Monday, July 02, 2007

More staged terror?

Over the last weekend we have seen a resurgence of potential terror attacks on British soil.

First it was a smoking Mercedes in London’s Haymarket early on Saturday morning and shortly afterwards another Mercedes in nearby Cockspur Street. Both were said to contain patio-gas cannisters and a quantity of petrol and nails. Then, at Glasgow Airport on Saturday afternoon, a Cherokee Jeep bizarely crashed into a terminal building while one Asian man, ablaze, jumped out of the vehicle to the astonishment of holidaymakers.

The media immediately went to town, impressing readers and viewers of the potentially serious damage the two London cars could have caused, with Fox News exclaiming that “Had either device gone off it would have generated a huge fireball and a shockwave spreading over 400 yards in all directions”.

But not so, according to ex-CIA explosives expert, Larry Johnson, interviewed on MSNBC. When asked to evaluate the potential damage caused by the cars, should their contents have been detonated, he explained that although the cars themselves would have been seriously damaged, the collateral damage to the immediate environment would have been minimal, extending to within only a few feet of each Mercedes. The contents bore no relationship to the high explosives used in similar car bomb attacks in Iraq which currently occur on a daily basis and are far more powerful. In Johnson’s view the media were hyping these events in order to scare the public.

The suspected ringleader of these attacks has been named and is a brilliant neurologist, currently working at Paisley General Hospital in Scotland. It is believed that others involved in the attacks were also doctors and some have linked the timing of these attacks to the inauguration of Gordon Brown as Prime Minister last Friday. It is believed that these doctors could be linked to al Qaeda. Shock, horror, al Qaeda at large in the NHS!

How timely. As Paul Watson on commented “Gordon Brown has swept into Downing Street with the aid of a new injection of the strategy of tension”.

If we were really at war with Islamic terrorists then surely the government would impose strict controls on their passage in and out of the country. But no, in fact quite the opposite, suspects seem to have the right to come and go freely.

It begs the question, were these just more government intelligence staged events involving unwitting patsies all destined to impart a message?

We have to remember the distinctions between the various types of ‘staged’ terrorism but in each we can pin a large measure of involvement both upon government whether directly or as a result of its actions.

1 Direct covert involvement
by governments as in 9/11 and 7/7 where overwhelming evidence exists in the public domain of covert ‘inside’ participation from elements within government executed through the higher levels of its intelligence departments’ command, with the outcome from these events being used to set a political agenda.

2 Indirect covert involvement by governments
as in many IRA attacks, both in mainland Britain and Northern Ireland, and confirmed by the confessions of Kevin Fulton, third parties are infiltrated into the higher ranks of the militant group by government intelligence agencies, directly offering technical assistance in bombings, again, the outcomes from which go to support that same government’s political agenda.

3. Backlash from government policies Terrorism caused directly by militant groups resulting from their disgust toward government policy as it affects them.

In all these instances, it is government which is ultimately to blame and it is they who are using the terrorism, however caused, to further their agendas.

In the wake of this current round of ‘staged’ or ‘real’ events - whether the perpetrators were consciously or unwittingly involved as useful stooges, one can bet that it will all be used to further restrict our freedoms and herald in ever more draconian legislation to keep us all incarcerated in Big Brother's Brave New World Order.

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