Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Letter to Alan Johnson

Alan Johnson
The Health Secretary
The House of Commons

5 February 2008

Dear Sir

Fluoridation of water supplies

It is with regret that I read in the press this week of the renewed intiative from your department to fluoridate mains water supplies in areas in England with the highest rates of tooth decay.

The reason given - that it would help safeguard the teeth of children who do not regularly brush their teeth - is the most disingenuous argument I have heard on any subject for many years and its naivety beggars belief. For decades now, a mass of evidence has existed in the public domain of the dangers of fluoridating water and the highly negative effects on the body that this poisonous toxin has when imbibed constantly over many years.

Must we all be subjected to its ill-effects on the basis that certain parents are incapable of ensuring that their children clean their teeth or that they cannot afford the price of a tooth brush! Extensive and proven research has shown that dental decay is more a matter of bad diet and fluoridating water supplies does nothing in arresting decay and in the long term poses far greater dangers to the well-being of those that are constantly subject to it.

I enclose just a mere fraction of the evidence posted on the Internet and also draw your attention to Christopher Bryson’s well-researched book on the subject ‘The Fluoride Deception’ published by the Seven Stories Press.

Such niave reasoning behind introducing fluoridation into England’s water supplies, only leads me to believe that there is another agenda at work here, either generated by the industries who benefit from the disposal of this toxic waste, or something more fearful. Was not the fluoridation of water first introduced to the inmates of Auschwitz by IG Farben. I’m sure that wasn’t for altruistic reasons!

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