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NASA's Hidden Agenda?

On a day when the Phoenix lander descends onto the surface of Mars, this appreciation of Richard Hoagland’s and Mike Bara’s book ‘Dark Mission’, which I have just finished reading, seems rather timely.

Today, mainstream news reports are posing the big question ‘will they find evidence of life, past or present, on the ‘red planet’?

Such questions beggar belief after having read ‘Dark Mission’ as well as scores of other accounts by various authors over the years that their exists certain evidence that there was intelligent life on Mars in the past, and, following a cataclysmic event possibly relatively recently on a cosmic timescale, life continues to exist on Mars albeit in a more simple biological form.

Such evidence in ‘Dark Mission’ also reinforces the supposition that we, as an Earthly race, are being actively denied access to ancient knowledge about our ancestry and the more esoteric aspects of physics. It seems the truth is being deliberately kept from us.

Seeds of doubt

Richard C Hoagland was a former NASA consultant and CBS News advisor to Walter Cronkite during the Apollo Programme, while Mike Bara has worked as an aerospace structural engineer for Boeing. Over the years both authors became increasingly concerned with NASAs behaviour and its apparent eagerness to obscure the truth of its findings during its long history of space exploration. As the authors dug deeper, it started to become apparent that more esoteric forces were at work within the agency and a hidden agenda appeared to be at work, clearly giving credence to NASAs unofficial title of ‘Never A Straight Answer’.

NASA - not what it seems

One thing the authors set straight right from the outset is NASAs true status. Contrary to popular belief that the agency is an open and strictly civilian organisation, NASA was in fact set up from the start as a branch of the US Department of Defense tasked with aiding the security of the US at the start of the Cold War. Therefore any intelligence gathered from its missions, whether it be photographic, anecdotal or otherwise, could be censored by the President of the United States or any of his surrogates ‘for reasons of national security’.

No sooner had the agency been formed when it engaged the services of the well-known Washington DC-based think tank, the Brookings Institute who, in 1959, published its NASA-sponsored mandate ‘Proposed Studies on the Implications of Peaceful Space Activities for Human Affairs’. Amid all of the mountains of statistics and analyses included in the report was an admission to the near-certainty that during its missions the agency would discover evidence of extra-terrestrial life and/or artifacts implying the existence thereof.

The combination of NASAs status as an arm of the DoD and these paragraphs embedded within the Brookings Report would clearly account for the disinformation and withholding of vital information by the agency over the years that followed.

One myth Hoagland does dispel however, is the conspiracy theory that man has never been to the Moon. I must admit, I fell for that one given the propensity of truth-spinning and sheer lying that exists in official US government circles. In reality it appears that the man-made Moon landing myth was originated by NASA itself as a deliberate attempt to deflect the prying public gaze into what the Apollo 11 and other missions had discovered and the questions being asked. This and the very fact that there have been no return manned flights to the Moon for the last 30 years also begs the question, just what is it they don’t want us to know?

Strange artifacts

Photographs from Apollo 11 and the later Mariner programmes brought with them clear evidence for Hoagland and Bara that intelligently-built structures existed on the surface of the Moon, evidence that was denied or simply blacked out by NASAs PR team right from the start. This denial, also by the astronauts themselves, who must surely have seen for themselves these artifacts with transcripts of telemetry conversations on several occasions suggesting that they were witnessing out-of-the-ordinary sights, make the authors conclude that they were under duress or deliberate mind control not to disclose what they saw.

The first Lunar Orbiter images that Hoagland had access to, clearly implied the ruins of what once must have been vast glass-like dome structures on the Moon’s surface that had disintegrated into highly reflective glass dust but, because of the zero gravity nature of the Moon, and had largely stayed in position, suggesting their original shape. It seemed that the Brookings report had surely been right in its suggestion that evidence of extra-terrestrial intelligences would very likely be found.

But if these revelations seemed more than suggestive that intelligent beings had once inhabited the Moon, evidence from the Mars missions brought with it even more striking imagery of what appeared to be the evidence of an advanced civilisation having once graced its surfaces. In 1976, the second Viking Lander brought pictures from the area of Mars known as Cydonia and one anomaly that immediately stood out in the images sent back was that of a large feature in the likeness of a humanoid-looking face. Hoagland immediately set about trying to resolve the authenticity of this anomaly in order to determine whether it was an artificial structure or merely a fluke of shadow and light as NASA postulated. But closer examination seemed to suggest an intelligent authorship, since the correlation of its features just bore too many parallels to that of a real humanoid face.

From this point on, NASA - just brushing it off as a trick of light - seemed very hesitant to investigate the matter further. Subsequently released photographs from later missions showed the ‘Face’ as anything but with an obsure angle of lighting and seeming jiggery-pokery of the image by NASA being responsible, presumably in the hope that interest in the ‘Face’ would evaporate.

