Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Back off Blair!

In one of Blair’s last speeches before standing down, he has dealt a parting blow at the media, branding it a “feral beast, just tearing people and reputations to bits,”.

But in addition he lambasted the alternative on-line media, blogs (such as this) and online forums saying that they "can be even more pernicious, less balanced, more intent on the latest conspiracy theory multiplied by five".

Obviously things are getting pretty hot for the likes of Blair and his minders who realise that their pernicious games are being laid fair and square for all to see by that very alternative media.

At the behest of those same minders, Blair’s ten-year stint in office has been nothing short of appalling, curbing most of our civil liberties and rights in the name of a phony international war on terror, banning public demonstrations in many areas in the capital, instigating, almost on a daily basis, more restrictions in the build-up of a police state which pokes its nose into every aspect of our lives, taking the country to war in Iraq on the back of trumped-up false evidence of WMD, getting caught with its trousers down in the cash-for-honours scam... the list goes on. And he has the arrogance to clamp down on an alternative media that is rightly bringing these gross injustices and breaches of executive power into public light!

The freely available flow of information on the web has been one of the greatest enabling tools that man has ever been given, a true democratic platform on which free debate and dissemination of un-censored news is available.

For once in the entire history of mankind can we now use this information to build up a picture of the realities of life, not the sanitised and spun versions of reality fed us by the mainstream media, who have, despite Blair's finger of accusation, been under the scrutiny of government and those who manage our government, for many a long year.

Through the Internet and web I have been able to disseminate a vast amount of alternative views on geopolitical affairs - some completely wide of the mark, but much of which helps me to identify and glean the truth behind many of the serious problems in the world today. In addition, the web’s resources have greatly helped me with my health, leading me to sources of information that the NHS would rather not inform me of, because it isn’t in the interest of those controlling elite who manage big pharma who in turn manipulate the health system.

Under Blair’s proposed media regulator, will all of this vital information simply evaporate, leading us into a new dark age?

You bet your life it will, because it’s current availability works against the interests of the global cartel of which Blair is one of its sorry scivvies, who want us to be kept uninformed, and merely their acquiescing lap dogs.

While the mainstream TV news in Britain now only concentrates on police state issues like paedophiles, ASBOs, curbs on this, that and everything else, interlaced with mindless drivel about pop superstars, and programming devoid of any serious, balanced debate about world or social affairs, concentrating instead on game shows and reality TV - all part of the deliberate dumbing-down of society to nullify brains and divert attention - the web, a few independent publishers' book titles and one or two independently produced magazines - who tell it like it really is - are all we have left to keep our minds informed and in balance.

Try to take that away Blair (or Brown) and you will have the wrath, outrage and opposition of honest and decent human beings to deal with, whose aim is to seek the truth in an attempt to make this place a better world. This is one step too far!

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