Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thursday 27 March 2008

Knocking your head against a brick wall

I received a predictable reply to my last letter from the Department of Health regarding water fluoridation.

My reply:

Dear Mr Demitris

Fluoridation of Water Supplies

Thank you for your further reply to my concerns over the fluoridation of our water supplies dated 14 March.

It appears from the tenor of your reply that the Government has for some time, set its mind upon a continued course of water fluoridation and is making the evidence fit that initiative. The last two sentences of the fourth paragraph of your letter, quote “It is true that the Government recognises the need to conduct further research into fluoridation’s health effects. However, this is to strengthen the evidence base on the effect of fluoridation on health, which the Government already believes to be safe” more or less confirms that impression.

I find this reminiscent of the way pharmaceutical companies boast the benefits of their drugs, making the results of research and tests fit those claims, while ignoring or marginalising any ill-effects that they may promote, examples of which have been legion over recent years.

You continue to cite the University of York’s findings upon which your Department and the Government put its faith, yet you have not addressed the critique of that research which I enclosed with my last letter, which highlighted the less than comprehensive nature of that research.

Clearly, the Government and Department of Health is locked in a rigid stance on this subject and doesn’t seemed prepared to, at least, consider the enormous amount of evidence that the fluoridation of our mains water appears contrary to our best interests, only a small amount of which I included with my previous letters.
Even the American Dental Association issued an emailed statement to its members last November that fluoridated water should not be mixed into formula or foods intended for babies aged 1 and younger and research by the Centers for Disease Control has shown that fluoride absorbs into tooth enamel topically, but its ingestion can cause adverse reactions. Also, the CDC has now admitted that enamel fluoride concentration is not inversely related to cavities.

Surely these admissions should cause your department to re-evaluate this subject in a more holistic manner.

As long as your position continues, I will continue to campaign against this adulteration of our drinking water and will fight tooth and nail against any change of policy my water provider, Southern Water, may make in deciding to fluoridate its water supplies and hope to see an end to this unnecessary and highly doubtful practice.

Yours sincerely

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Anonymous said...

Fluoride is deadly toxic waste. 28 mg per kg of body mass is a lethal dose. A 10 stone adult would die if they ingested about 1.77grams. 2 ppm of fluoride means 2 grams of fluoride is dissolved in 2 million grams of water = 2000 litres. If you drink just 3 litres of water per day you will be getting a lethal dose spread out over each year. The health risks are very real, just type "fluoride causes" in your search engine and see for yourself what comes up. The MAJORITY of people in all areas of the UK DO NOT WANT fluoride in their water. Those who think it's a good idea are simply mislead by rogue health organisations and the media which are owned by the same facist sociopathic totalitarian globalist dictators who want to use this designer poison on the population to sterilise, dumb down and weaken their slaves for them to dominate much more easily. There are some pretty nasty things in store for the majority of the human race and fluoridation is just part of the preparation. We have got to act now. Expose these criminals, boycott their rogue organisation, and refuse to do their evil bidding.