Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tuesday 12 February 2008

Reactionary police state news continues to roll in. The latest ‘initiative’ is the ‘mosquito’, a high-frequency sound device that creates discomfort to under 25s when used.

The idea is to use the device to break up anti-social behaviour, but, as always, when dealing with social disbehaviour, reactionary measures always predominate and no thought is given to attempting to solve the root of the problem. This indiscriminating device, although, I would suspect is highly directional, would, nevertheless unnecessarily cause discomfort to innocent children in the vicinity and I would also guess that its medical effects, especially if repeatedly used, just haven’t been considered.

Of course, it doesn’t take a PhD to realise that reactionary measures such as these only further alienate those who are targeted and drive larger wedges between elements of society instead of creating co-operation - more draconian doctrine from the divide and rule camp.

The Children's Commissioner for England and the civil liberties group Liberty, are calling for them to be scrapped. They are rightfully concerned that there is an increasingly negative attitude being adopted by authorities in dealing with social problems.

Michigan State Police have just released a preposterous video entitled ‘7 Signs of Terrorism’ to encourage ‘snitching’ upon those who may seems to be indulging in terrorist acts. This has all of the Orwellian hallmarks of the ‘Youth League’ doctrine of spying on those who don’t fall into line, and owes nothing to those who commit genuine terrorism like the CIA or FBI who stage such terrorist activities usually designed as a prelude to eventually usher in this very same Orwellian dictat. If taken seriously it could just about incriminate everyone. When I take my camera to the States in a few weeks time and decide to take a few photos in public places I may well be setting myself up for a bit of trouble!

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