Undaunted, Hoagland decided to see if other evidence of artificiality lay within the Cydonia region to support his supposition that this was no mere natural ‘trick of light’ but an intelligently-built artifact.

And indeed it did. Five-sided pyramidal constructions lay to the west of the ‘Face’ with mounds, trenches, straight ridges and elsewhere worm-like tunnels of regular construction most of which could not be the product of natural formation. But, what was more intriguing were the geometrical relationships between these various features which strongly implied some conscious and intelligent raison d’être.

Hoagland employed the services of Erol Torn a cartographer and satellite image interpreter with a degree in geology and specialism in geomorphology to analyse these artifacts. After careful study and eliminating any interpretational bias, Torun discovered that their geometric relationships contained repeated references to fundamental mathematical relationships and that the all of the geometry was ‘dimensionless’, that is, not dependent on cultural conventions of counting in tens or measuring angles based on the 360º system. The geometry would work in any number system.

One recurring angle in the relation of these artifacts in the Cydonia region was that of 19.5º. The significance of this angle lies in its relationship to the tetrahedron. If a tetrahedron is circumscribed by a sphere with its apex anchored at either the north or south pole, the three vertices of the base will touch the sphere at precisely 19.5º. The tetrahedron is the most fundamental and simplest of the so-called five Platonic solids and being the ‘lowest order’ geometric shape, so to speak, makes it an ideal and fundamental candidate for communication across time.

Moreover the magical angle of 19.5º had, from previous observations, a strong link to hyperimensional physics. It has been noted that upwellings of activity in many solar bodies had been observed to be emanating at that precise angle on planets’ surfaces - Jupiter’s Great Red Spot and many others. Were the creators of this artificial Martian landscape employing and communicating some deep fundamental fact about our perceivable 3-dimensional world and its relationship to other levels?

This may seem a bit Dr Who-ish to many but the maths and visual observation behind this discovery suggested that these artifacts were the result of some intelligent civilisation and certainly not the product of natural formations and chance.

Esoteric connections

But the awareness of this seminally important and fundamental geometry seemed to be known in other areas - in the higher ranks of NASA itself. Hoagland first began to suspect some esoteric NASA connection when he realised that the early official Apollo ‘patches’ sported by the astronauts, seemed so inappropriate to their stated goals on the Moon. In the book Hoagland explains in detail the seemingly dual significance he deduced from the designs for the various mission patches. This led him to explore in great detail ancient Egyptian lore, its relationship to the seemingly symbolic naming and hidden graphical messages of the mission patch designs to the chosen landing sites and dates of the various missions. To his amazement he found that the precise timing and landing locations of many missions correlated precisely to specific 19.5º alignments of the stars that held high significance to the ancient Egyptians. From this he was able to make some correct predictions about the landing dates and details of future missions.

Substantiating this esoteric link even further was NASAs appointment of Farouk el-Baz to work on the Apollo project, among other things he was empowered with the decisions of where the various landings were to take place, making him one of the most singly important people in the whole American space programme. More intriguingly though, Hoagland discovered that el-Baz’s father was an expert in Egyptian religions including the stellar religions of the ancients! This could be no mere coincidence, there appeared to be a deliberate employment of ancient ritual and knowledge in the planning of the space programme.

What was becoming apparent was that secret brotherhoods were at work in the highest echelons of NASA, employing ancient, handed-down lore and even many of the astronauts themselves belonged at some level or another to this clique. Many were hand-picked high-ranking Masons.

Hoagland chronicles in detail the endless misinformation, withholding of data, reluctance to further investigate the Cydonia region and provide clear high-resolution imagery and open and frank information on what might be found and continual obsfucation by NASA over the years. Clearly the findings of the Brookings report had set the tone from the outset and its recommendation that disclosure upon the public of evidence which supported the existence of other ancient highly developed extra-terrestrial civilisations that had - and still might - inhabit our solar system was a no-go area. Political dictat had made it so.

This stonewalling and dismissal of his theories had also officially discredited Hoagland’s ability to provide mathematical and visual correlations and similarities between the artificial constructs in Cydonia and the pyramids and other ancient sites on Earth, thus deflecting any suggestion that we may be descendents, or be in some other way indirectly related or linked to those extra-terrestrial civilisations. It also undermined his attempts to have seriously entertained the notion that fundamental knowledge might be derived from the ancients’ seeming understanding of keys to hyper-dimensional physics evidenced through the uncovered geometry of the Cydonia region of Mars.

‘Dark Mission’ leaves you with good evidence that a strong clique of Illuminati figures whose influence is firmly embedded in NASA and the DoD exist and they don’t want this information out - at least not yet.

The book also asks the question why, after so many years of inactivity of manned-space flight to the Moon, is President Bush now urgently re-engaging those activities. Is there a dark ulterior motive at play here?

In later blogs I will attempt to suggest possible reasons - with evidence from a number of sources - why we are being denied the truth and why those Illuminati figures may have an ulterior motive for keeping us in the dark.

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