the covert introduction immune system debilitators such as AIDS where clear evidence exists that such viruses have been developed knowingly by government military laboratories for introduction into vaccination programmes. Again, all part of a concerted genocide programme aimed at culling large numbers of the world’s population. It seems now, however, that that programme is gathering apace and becoming a threat to first world countries. We must be aware of what is in store for us and do everything we can to safeguard our health and well-being so that we can remain alive, stand up to these criminals and save our species from a vast culling.

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